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The #1 reason for poverty and early death - Socialism!

Updated on May 15, 2016

Socialism and the unequal distribution of wealth

Lets face it, we live in a society that has been provided false information, which has led to the transformation of freedom and prosperity, to a life of mediocrity and people suffering in the world. This can be proven with statistics, however we are going to use YOUR curious mind to do research on your own, once you have been provided with a big picture view of the world.

So...get ready world, facts and theories will be put to the test, you are about to learn more about capitalism and why it trumps the socialist view every time! Because, as every life form as a human being, we strive to become better, to live a better life with fairness, love, and equal opportunity. Socialism provides NONE of that, while capitalism provides all of these opportunities, and has proven to the world that it is the most efficient method for the distribution of wealth, and opportunity.

Liberalism and socialism are one of the same, because they come off as "looking out for the benefit of all", when in reality, it is about the elite status and power over people. Liberalism is the ideology that government dictates what is fair to individuals, under the guise that oversight by the government will solve many of societies unfairness. While socialism is more of an economic theory that provides the same ideology as a "fairness to all" dictate, the truth is socialism provides more unfairness because it steals from the people who benefit society, and lowers all incentives to provide true fairness.

Socialism has never produces what has been promised, as all we have to do is look at the Scandinavia countries that have employed a democratic socialism. The ideology is to provide a balance of equality to all both economically and socially, through a method of subsidizing society while having extremely high tax rates. What this often leads to is a lowering of the economic output, fewer opportunities, and of course, the people often suffer the consequences although they seem to be "happy".

Sweden is a great example of this, as the government placed an extremely progressive tax rate on the wealthy, because they needed to fund the society benefits packages. What this actually did, was to take a country that was considered the 4th strongest in the world economically, and reduce it to the fourteenth wealthiest country in a short 23 year time span! How is that for your utopia? Often, people who are confused will explain to me how GDP in these countries is high, and how places such as Norway have provided a higher standard of question is - why are there more Norwegians living in the United States than the population of Norway? Did they leave because of the utopia that was TOO GOOD, or was it the lack of real opportunities?

We have to contrast socialism with capitalism to understand how to improve the lives in society, and how to best satisfy the equal distribution of wealth. Have you ever stopped and looked at liberal causes? Have they benefited the intended recipient? Looking at the case of black Americans, you would have to conclude that liberalism has caused more poverty, crime, and the highest homicide rate of ANY other social group in the world! Thanks liberals, you have really helped these people out tremendously.

Lets get back to the premise of this post, and that is socialism ends up doing the exact opposite of the intent. Looking at various countries that embrace socialism, Venezuala and Cuba are great examples...and what you find is a huge disparity between the rich and the poor. Mexico...although considered a democracy, actually is a socialist state. You can smell a rat anywhere, and Mexico does not practice free market capitalism...just go there and visit, and you see a lack of competition. What you DO SEE, is corruption, which is what socialist government are very good at.

Socialism always employs a top down structure, in other words the elites control the people through economics. The total lack of competition leaves the population with fewer services, fewer opportunities, and very few people who live in the middle class. What is the sniff test for this? Let me ask you what Sweden, Venezuala, Cuba, or any other socialist country in the world - the question is what have they brought to the table as far as innovative products that benefit society? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I didn't see the PC being invented there, I haven't seen the iPhone being invented and brought to the market. The motorcar, airplane, television, etc., and nothing has been brought to the market from ANY socialist country.

Free market capitalism brought these products to the market, along with an economic benefit that provides government to operate and bring with it the infrastructure to provide clean water, roads, airports, etc. Free capitalist markets also provide the most efficient means of distribution of wealth. All it takes is a dream, an idea, and the will to provide your talents, and you can be successful. Although some never quite make it all the way, they had the opportunity and many find this system to provide an exceptional income. There is more fairness going this route, than offering nothing but a lower standard of living via the socialist ideology of fairness.

For Cuba to be that so called "socialist utopia", my question is - why is Cuba not the largest economy of all the Caribbean? I mean...don't they have open boarders to ALL other countries of the world? It simply can't be the United States that has kept this country in poverty all these you think it could be a socialist statist that is operating the country, and that poverty is always a result of socialism/communism? Socialist like to blame the United States for the woes in Cuba, however Cuba has always been able to enjoy relationships with every other country in the world, yet these people live in total poverty...and the healthcare sucks! The healthcare may be good to the elites of the country, but for the rest of society it is medieval medicine at best. will be able to witness that yourself, I challenge you to go there and make your own observation, you will find this is a true statement!

Why doesn't anyone ever look at the second Utopian country of Venezuela to really see how great socialism works.Venezuela is a rich country in natural materials, specifically oil. The country has gone from dictatorship to dictatorship, with an anti-capitalist rant that has been continuous for decades. Yet, with all the natural resources, these people suffer horrendously under the guise of socialism is providing EVERYONE with equal opportunity. Go ahead, Google search the Venezuelan economy, and you will find some of the most appalling living conditions brought about by a socialist society that should be benefiting from real economic output.

And that is why socialism is so dangerous, it is because the people are no longer able to create opportunities, because the government now controls the people based on economic policies. The danger is that you have these elites that think they are helping the people, but in reality have their own self interest at heart. Don't believe how dangerous this is? Recently the United States government has looked into using the RICO act to suppress anyone who does not agree with the twenty scientist regarding Global Warming. You can argue Global Warming all you want, but it isn't science because of too many variables, YET, if you speak out against the government and the regulations that suppress innovation, you may end up going to prison for this?

Understand we have freedom of speech, but it shows you the mentality that goes along with socialism. When you have freedom of speech, shouldn't you be able to statistically prove that people on welfare can go to work and be productive, which not only improves the economy but gives these people a chance to use their talents? Yet, in the politically correct atmosphere that socialism invites, you can't look for better solutions. If you understand economic freedom, you will understand that not one single individual can control a free market economy, negating any thoughts of the rich taking from the poor. The truth is the government cannot create income, it takes productivity and economic output that gives opportunity to the people.

Unfortunately, due to our schools and the media, the thought of a Utopian society has been to educate the people that socialism works. As the opportunities in society dwindle, the burden is placed further on the government to provide solutions, whether that is via government payouts that has many people wondering how this is working. I see business looking for people via real jobs, but when you can make money by not working...where is the incentive? This perpetuates itself, and is why thinking the socialist method of providing a living is so disastrous, not only for the economy, but for the individual that lives in that society.


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