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Ten Things Every Aspiring Hipster Needs

Updated on January 8, 2012

1. Record Player and Extensive Collection of Vinyls

Every record player owner will tell you that a vinyl just has a more organic and real sound than an mp3. Indie bands, like Old Crow Medicine Band, Mumford and Sons, and the Avett Brothers, as well as classic bands from the good old days of music glory have albums etched into vinyl. Record players are great conversation pieces, and must haves for hipsters far and wide. Also, having a record player merits trips to obscure record stores where you can socialize with other hipsters.

2. Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless gloves play a few parts in the life of a hipster. First, it is just standard uniform for any hipster in cold weather, there's no debate about it. Second, hipsters can still text their hipster friends or make new stations on pandora on their iPhones on the fly, while still keeping their hands warm. If you want to be even more of a hipster, buy normal gloves, and cut the tips off of them. Voila, DIY fingerless gloves.

3. A Beat-Up Acoustic Guitar

Now a new guitar might work, but a beat-up acoustic guitar is hipster gold. It shows that the guitar has seen a lot in its life, and so have you if you own it. Really, this can be used as s pure display piece in your hipster pad, or you can learn to play it, but only songs that are extremely obscure to insure that nobody listening to you play has ever heard them before. Make sure that you put new strings on it though, and keep it tuned, so that if a real guitar player comes over, you don't get exposed for the hipster you are.

4. A Plaid Shirt and Converse Shoes

Not much to say about this hipster necessity, except that it is very normal attire for the up and coming hipster. Get a good red or green plaid shirt to start off, and some high top converses.

5. Green Tea

Green tea has a plethora of different health benefits. Green tea can boost your energy, sooth stress, lower cholesterol, protect your liver, give you eternal life, improves your memory, and tastes amazing! Hipsters are usually health nuts, so green tea is a stipend of their diet. Also, a box of 100 tea bags is around 3 bucks, so its economical as a drink too. Drink it hot with a little honey, or make some in a bottle and stick it in the fridge for a cold, refreshing drink later.

6. Bicycle

Cars suck. They are bad for the environment, guzzle gas and, subsequently, money, and require hard to find parking spots for those who live in the middle of a major city. The hipster's preferred method of transportation is the bicycle, the more retro-looking, the better. Bikes can go on sidewalk, road, and grass. They are clean and extremely affordable modes of travel, but also are reliable and just fun to ride. The hipster does not ride just any bicycle. Hipsters must go to thrift stores, good wills, and a plethora of different garage sales in order to find the bike with just enough rust, retro styling, and personality.

7. Vegetable Garden

What is better than having vegetables that you grew yourself? Being able to tell people that you grow your own vegetables. A vegetable garden is as much a conversation starter at a hipster gathering as much as it is a cheap source of fresh veggies. Start by farming easy things like peppers and okra. Heck, if you get really efficient at growing you urban crops you could start selling the harvest to your neighbors. Everybody loves fresh vegetables, especially those without pesticides or chemicals. Just make sure you don't start growing and selling a certain 'herb' to your friends.

8. A Walkman CD Player

Because iPods are just too damn mainstream. There are many benefits of using such dated technology as a Walkman. Walkmen don't need to be charged, so it will last you as long as you want as long as you bring enough batteries. Walkmen are very bulky, which means people will always be able to see you using it, because it definitely won't fit in your pocket. Also, Walkmen open up the opportunity for swapping CDs, as well as giving and receiving mix tapes.

9. A tumblr

tumblr is filled with obscure art, ideas, quotes, and videos. It is an online haven for hipsters around the world. It allows hipsters to meet each other, and show each other cool stuff which they find in the bowels of the internet. Set up a blog, and start tumbling. Re-blog anything and everything.

10. 3D Glasses

These are an absolute must in your journey to becoming the ultimate hipster. There is no real rationale behind it, but it is one of the most important articles of accessorization that a hipster has at his or her disposal.


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    • Sherry Hewins profile image

      Sherry Hewins 6 years ago from Sierra Foothills, CA

      I guess I'm more of a hippie than a hipster, but I've got the fingerless gloves, the record player and vinyl albums. And I do love me a cup of green tea.

    • SantaCruz profile image

      SantaCruz 6 years ago from Santa Cruz, CA

      Definitely! It's on my list of Places to See.

    • jpkl1021 profile image

      Sam Hammel 6 years ago

      I've heard Portland is a hipster haven too haha

    • SantaCruz profile image

      SantaCruz 6 years ago from Santa Cruz, CA

      Right on! Your stuff covers half the people in Santa Cruz, a mecca of hippies & hipsters :-).

    • Adrian Lavelle profile image

      Adrian Lavelle 6 years ago from Galway, Ireland

      Bar the vegetable garden and tumblr I got everything else, pretty sweet =)