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Texas: Interesting Fun Facts About the Lone Star State

Updated on October 3, 2018

Texas - The Pledge of Allegiance

"Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible."

Remember the Alamo

The Alamo is in San Antonio, Texas
The Alamo is in San Antonio, Texas | Source
The Sam Houston Memorial in Huntsville, Texas stands over 65 feet tall. It is the largest statue of an American. As a point of reference - if the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial were to stand it would be 28 feet tall.
The Sam Houston Memorial in Huntsville, Texas stands over 65 feet tall. It is the largest statue of an American. As a point of reference - if the statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial were to stand it would be 28 feet tall. | Source

Why do we remember the Alamo?

Historians tell us that "Remember the Alamo" was shouted by Sam Houston during the battle against Santa Ana.

The Battle of the Alamo was a pivotal point for Texas. It began on February 23, 1836 and ended March 6, 1836. The battle ended with Santa Ana defeating the Texian defenders. Then, the Texians gained revenge against the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21, 1836. This defeat ended the Texas Revolution.

  • Santa Ana (February 21, 1794 – June 21, 1876) was the President of Mexico for eleven non-consecutive terms. Santa Ana fought for and against Mexico's Independence from Spain.
  • Sam Houston (March 2, 1793 – July 26, 1863) -  was the first and third President of the Republic of Texas. He later became a Senator for Texas after it became a part of the United States. He also served as the 7th governor for the State of Texas. The City of Houston is named after Sam Houston. A memorial statue can be found along Interstate 45 in Huntsville, Texas. Interestingly, Sam Houston was not a native to the Texas region. Sam Houston was born in the State of Virginia.

State Capital - Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas:

get directions

A statewide campaign to keep Texas litter free.
A statewide campaign to keep Texas litter free. | Source


Nickname: Lone Star State

Sate Song: "Texas, Our Texas"

State Motto: Friendship

Origin of name: The Caddo Indians called their tribe tejas, which translates to friends. Tejas is the spanish word for Texas.

Popular Slogans:

  • It's a whole other country.
  • Don't Mess with Texas
  • Everything is bigger in Texas.

State Mammal (small): Armadillo

State Mammal (large): Longhorn

State Bird: Mockingbird

State Flower: Bluebonnet

State Tree: Pecan

State Capital: Austin

State Insect: Monarch Butterfly

State Plant: Prickly Pear Cactus

State Shell: Lightning Whelk

State Reptile: Texas Horned Lizard

State Flying Animal: Free tailed bat

State Grass: Sideoats Grama

State Shrub: Chinese Crape Myrtle

State Vegetable: Sweet Onion

State Fiber: Cotton

State Stone: Petrified Palmwood

State Gem: Blue Topaz

State Folk Dance: Square Dance

State Fruit: Texas Red Grapefruit

Texas State Symbols - Animals, Insects, Plants and more.

Texas State Flower - Bluebonnet
Texas State Flower - Bluebonnet | Source
Texas State Tree - Pecan
Texas State Tree - Pecan
Texas State Butterfly - Monarch
Texas State Butterfly - Monarch
Texas State Plant - Prickly Pear Cactus
Texas State Plant - Prickly Pear Cactus
Texas State Bird - Mockingbird
Texas State Bird - Mockingbird
Texas State Mammal/Large - Longhorn
Texas State Mammal/Large - Longhorn
Texas State Mammal/Small - Armadillo
Texas State Mammal/Small - Armadillo
Texas State Flying Animal - Free tailed bat
Texas State Flying Animal - Free tailed bat
Texas State Reptile - Texas Horned Lizard
Texas State Reptile - Texas Horned Lizard
Texas State Shell - Lightning Whelk
Texas State Shell - Lightning Whelk
Texas State Grass - Sideoats Grama
Texas State Grass - Sideoats Grama
Texas State Shrub - Chinese Crape Myrtle
Texas State Shrub - Chinese Crape Myrtle
Texas State Vegetable - Sweet Onion
Texas State Vegetable - Sweet Onion
Texas State Fiber - cotton
Texas State Fiber - cotton
Texas State Stone - Petrified Palmwood
Texas State Stone - Petrified Palmwood
Texas State Gem - Blue Topaz
Texas State Gem - Blue Topaz
Texas State Fruit - Texas Red Grapefruit
Texas State Fruit - Texas Red Grapefruit
Texas State Folk Dance: Square Dance
Texas State Folk Dance: Square Dance
Waco Suspension Bridge
Waco Suspension Bridge
Tyler Municipal Rose Garden
Tyler Municipal Rose Garden | Source
Palo Duro Canyon
Palo Duro Canyon | Source

Did you know...?

Did you know Texas is home to Dell computers? Central Texas has been called the Silicon Valley of the south. (Compaq computers was also based in Texas and has now been purchased by HP)

Did you know Dr Pepper was invented in Waco, Texas? If you travel to Waco you can visit the Dr. Pepper Museum.

Did you know that the first suspension bridge in the USA was built in Waco, Texas in 1870? It is still used today as a pedestrian crossing for the Brazos River.

Did you know Port Lavaca had the world's longest fishing pier? It was originally a causeway for a portion of Lavaca Bay and was later used as a pier. Although it is still a pier today it is no longer the longest. A fire consumed over 1,000 feet of the pier.

Did you know that the world's largest rose garden is the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden? It cultivates over 500 variety of roses on a 22 acre rose garden.

Did you know Amarillo has the world's largest helium well?

Did you know we have our own Grand Canyon? Palo Duro Canyon is known as "The Grand Canyon of Texas" and is located in the Pan Handle of North Texas. It is the second largest canyon in the country. Its longest point is 120 miles long and has areas that are 20 miles wide.

James Avery: A Texas Company

Famous Texans

Alvin Ailey, Choreographer

Mary Kay Ash, Cosmetic Entreoreneur

Gene Autry, Singer & Actor

Carol Burnett, Comedienne & Actress

Cyd Charisse, Actress & Dancer

Joan Crawford, Actress

Dwight D. Eisenhower, U.S. President

Larry Hagman, Actor

Ben Hogan, Golfer

Howard Hughes, Industrialist & Producer

Buddy Holly, Musician

Freddy Fender, Musician

Lyndon B. Johnson, U.S. President

George Jones, Musician

Janis Joplin, Singer

Tommy Lee Jones, Actor

Willie Nelson, Musician

Ray Orbison, Musician

Tommy Tune, Dancer & Choreographer

Rip Torn, Actor & Director

Dan Rather, Journalist/Newscaster

Buck Owens, Singer

Farrah Fawcett, Actress

Eva Longoria, Actress

Stevie Ray Vaughn, Guitarist

Ritchie Valens, Musician

Matthew McConaughey, Actor

Nolan Ryan, Pitcher - Owner of MLB Texas Rangers

Kinky Friedman (Richard S. Friedman) Politician, Musician, Writer

San Jacinto Monument
San Jacinto Monument | Source
Texas State Capitol
Texas State Capitol | Source

Fun Facts

State Date: Texas reached statehood on December 29, 1845.

State number: Texas is state number 28.

Counties: Texas has 254 counties.

Highest Elevation: Guadalupe Peak is 8,750 feet above sea level.

Flag Facts: Six Flags have flown over Texas;Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, Confederate States, and the United States.

Largest Cities: Of the ten largest cities in the USA, Texas has three; Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.


  • The LARGEST State in the contiguous area of the USA. 262, 015 square miles.
  • 2nd largest state overall. 
  • Texas is as large as all of New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois and New England combined.
  • El Paso, Texas is actually closer to Needles, California than it is to Dallas, Texas.
  • The Dallas Fort Worth Airport is larger than Manhattan Island in NY.
  • Brewster County is the largest county at 6,208 square miles. The State of Connecticut would fit inside Brewester County as it is measured at 5,554 square miles.
  • King Ranch is larger than the state of Rhode Island and is bordered by over 2,000 miles of fence.


  • With the exception of Alaska, Texas has more fresh water than any other state: an impressive 4,959 square miles of water with another 191,000 miles of streams and rivers.
  • The largest body of water within the State line of Texas is the Sam Rayburn Reservoir in East Texas. The reservoir covers a whopping 113,400 acres.
  • The Texas coastline measures 624 miles along the Gulf of Mexico.


Everything is BIGGER in Texas

  • Home of the world's largest Longhorn. Housed at the University of Texas the burnt orange steer (UT's colors) measures 12 ft high, 17 ft long and features a 9ft span on its horns. Although it is the largest it isn't real - it is made of fiberglass.
  • San Jacinto Memorial. Listed as the tallest column structure in the world. The monument is a 570-foot shaft topped by a 34-foot star. It is 15 feet taller than the Washington Memorial.
  • The State Capital of Texas is taller than the U.S.Capital. The top of the rotunda features a statue of the Goddess of Liberty.
  • The Sam Houston Monument is 65 feet tall and more than twice the size of the Lincoln Memorial. If Lincoln were to stand from his seat it is estimated he would be 28 feet tall.

Square Dancing in Texas History

Square Dancing was proclaimed as the State Folk Dance of Texas.

  • State Representative Edmund Kuempel filed the Concurrent Resolution on March 19, 1991.
  • The Texas House of Representatives approved the Resolution on May 21, 1991
  • The Senate followed suit shortly after on May 30, 1991
  • The proclamation was finalized with then Governor Ann Richards signature on May 30, 1991.

Interesting tid-bit - Square Dancing has now been identified as the State Folk Dance in over 22 States across the United States. There is currently a campaign to make Square Dancing the Official Folk Dance of the USA.

Traditional square dancing features four couples and a caller. The caller prompts the dancers into a variety of steps through and across the partners within the square. Dancers need to be quick and knowledgeable in order to effectively follow the calls.

Square Dancing is a popular activity among visiting "Winter Texans" at the various RV parks across the state. Watch the video below and listen to the caller. Would you be able to keep up?

Square Dance is officially the Texas State Folk Dance

Texas Musicians

Texas is home to many musicians in a variety of genres...

Willie Nelson was born in Abbott, Texas

Freddy Fender was born in San Benito, Texas

Here is a list of just a few of the many famous Texan musicians...

Kenny Rogers

Willie Nelson

Freddy Fender

Flaco Jimenez

Buddy Holly

Roy Orbison

Ray Price

George Strait

Waylon Jennings

Buck Owens

George Jones

Selena Quintanilla

Janis Joplin

ZZ Top

Los Lonely Boys

Stevie Ray Vaughn

Regency Bridge: San Saba County

Suspension Bridge Over the Colorado River

The swinging bridge, built in 1939, is found at the intersection of Mills County Road 433 and San Saba County Road 137. This is the same bridge that is featured in the opening scenes of The Texas Country Reporter. Both of the roads leading to the 325 footbridge are gravel roads.

A two hour drive west of Waco.

Map and Directions: Regency Suspension Bridge

Regency Suspension Bridge:
Regency Suspension Bridge, Mullin, TX 76864, USA

get directions

Texas Hubs on HubPages

Texas Flag - The State Flag of Texas has gone through an interesting evolution. To learn more about its design and what it symbolizes click here; Texas State Flag Design - Symbolization for the Lone Star State

Texas Tourism - Texas has many interesting places to visit. Here are some neat offbeat ideas for your next road-trip. Places to Visit in Texas

Spanish Missions - San Antonio has an amazing amount of history. Check out the Spanish Missions of San Antonio, Texas The Spanish Missions of San Antonio, Texas

Y'all come back now!

Facts will be updated and revised as needed. Feel free to post any updates or corrections in the comment box.

© 2011 Marisa Hammond Olivares


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    • fpherj48 profile image


      7 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Miss Olive. No doubt, Texas is quite beautiful with very interesting facts to learn. much History. I have several family members who have lived there for years and visiting is always a special treat.

      I actually remember my 1st time in Texas with my parents and sister. I celebrated my 8th Birthday there!! (a VERY long time ago!) lol.....but I also recall a huge Easter egg hunt with tons of kids and winning a big chocolate Rabbit!

      Texas must be really special because I have only few childhood memories, yet these are crystal clear to me. Great hub!! Up & awesome.

    • Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

      Wesman Todd Shaw 

      7 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

      We've got such a tremendously beautiful state!!! Thanks so much for spreading the word - I get truly pissy when I hear folks talking smack about Texas, and I hear it too often.

      I've been all over the USA - and I've always had the most comforting feeling when crossing the state line back into Texas, and it never mattered that I was still five hundred or more miles from home!

    • moonlake profile image


      7 years ago from America

      I love Texas. We were married in El Paso home of Ft. Bliss. I went to school there as a child. I see you have horny toad picture we also loved horny toads when we were kids.

      Enjoyed your hub.

    • sholland10 profile image

      Susan Holland 

      7 years ago from Southwest Missouri

      So many facts about Texas. My brother lives in Texas, and I love Dallas and San Antonio. It has so much to offer. I would have never thought Texas had so much water. Water is just not something I think about as far as Texas. The Dallas/FT Worth airport being bigger than Manhattan boggles my mind! Great hub! Thanks for Sharing! Votes and Shares!

    • profile image

      Sunnie Day 

      7 years ago

      I enjoyed this so very much..It was wonderful to learn more interesting facts about our beloved Texas. I do love Texas. It is one state that I have never regretted living in. It is home to me for the last 18 years.

      Thank you Marisa,


    • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

      Marcy Goodfleisch 

      7 years ago from Planet Earth

      Well, you already know I am biased about Texas! This is an outstanding compilation of facts about our state - and I'm proud to be here!

      Voted up, useful and interesting.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 

      7 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      missolive~ I enjoyed this hub on Texas so much! The photo of "The Alamo" and the "Buttercups" are gorgeous.

      I've learned so much about this fascinating state.

      The way you put this all together is brilliant. Thank you and voted up, useful, awesome and interesting!

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 

      7 years ago from Nepal

      As a person, who has never been to the US, or Texas for that matter, I enjoyed reading this hub.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 

      7 years ago from New York City

      I definitely didn't know many of the factoids you've added here MissOlive, and especially the DR. Pepper one, wow. You surely kicked this hub into overdrive here.

      I never was good with history, as you can see from my hubpages profile, that I'm much more of a techie type, and you know me somewhat from all the activity or hub love I've shown since I been here on hubpages this last 7 months or so.

      One things for certain your skill for writing awesome hubs never lets up, wow is all I can say, because you have a slew of worded arms to bear, and pretty much slayed the dragon here with this hub about Texas. Wow.

      Totally Kicked Up, or in hubbers language Voted Up & Out!! Oh and thanks for the cool convo we had earlier in the new Group of ours on FB. Awesome Stuff!!!!

    • ThoughtSandwiches profile image


      7 years ago from Reno, Nevada


      I have always had a question about Texas and it relates to size. So...Texas is HUGE...why then...did they put two cities (Dallas and Fort Worth) in the EXACT same spot.

      Why didn't they move one of them over to utilize more of the space? What is it that I am missing here? This is no joke...I have wondered about this for years.

      Great Hub which I will share far and the size of Texas.


    • alocsin profile image

      Aurelio Locsin 

      7 years ago from Orange County, CA

      My ancestors came from this state and I know very little about it. Thanks for all the info. Voting this Up and Useful.

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      7 years ago from Texas

      PDXKaraokeGuy - sounds good

      Taylor - thank you, I'll check that out :)

      sgbrown - El Paso is unique in climate and culture and so far away! I'm way down south at the tip, near Brownsville. Not sure if many Texans would agree with your new home state, but I'm glad you came by to read and comment :)

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 

      7 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      Great hub! I'm originally from Texas, El Paso, actually. Glad Im not living there right now....anyway, I will always love Texas. I am a transplanted Okie, but a real Texan. Loved your hub! Up and interesting!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You forgot to mention that the official game of Texas is 42.

    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 

      7 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      word. i'll keep u posted :-)

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      PDXKaraokeGuy - Heck yeah! That sounds awesome!

    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 

      8 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      sure, I'll come over. Big juicy Texas style steak for me, a nice veggie burger for the mrs. What do ya say? I'll do a poetry reading

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Lady Guinevere - Thank you very much

      eyaramd - There is lots to see in this very large state of ours and you get to choose from a variety of terrains. Thank you for reading.

      ITcoach - Thank you, I'll be updating with more info. There is plenty more to share

      PDXKaraokeGuy - Wow, not exactly a good memory is it? Ugh. Perhaps we'll get it right next time if we get the chance :) Thank you for coming by to read.

    • PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

      Justin W Price 

      8 years ago from Juneau, Alaska

      I've been to Texas twice. I remember it being really damn hot and I remember my mom getting food poisoning from fried catfish when she was pregnant with my sister.

    • ITcoach profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      Awesome hub!As I learned quite a few things about great state that I didn't know before. Voted up and Awesome.

    • jeyaramd profile image


      8 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      Thank you for sharing this hub. Texas seems like a great place to be. I haven't been to Texas myself. It seems quite enticing. I have met folks from Texas and they do seem very nice and hospitable. I love meeting people while travelling. So, it seems like a natural choice. Have to check it out soon. Thanks for the informative hub.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 

      8 years ago from West By God

      Wow, so much information! Well written.

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Today is 12/29/2011 -

      December 29th marks the anniversary that Texas became a state. Texas is state #28

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      leroy64 - thank you for sharing. I'd love to check that out sometime. My daughter is in Denton so I will definitely be in the area - eventually

    • leroy64 profile image

      Brian L. Powell 

      8 years ago from Dallas, Texas (Oak Cliff)

      If you ever have a chance, go to the Hampton Road DART rail station there is a tribute to the Vaughn brothers. The paving bricks have lyrics inscribed - they are attributed to Stevie and his brother. It's a commuter station so there is a lot of parking.

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Annette - Thank you! I sure hope this hub helps out those 7th graders!

      leroy64 - Can't have a hub about Texas without Stevie - Thank you! I'm familiar with Oak Cliff - I lived in the DFW area for 8 years. I miss the area!

    • leroy64 profile image

      Brian L. Powell 

      8 years ago from Dallas, Texas (Oak Cliff)

      I enjoyed this article. I am glad you included Stevie Ray Vaughn since he is from Oak Cliff, where I grew up.

    • Annette R. Smith profile image

      Annette Smith 

      8 years ago from Grand Island, Florida

      Great hub, Miss Olive, and fun to read. Those seventh graders will find all the information they need -- right here, in one place. Keep up the good work!

    • Brian Weekes profile image

      Brian Weekes 

      8 years ago from Queensland, Australia

      A very interesting article Missolive. So was it Americans who brought prickly pair to Queensland or the other way around? It is a weed here as it has nothing to stop it spreading. I always considered Texas to be a lot like Western Australia. Both very independent.

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      adriene 2, Sunshine, applesmith, dahoglund, Keith

      Thank you for reading and commenting on the great State of Texas. There is still quite a bit for me to add.

      Keith - I've added Kinky Friedman. Not sure how that one slipped me by! Thanks for the suggestion :)

    • Keith Matyi profile image

      Keith Matyi 

      8 years ago from Denton, TX

      Good article! I just moved to Texas and now it is my home. You forgot the famous author, Kinky Friedman. Well-written!

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      I don't know why, but I was surprised that the square dance was the official folk dance of Texas.

    • applecsmith profile image

      Carrie Smith 

      8 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      I love this hub. Being a native Texan my whole life, I grew up on the Texas history and facts. But I didn't even know all of these wonderful things about Texas! Especially the Dr Pepper museum in Waco, now I totally want to visit there.

      The Tyler Rose Festival is even more beautiful in person. I have the privilege of living right up the street from it and it's breathtaking every year.

      After years and years of traveling I've finally mastered DFW. Lol It's definitely very big and really confusing, but I didn't know it was larger than Manhattan.

      Great fun facts here!

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      8 years ago from Orlando, FL

      What an awesome tribute hub for Texas! I lived in Houston many years ago for 3 months, it was a fun summer! You got my vote MissOlive:)

    • adrienne2 profile image

      Adrienne F Manson 

      8 years ago from Atlanta

      Very interesting article on the facts of Texas. I sure learned a lot, had no idea Dr. Pepper was invented in Waco, TX would have never known that. Quite the list of celebs as well from Texas. Thanks for sharing!

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Admiral - thanks for the vote up and the comment!

    • Admiral_Joraxx profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines

      I remembered Lone Star Beer with the flag. I love texas! Definitely! 2 of my most favorite NBA teams are on it. The Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs. 1 vote up for this missolive.=)

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Hi Nia - I lived in the DFW area for 8 years- great area! Regardless, I AM a Texan - born and raised :)

      Very glad to meet you - thank you for reading and commenting.

    • NiaG profile image


      8 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Very good hub! I'm from Dallas myself and you know more than I do. Ha!

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      well howdy tsmog - I'm catching up during my conference/lunch break.

      I do have Stevie on my Famous Texans list, but foolishly left him out of the musicians list. Will fix that. You are more than welcome to call Texas your home. After all, Sam Houston was from West Virginia. Here is an interesting and historical tid-bit; Davy Crockett (a native of Tennessee) was feisty about those who violated the Constitution. During a session in 1835 he stood on the congressional floor and yelled, "Y'all can go to hell! I'm going to Texas!". At the time Texas was The Republic of Texas. Here is more on that

      As for Texacan - I believe it is Texian.

      Why did I write this? Other than being a proud Texan? 7th graders in Texas study the History of Texas. I thought this hub would be beneficial as a source. :)

      So for the Aggies - Gig Em!

      And for the Longhorns - Hook Em!

      My hubby and daughter are UNT Eagles - Go Mean Green!

      I'm a TWU Rosebud - Go Pioneers!

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 

      8 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Why did you write this hub? Advertising to get us Californians to move or somethun' like that? My dad's side of the family is from Rosebud & Hearne area and are 'Aggies' at heart! Cousin's were and are (I think) College Station officers of the law or maybe they are retired now. I often ponder home and it has always been a toss between Texas and West Virginia, though born at Carson City, NV.

      I know a very good joke about the Alamo, too long for now. I tell it when I put on my leadership hat at work. Oh, if you get a chance as a favor add Stevie Ray Vaughn to your list. I used a vid of him & Albert King together in a hub on writing the blues. There is a link at the bottom with a lesson plan format for teachers

      Whoops! Forgot, Down right awesome hub! Very well thought through offering the reader a plethora of information while enticing to look farther along.

      There are many treasures and secrets too! I mean bookmarking Austin on the map - the center of Texas and almost the center of music in America. Plus, the home for the University of Texas (remember I am an Aggie Fan - smile)

      Well, I have bookmarked this masterpiece for future reference, study, and pleasure time. Thanks so very much for sharing. The only challenge I have with it is keeping it out of mind at work today, yet my boss is a Texacan. (did I spell that right, teach?)

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      diogenes - thank I don't think I'll include that one.

      WD Curry - very cool. Nothin' better than a Texan at heart. Glad to hear you were treated well along that SW road. It's a nice story about good ol' Texas hospitality.

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      8 years ago from Space Coast

      I knew that. My Mom was born in El Passo and raised in Sweetwater. I receirved a congressional appointment to Annapolis from Omar Burleson. I voted absentee from there for two elections. I broke down out in the middle of nowhere in SW Texas and every single car that went by stopped to give me a hand. When you get right down to it . . . I am a Florida boy, but I love Texas!

    • diogenes profile image


      8 years ago from UK and Mexico

      ps...Are you sure it was 'grafitti the cow?" I have heard those good ol' boys down there may present a different threat to a well set up bovine!? Bob

    • diogenes profile image


      8 years ago from UK and Mexico

      Hiya senorita: Texas also has more people in jail than Russia! But the food ain't bad...Bob

    • missolive profile imageAUTHOR

      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      8 years ago from Texas

      Thelma and Shawm - thank you both for visiting and commenting. I've been working on this hub for a while now. There are so many things I left out that I hope to add in the near future. I just want to confirm a few things first. For example - I found a site that claims it is illegal to graffiti your neighbor's cow. lol!

      Thanks again - MissOlive

    • Shawn Scarborough profile image

      Shawn Scarborough 

      8 years ago from The Lone Star State

      Awesome hub! I have lived in Texas most of my life and I learned quite a few things about our great state that I didn't know before. Voted up.

    • ThelmaC profile image

      Thelma Raker Coffone 

      8 years ago from Blue Ridge Mountains, USA

      Excellent job of reearch! Thanks for sharing.


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