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Ten Strange Weapons Of The World

Updated on March 13, 2018

Swords, axes, pole arms, knives, crossbows, whatever kind of thing you could think of has probably already been made. Weapons have been used throughout history in wars, tournaments and sometimes as a proof of rank. Here are ten strange weapons of the world.

#10, The Hook Sword: This weapon has several different used, from not only being able to slice with the sharpened back blade to being able to use the hooks to capture weapons or trip opponents. These weapons could be used singularly or in pairs, with the crescent guard you could strike or even impale with it. Another method of attacking with it is connecting the two hooks together and then swinging it be one handle, effectively increasing your range quite a bit. These are somewhat unique weapons and a well known user of these is Kabal from Mortal Kombat. The Chinese are going places making these weapons.

#9, The Halberd: The Halberd is a hybrid weapon of sorts, it spots both the advantage of keeping enemies at bay with a long shaft and spear point as well as the dangerous cutting power of an axe head. It was very prominent in the 14th and 15th century and unlike some weapons it gave you more of a variety of uses thanks to its design. The shape of the weapon could differ depending on who made it and who used it but the effects of it were quite good. Combing the two weapons together made this thing very versatile as it could stop a charging horse, knock a man off horseback and pull enemies close with the hook. It did give the wielder a good combination of strength, reach and multiple uses.

#8, The Macuahuitl: I am just gonna call it the wooden paddle, very hard to repeatedly spell. Well naming it a wooden paddle isn't too far off, this weapon was made with wood and used obsidian as a sort of blade. The wood was made into a paddle like shape with grooves at the side to set obsidian shards in, they were then fitted with a strong adhesive and said that they could be neither broken nor pulled out. These weapons were incredibly dangerous and said to have been able to cut a mans head clean off, even a horses. Despite the wood being the base it was still effective in combat and would often be used with a shield or bow, not often do you see a piece of wood being used as a blade.

#7, The Katar: This weapon is wildly known in South India, it resembles a push dagger and was basically used as one. It tended to have a triangle like blade connected to a hand grip, this weapon could be used for thrusting and due to its powerful thrusts the tips were made thicker to prevent the blade from breaking in any way. The weapon could also be used for slashing, a user could put their whole weight behind each strike and thanks to the hardened tip and the thin point it could be used to pierce even hardened plate armor. The weapon would be a little hard to defend with due to it having no real cross guard or similar defensive attribute so the owner would have most likely relied on their agility and speed to keep them in the fight. A known user of these weapons is Voldo from Soul Calibur.

#6, The War Scythe: The Scythe is a tool much associated with the fictional figure Death or the Grim Reaper, the War Scythe however has some slight differences from your usual scythe. The shaft of a scythe would usually be about five to six feet long and with the blade more facing forwards rather then upwards, this weapon however has the blade facing upwards much like a spear. The Polish were known to use these devastating weapons, their long reach and sharp blades let them use leverage to a great advantage and it allowed non-armored opponents to keep a safe distance from enemies. Not the strangest of weapons but when thinking of a scythe a persons mind would usually go to one thing.

#5, The Nunchaku: popularized by Bruce Lee these weapons could be quite dangerous in a trained persons hands, if they were not trained however they could be just as dangerous to the user. The Nunchuck could be made with either wood or metal, they were basically two sticks roughly around a foot connected together by a rope or chain and swung around. These weapons could break bones and seriously injure people, doing any fancy spinning without being trained could be quite hazardous to your health. They could be used with some kicks and punches and were quite useful if you wanted to confused your opponent since with all that spinning they might not know if you are going for a strike or just transitioning the weapon to another holding position.

#4, The Hunga Munga: So I couldn't find much information about this on Google so I will try and explain it the best I can, okay here we go. The Hunga Munga was a close ranged weapon and looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, it was used in Africa and had quite a few points to it. The weapon could be used to lock an opponents weapon in the many curves and what not that the weapon had, from what I have heard the weapon could even be thrown quite effectively thanks to the weapons somewhat circular look. One thing is for sure that this weapon would be scary to come up against. And apparantely it was the combination of an axe and a dagger, why is mixing an axe with any weapon make it that much more deadly?

#3, The Chakram: The Chakram was the deadly throwing weapon of India, it was a circular weapon with a sharpened outer ridge that could be thrown or sometimes used in hand to hand combat. The weapon was spun around on the finger in a upright position then thrown with a flick of the wrist, while the inside of the Chakram was unsharpened the outer edge could still cut. The weapon was better thrown on horseback and thanks to its curvaceous form it could be thrown without much fear of the wind knocking it off course. Even the ones used in combat were elegantly decorated so they could look fancy while maiming those around them.

#2, The Tekko-Kagi Claws: If any weapon could make you feel like Marvel's Wolverine these are the ones, they were usually made of aluminum and were quite capable of blocking an opponents sword and even disarming them while still being able to counter attack quite effectively. The main premise of these were to be like animal claws, being able to swat away attacks then come in for a few lethal swipes of the claw to finish off an opponent. These were used in Japan back in the day and can still be seen in some forms of media today, they are an effective close quarters tool.

#1, The Lantern Shield: If anyone has ever told you that a good defense is a good offense then they were probably talking about this shield, sword, thing. The Lantern Shield was a rather complex thing since it combined together a gauntlet, shield, several blades and a lantern. Used in the Italian Reconnaissance it is supposed to help a wearer when in a night time duel, instead of having to free one hand to use a lantern you could use the lantern that was incorporated into the shield and adding on the many sharp edges and points to the weapon it could be used just as offensively as it could be defensive.


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