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Why You Should Never Use Bleach When Cleaning Urine

Updated on September 10, 2014

Have you ever had a carpet, matress, or bathroom that reeked so strongly of urine, that no matter what you tried, you could not get rid of the smell? Now, I don't know which situation applies to you, but they have all applied to me! I have a 2 year old son that pees in the bed, a cat(well, I used to - she died :( ...), and 15, and 12 year old nephews that seem to spray everything except the water in the toilet. It must be invisible urine too, let them tell it, they always pee in the toilet - they never miss-aim...Somehow I am the only one who sees it, or sits in it, eww!

Anyways, these many experiences have taught me what not to use when trying to get rid of this smell and how to clean it up after it has dried and festered. And the #1 product we all run for but should not use is: bleach.

#1 Cleaning Product We Tend To Run For

Bleach: An All Purpose - Kill All Cleaner, Right???

Bleach is the magical remedy for everything. Dilute it with plenty of water and it wont even ruin your colors, right? Well, when you are trying to clean up urine or get rid of the smell never use this!

You know that strong smell urine has, especially in cats, I mean, pets.... well, that same chemical is found in bleach. So you are not actually fixing the problem, you are enhancing it, as if bleach isn't strong-smelling enough! And once you have done that it is even harder to get rid of that smell.

I Already Used Bleach!! Now What?

If you do happen to use bleach first on a hard/vinyl/wood floor that has been urinated on, wipe it up/dry it immediately. Id recommend you pour at least a half gallon of white vinegar on the floor or mop the floor with straight undiluted vinegar and let it air dry (open the windows) or use a fan to help it dry faster.

If it was on a carpet, id recommend you dilute the carpet with water and try to blot as much of it up as possible with a towel. Follow behind that with a vinegar spray for the floor. Let that sit a while and blot as much as you can up and let the rest air dry.

More ways to clean urine and get rid of that terrible smell left behind are available in another article titled "Cleaning And Getting Rid Of The Urine Smell."


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