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Tennessee's new Education Commissioner: the best there is

Updated on December 24, 2014

Governor Bill Haslam's Pick for Education Commissioner

It is obvious that politics are involved in everything, but in the case of Governor Haslam's pick for Education Commissioner, politics did not affect the choice of the selection of a quality educator to head up the State of Tennessee's education program.

The new Education Commissioner's name is Candice McQueen. She has already made a name for herself by doing quality work in her old position of Senior Vice President at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee.

It appears that her goal is to make the Tennessee Education System an education system that is one of the country's best. This task will not be an easy one. Come January 20, 2015, she has got to start working on new standards and will have to create a new standardized test for the State of Tennessee. It will not be an easy job.

The Governor of Tennessee, Bill Haslam, appears to believe that her pass experience, teaching in the class room, and her reputation at Lipscomb University, that has been seen by many as one of the best programs in the Nation, gives her a reasonable chance to achieve success.

Candice McQueen if from Clarksville, Tennessee. She was highly successful as Dean, of the College of Education, at Lipscomb University, before being selected by Governor Haslam for her present job.

He obtained her own education, a bachelor's degree, from Lipscomb University, a master's degree, from Vanderbilt University, and a doctorate, from the University of Texas.

She is extremely proud of her beautiful family, her husband, Andy, her daughter, Abigail, 11, and her son, Henry who is 8 years old. Doing excellent, land-mark work in the field of Education, while at the same time proving excellent care for one's family, is not an easy task.

One may ask, "Why is it so important for a person like myself, (as a writer of this Hub) to believe that we have an excellent leader over the State of Tennessee's Education System?" The answer to this question is not a simple one. First of all, Tennessee is not highly thought of, that is, as a State that has an adequate education system. Saying that Tennessee's education system is a "sub-standard" one is a bit strong, but Tennessee does have to make significant improvements to be considered adequate.

Also, I am an educator myself who runs education programs from my Japanese Nature farm, an education and training operation that is actively evolving into a significant force, slowly, within the context of the Home Schooling Community in Tennessee. I also work with Amish farmers, and those who work in their schools, to help them as best that I can, as they have taught me methodologies that they practice, successfully, in the pass.

Globally, my "brand" and my farm is highly respected, however, locally, it is not so highly appreciated. It is not unusual for local people to take for granted, those within their midst, who are of most valuable to them.

As I said, my farm has an education program that is in the process of growing, or evolving into a force that will make a difference in the long run. I need to use this opportunity of having a new State Commissioner to communicate my thoughts for how I can help to make a difference in Tennessee's education efforts while using my own initiatives.

I am hoping for the best, for myself, for my State of Tennessee, and for the families that need our help.

Peace be with you.


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