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That School Uniforms Should Be Banned From All Schools

Updated on June 24, 2011

That School Uniforms Should Be Banned From All Schools

School uniforms should be abolished because they are impractical for modern-day society. For many years, school uniforms have been worn by students in schools throughout Australia. The problem of wearing school uniforms is that mostschoolparents waste a lot of money purchasing them. Children of school age tend to grow very fast; this results in having to constantly replace uniforms. Additionally, the fabric used to make the uniforms can become quite uncomfortable and affect classroom concentration. School uniforms are not used as often ascasual clothesin times like weekends,holidaysand formal situations.

One of the major causes of money wasting is from the purchasing of school uniforms. Uniforms cost a lot because the majority of parents have to buy a set of winter, summer and sport uniforms for their children. They also waste money when children grow older, thus making them have to buy new sets of uniforms every so often. In some cases, when a few children do not have any uniforms the right size for them, they have to get one especially made for them which makes the cost even higher. Uniforms can also be a problem when private schools purchase uniforms for their students; as a result the school may raise its fees for parents.

A dilemma with uniforms is that often schools are unaware on how uncomfortable they are for students and its impact on the student’s health. School uniforms are pretty uncomfortable when the weather or the seasons change, causing the student to be either too hot or too cold, therefore a handful of students will lose concentration in class. Also school uniforms harm the body when they are too cold or far too hot which results in sicknesses and absences. When a small proportion of students start to dislike their uniforms, they may abuse or destroy their own uniforms.

One of the major problems of school uniforms is the lack of use of them. School uniforms are dissipating given that casual clothes are used more often as school uniforms. Almost everyone wouldn’t wear uniforms on the streets, weekends, holidays or on formal times. Instead, a high percentage of people would wear casual clothes for these times. Subsequently, uniforms aren’t as useful as casual clothes, meaning uniforms should be abolished.

Alternate view

A problem with school uniforms is the rate on how comfortable they are. Uniforms are usually either too hot or too cold; as a result students will lose concentration during class, become sick or absent. In some cases, uniforms can be bought for different seasons or climates making it more comfortable andstressfree.


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