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Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer

Updated on September 20, 2010

Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer and What They Can Do for You

Offshore accidents happen and sometimes it’s due to negligence. A worker may find himself filing a lawsuit for an injury that has been caused by other people’s carelessness and in Texas a claimant needs to prove who is at fault in order for him to collect on a specific injury claim. It is very crucial that initial steps are made to guarantee that an injury claim be settled in all fairness and equality. In Texas, if you want to file a lawsuit against the person who caused you your injury, you have two years to accomplish all that. The state of Texas has a statute of limitations for two years; anything beyond that period will make your claim no longer applicable. That is why it is very important to get in touch Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer once you find yourself in a predicament such as offshore accidents that may have caused by other people’s neglect of duty. It is imperative that you do this first before you make any verbal or written statement to the company’s insurance representative.

There are three crucial facts that need to be proven when you’re filing a claim on an offshore injury incident. It is a given fact that negligence, inattention and carelessness are specified factors that needs to be proven in such events. If you’re filing a claim in Texas, you will be requires to prove three things;

  • The person who caused the injury has a responsibility not to cause you any injury, however, was not able to live up to it
  • The correlation between your injury and the other person’s responsibility
  • You as claimant had suffered injuries that was caused by that person’s disregard on his or her responsibility

With the help of a Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer, you can rest assured that your injury claim will be achievable in no time. On your end, it is necessary that you take steps as well that will help win your case. It is very important that you remember everything that occurred when that particular incident had happened.

When you've been injured by someone else's carelessness, it's important to take some initial steps toward making sure your injury claim can be settled fairly and as quickly as possible: Potential witnesses and their information such as names, addresses and contact information will help out a lot if you put them in writing. You may need to take note of police officers and representative of the insurance company that were present on that day. Evidences such as damage personal possessions, clothes and photographs of the scene must be protected for these may help prove your claim on your injury and help win your case.

It is your duty as well to inform the person you believe needs to be indicted for your injury and it is best to notify them right away on your intent to file a lawsuit against them. Filing a lawsuit with the help of a Houston Maritime Attorney or Texas Offshore Injury Lawyer for an offshore injury is the right thing to do if you really do believe that you deserve to have a claim on other people’s recklessness that has brought you pain and damages.


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