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Ten Ideas for Innovative Classroom

Updated on March 22, 2019
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By profession, he is an IGCSE English Language Teacher, a teachers' trainer, and a creative writer.

"A good teacher teaches, a better teacher facilitates, and the best teacher promotes."- Akbar Ali

If anyone is asked what is the role of a teacher? Teaching perhaps will be the first simple replay. Actually, a good teacher teaches, a better teacher facilitates, and the best teacher promotes. Teaching, in fact, is not an ordinary profession. It is easy, yet it is complicated. It is not like building android apps, following some programing language or app building.

Being a teacher, are we not always concerned about how to make our classroom an effective one? Is it the classroom management that we should take care? Is it the teaching methodology that we should take care? Or is it something beyond the methodology and management?

In fact, we cannot deny the importance of classroom management and teaching methodology, and such methodology opens the door of a lot of innovative ideas to be implemented in the classroom.

As a teacher, with my 12+ years of teaching experiences, I have 10 innovative ideas to share with all of you. No students feel sleepy and headache during the classroom, I observed.

1. Creative approaches in the classroom

Stimulating Creativity with the help of teaching tools, which could be included with playful games or a form of visual exercise, is a case that the young mind becomes excited to participate in the lesson full of interest. In fact, such a time-based method helps to identify young minds’ creative abilities to contribute creatively. Encouraging every idea the student possesses to explore make the classroom effective because they get the freedom to share and participate. Creative aspects should be brought in the classroom, whatever the subject is, mathematics, science or history.

2. “Not alien!”

Classroom learning becomes enriched when our instructions are not ‘alien’. Real- world experiences should be introduced in the classroom, with demonstrating and relating through our real-life situation. Thus, the materials used in the classroom becomes realistic and interesting, sparking the young mind to be involved enthusiastically.

3. Visual tools

During the classroom session, incorporating audio-visual materials to supplement the textbook, makes the lesson fresh, which help the students’ imagination thrive and grow. In fact, this method helps them understand the concept better. Visual tools could be filmstrips, movies, pictures, or infographic, etc. Even we can use google slides, which create amazing presentations.

4. New Ideas

An open mind can help us in innovating new teaching methods. Though most of the time we claim that we are open-minded, human nature obviously is human nature, which resists the change. Evaluating ourselves with pinpoint analysis, we will get a clear picture of whether we resist the change or not. Thus, we can ensure new ideas to be implemented in the classroom.

5. Class outside the classroom

Some lessons can be best to learn when the students are taught outside of the classroom. Besides, field trips, students can be taken to the school field and library, or even to the cafeteria. Indeed, they will be excited and they will feel fresh. They will learn and remember easily without a teacher’s much effort. Why are you not trying? Try once, you will get the result.

6. Classroom Environment

Well decorated classroom always stimulate the student’s mind to think and learn better. The creative and stimulating environment helps them explore. Again it also encourages them to learn about the subjects that are taught.

7. Hobby and Books

As a teacher, we must read, read, and read. We should read books on Creative approaches or methodology, or even we can google to improve our teaching. Sometimes, taking consecutively two to three class, we become tired, and thus the next class becomes less effective. Why don’t we discuss the student our own hobby at the beginning? In fact, when we discuss our own hobby, it makes us fresh again.

8. A teamwork

Why not spending quality times with our colleagues? Sharing our ideas with colleagues pivots a new way to learn from their ideas, which ultimately improves our teaching capability. Interesting ideas will start peeping out of our brain to come up with interesting strategies.

9. Introduce your lesson like a story

Most of us like watching movies because there is always an interesting story to keep us engaged. Why don’t we introduce our lesson as a story?

10. Love what you do

If life exists, stress exists too. Should we allow the daily stress to hamper our teaching quality? Yes, I admit that there are many ways to overcome stress. Some may refer to ‘Mediation’ or ‘Reiki’. No need to dive into deeper. If we love to do something, no stress can grab us. If we really love teaching, yes, I am repeating, if we really love teaching, stress will never visit our classroom with sharp and fierce teeth.

The sole duty of a teacher is to bring the best out of the best in the classroom. A teacher, in fact, lays the foundation of the future of a nation and a globe. It is the responsibility of each teacher to listen to the inner soul and ethics to steps forward building a better world.

Now, you think twice or thrice how you will make your classroom an effective one, where your student will learn through fun and joy to make a better future for themselves, but in a broader sense, you are making a better world.

© 2019 Md Akbar Ali


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