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Tennis Elbow Physical Therapy Exercises

Updated on March 14, 2017

Tennis elbow is a condition that results from repetitive stress on the tendons and muscles outside of the elbow joint. People who suffer from tennis elbow suffer from pain and find it difficult to do things that involve strenuous physical activity, like sports or even chores around the house.

A number of physical therapy exercises can be done at home to remedy the symptoms of tennis elbow. If done regularly, you should regain the full use of your arm.

Here are some super easy exercises for tennis that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

Wrist Extension Exercise

This is done using a dumbbell. Hold the one pound weight in the hand of the affected arm. Use the knee or a table to support the forearm. First, raise the hand slowly, then lower the arm slowly, all while holding the weight. Do ten to twelve repetitions of this exercise, then rest.

Wrist flexing

this can be done holding the same weight. Instead of raising the hand, simply bend the wrist upward first, the bend it downward slowly. Repeat ten to twelve times, then rest.

Wrist Stretching

Extend the forearm out forward and lock the elbow. Using your free arm, grab the hand of the extended arm and then slowly push down the on the wrist until it is perpendicular to the arm, pointing down to the floor. Hold this position for five to ten seconds, and then give the elbow a rest. Repeat the same exercise, but this time with the wrist pointing upward. Make sure to rest afterward.

Finger Extension

This is an exercise that can be done anywhere at any time, like during a break in the office at work. Press the tips of the fingers of one hand together and place a rubber band around all of them. Now, slowly spread the fingers apart, stretching the rubber band as far as possible. Hold this position for five to ten seconds, and then rest for the same amount of time. Repeat this exercise ten times, resting in between each time.

Ball Squeeze

Use any ball that is capable of being squeezed, such as a tennis ball. Rest the ball in the palm of the hand. Allow the fingers to wrap around the ball as far as they can. Squeeze the ball as hard as possible, and hold this for a few seconds. Then, rest for a few seconds without dropping the ball. Do this again ten times, making sure to rest each time.

These exercises must be repeated every day and done as instructed for best results. Don’t try to force the exercises; instead, ease into them. If any of the exercises causes pain, either perform the exercise more gently or avoid doing it altogether. Some pain is to be expected, but it should be anything extreme or unbearable. As the wrist flexibility increases, try to add different exercises into the daily routine.

Consult your doctor before doing any physical therapy exercises. If your condition does not improve after repeating these exercises, let your doctor know and he can custom tailor some exercises for your specific case.


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