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Ten Scariest Urban Legends

Updated on September 24, 2014


Urban legends are deprived by the old ways of folkore, where instead of written words, stories were told in terms of speech or music. The urban legends can be different between countries and cultures. For instance, the half-goat man is a popular folklore monster in Mexico and parts of Ireland while the slit-mouth lady is popular in Japan where a lot of people wear masks outside to prevent sicknesses. The best thing about urban legends is that it changes with the ages and people usually put their own spin in it.

That explains why there are ten different ways to summon Bloody Mary, including standing still and saying it three times, spinning around in circles, using candlelight, using a lock of hair, using a doll and spinning, and etc.

Urban legends can be used to explain what matters to a soceity at the moment. Right now, people are so extreme with their bodies and being 'perfect' that a lot of urban legends are being used to show that like the urban legend of human meat in McDonald's hamburger. The message behind this legend was that fast food is dangerous and it is better to make your own food where you know exactly what you are cooking.

However a lot of urban legends are really creepy and this article will explore some of the creepiest urban legends found throughout the world and the lessons behind the urban legends.

Video has a different variation of the story but close enough

#10 Cry-baby Bridge

Location: Unknown

Different variations of the tale exist, going to tell the first story I heard about this legend. While driving home from a weekend with relatives, a young couple was desperate to go home. Despite warnings of a possible flood, they decide to keep going. Everything was fine until they start to cross a bridge. Halfway through a food rushed over the bridge, not enough to sweep the car off, but it got the car stuck. Desperately the man rushed out to go and find help. The woman left the car too to try to call help on her cell, leaving her baby in the backseat. Suddenly she heard her baby crying, she spins around and her baby was nowhere to be seen.

Lesson: Always remember it is better to take your time and make sure that you are safe. If there is a warning about a possible natural disaster, take it seriously, it is better to be safe than sorry. Also never leave children unattended because it is easy for something to happen to children,

#9-The White Death

Location: Scotland

This is a tale about a little girl who committed suicide after hating life. Her family found her body and two days later her family was found ripped to shreds. The story doesn't end there through. The true terror begins for anybody who hears about the white death. If you hear about her suicide, you invite her into your life. She will come and find you and when she does she will repeatedly knock on your door until you finally open it. When she does, she kills you because you seen her.

Lesson: the real lesson I believe is to always check to see who is knocking before opening the door.

#8-The Way To Hell

Location: Siberia

This is a strange urban legend because 90% of this tale is actually real. The real information: In 1989, scientists drilled deep into the earth (14.5 Kilometers) and lowered temperature recorders and voice recorders into the cavity. The temperature was over 1000 degrees.

Now for the urban legend part: It is said that the voice recorders picked up on some horrifying sounds of groaning and moaning and sounds of pain and suffering. People claim that this cavity that the scientist found was actually Hell and the sounds that people heard were of the demons and the unholy crying out in hell. But something else happened that night when a giant gas bubble exploded from the cavity in a shape of demon. The scientists all quit that night, terrified by their find.

To be honest, it is considered to be a hoax but for many religious individuals they believe the sounds which were captured are real. I actually have the youtube video of it so listen to it and let me know what you think.

Lesson: Drilling deep into the earth can be extremely dangerous and should be monitored to ensure everything is safe and the drill isn't drilling into something that shouldn't like a lava cavity or an oil cavity or a cavity filled with gas that could make a explosion.


#7-IM Messenger


Probably one of the saddest and most disturbing of the urban legends is about the story of Amanda, a fifteen year old girl who was chatting to what she thought was a sixteen year old boy. She told the stranger that she was alone that night and than proceeded to talk about her school and life. She was tired and so she stepped away to get ready for bed. When she walked back to the computer she saw that the stranger had wrote her, 'you look gorgeous tonight,' and then the electricity turns off...

There are other urban legends surrounding the same danger, some including that she put her hand under the bed and her dog licked her hand only for her to look in the mirror and see a guy's face, some including just the IM messenger and nothing else, some include the parents coming home and finding their daughter or son died...

However the lesson is one that everybody who goes on the internet needs to remember: you can never be sure who you are talking to and should be careful giving out any personal information or show pictures that a person can find where you are located at. Example, PE clothes with the name of your school, a famous landmark, beside your car, beside your house address, etc...

#6-The Clown Statue or any Statue

There are a lot of variations so going with the one I know the most. A babysitter is watching a child overnight. In the hallway, between the guest room and the child's room is a giant clown sitting in a chair. everything seems to be going great, the babysitter gets the child in the bath, she puts the child to bed, and she goes downstairs to wash the dishes that they used and watch television. An hour later, she decides to go bed. She gets to the second story when she realized the clown is not in its chair. She feels a chill come over her and she turns her head to the guest bedroom. Nothing is there, she turns to the child's room and she sees the clown leaning over the bed, just staring at the child...

Lesson: Always check out your surroundings

#5-Carmen Winstead

Carmen Winstead, supposedly a seventeen year old private school student was killed when four classmates threw her in the sewers. Six years later, a chainmail of this incident started to go around myspace, in which people are supposed to read it and pass it on. If it happens everything will be fine, you know the typical chainmail message.

However one boy decided not to pass it on. Two days later he was taking a shower when he started to hear whispers and giggles coming from the drain. Freaking out, he ran to the computer and reposted the chainmail. However that night he disappeared, his blankets and sheets still messy from use. He was found, neck broken in the sewers beneath his house. So if you get this chainmail, you better repost

Lesson: Chainmails are highly annoying (that is all I got from this story), maybe that any day can be your last so enjoy each day and tell everybody that means anything to you what they mean to you.


#4-Hanako-San of the Toilet

Location: Japan

The story goes if you knock three times on the third stall of a public bathroom and then say in a loud voice, "are you there Hanako-san," the ghost is supposed to reply. If the ghost does reply, you can push open the door to reveal her. From there either she will spare you and disappear or she will pull you into the toilet and kill you. Now, if you knock and she does answer, there is an opportunity to walk away but most people will still chose to gamble with their lives and open the stall door.

Lesson: Leave people in restrooms alone. They probably are not in the restroom to talk.

#3-El Silbón

Location: Venezuela and Colombia

El Silbón is a young ghost which is seen mostly at night and is doomed to forever carry the bones of his father that he killed. The young man was killed by no other than his own grandfather who threw him in a cage with rabid dogs. The story goes that the young man is so tormented by having to carry around his father's bone that he attacks any male that he crosses. People in the area should be cautious and listen to his calling (kind of follows do, ra, me, fa, so, la, the, do). The interesting part is that if you hear it close by then you are not in any danger however if you should hear it far away you should leave as fast as possible and do not look back.

Lesson: People should be cautious going outside at nighttime and try and not go out by themselves.

#2-The King Park's Coven

Location: Australia

Larger than both the famous Central Park in New York and Hyde Park in London, King Park is a very large park that many people enjoy year round. During the day, everything is normal and fun, however in the sun goes down, urban legends start appearing.The most famous one is the King Park's Coven who on certain nights a satanist group goes to the park and does rituals. The next morning, park goers come to the park to see satanic symbols drawn throughout the park.

With rumors of homeless people going missing on the same nights that the weird symbols are drawn, fears of human sacrifice makes this urban legend so creepy.

Lesson: Going to a park in the middle of the night with no lights makes the possibility of being a victim of a crime greater than during the daytime. It is better to go somewhere where there will be a lot of people around or in places with a lot of lights so you can see around you.


Location: Japan

The story starts with a young woman getting cut in half by jumping in front of a train. Rumors of seeing her ghosts, dragging herself around on her hands, singing 'teke-teke' repeatedly on dark and empty streets. If you hear the sounds, it is best to run as quick as you can until find yourself in a crowd again. The main point is to not be alone. If the ghost chases you, remember it can run extremely quick on its elbows. If she catches you, she splits you in half and you become a 'teke-teke' as well.

Lesson: Don't sneak out of the house during the night, you have no idea what you can run into.

In Conclusion

There are hundreds more great urban legends so go and research and find your favorite ones.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very interesting hub!! Great research done on your part :)

    • ladyguitarpicker profile image

      stella vadakin 

      4 years ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

      Hi, just wanted to stop by and let you know I enjoyed reading about the Urban Legends.

    • MJ Martin profile image

      MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

      4 years ago from Washington State

      Whoa, this is a wonderful HOTD! Congratulations. Yes, some very strange Urban Legends you found. Your lessons are great fun reminders.

      Fascinating, to say the least.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Great synopsis of urban legends. Urban legends are manufactured to psychologically snare the more gullible and susceptible among us. Great hub, by the way. One of the most famous urban legends is the hell sound of Siberia #8. That legend has been around for decades. Another urban legend is Bob Mackie's Saloon in Kentucky which is supposedly the gateway to.........HELL.

    • Mena Guy profile image

      Mena Guy 

      4 years ago from New York

      I love reading about urban legends. They're so interesting!

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      4 years ago

      I don't think I have heard of a single one of these before! I am glad it's daylight here while I was reading that.

    • mySuccess8 profile image


      4 years ago

      These are real scary. You picked one of the most interesting ones, though I believe there are variations to the same themes, all around the world. By adding lessons we may want to learn from them, you did a great Hub. Congrats on HotD!


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