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10 Types of High School teachers

Updated on February 17, 2018
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Pursuing a rather tedious subject called law, Priya Barua still tries to find time to follow her passion for blogging.

Every student who has seen through school will have experienced some, if not all, of the teachers mentioned below. Read on to find out which of them you have met.

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And the class commences The Penguin teacher.
And the class commences
And the class commences | Source
The Penguin teacher.
The Penguin teacher.


The first type of teacher is an actual teacher, and when I say, an actual teacher, I mean someone who is genuinely interested to teach students. Yes, they are a very rare species, nonetheless they do exist. Usually, this teacher is engaging, encouraging and accommodative. With the perfect balance of seriousness and fun, this teacher manages to win the hearts of all.


There is a reason that the word pathetic exists, and that is, to describe this particular type of teacher. He teaches by reading every line. For example, if it is written on the book, William married Kate Middleton, the teacher would first read that line, and follow with “So you see students, William, he married a woman called Kate Middleton.” Couldn’t have figured that out because well, we aren’t old enough to understand Basic English, are we?


Think Bad teacher; think Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher. This teacher is essentially the most terrible of its kind. Nevertheless, I do admire this breed because they have a certain level of honesty about their lack of interest when it comes to their profession. Not too surprising that they don’t put much of an effort to conduct a class. You know what I am talking about: you play and fly paper planes in their class. Yes, that class.


This teacher is very, very friendly. I am not sure whether I am that comfortable with such level of intimacy, but this teacher does score a lot of points with the other students. You usually end up talking to him like he is your best friend. In a confined generalization, this teacher does not know his text very well and once when he starts talking about the Nile Valley Civilization, you can be assured the next thing he would talk about would be the present economic status of third-world countries.

Book Smart

This teacher knows the text better than he knows his own kids; from A-Z-literally everything, right down to the price of the book. However. If asked a question from outside the confines of that book, then I am afraid to say that his vast knowledge about the subject (read: book), unfortunately, doesn’t sum up to much. Most of the time, it is embarrassing for both the teacher and the student asking the question. If and when he fails to answer a question, then be sure that that question will be your homework for the day.


So boring - YAWN!
So boring - YAWN!

This teacher has a voice which is like a drug that lulls you to sleep. You can notice that most students in his class are almost half-asleep i.e. only if you are awake to see the class half-asleep. You can only hope this teacher is kind enough to send notes, otherwise you’re screwed. Or you can depend on the largesse of the students who are attentive in the class, and of course I mean those rare one or two birds who sit in class wide-awake like there’s a perpetual injection of caffeine gurgling in their blood.

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Mind Numbing

This teacher only has a max of 10 students attending his class. Why? Because he’s terribly, terribly mind numbingly boring. And not the boring that lulls you to sleep, but the boring that makes you want to jump off the building. Excuse the rather distasteful humour, but I couldn’t find a better analogy to express myself. The best way to deal with this breed of teachers is to flip to the last page of the notebook and unleashing your inner creativity. Put pen to paper and sketch the next Starry Night over the Rhone.


The teacher who, with a determination to put Ash from Pokemon to shame, is only into finishing the syllabus the way I, with a determination to put Ash from Pokeman to shame, am only into finishing my food. He doesn’t quite give a damn whether anyone has understood him. Fair enough, since indulging in that particular exercise of clearing student’s doubts would slow down his speed, which is totally unacceptable.


This teacher is the God of Partiality. I’d offer a name or something but then the Greeks possibly overlooked this certain quality innate to human being so I revert to my not-so-original title. The rather saddening factor to this equation is that the teacher would unequivocally and shamelessly make known his prized etudiants. The rest of us, not-so-prized students, are well, simply waiting for the day he gets run over by a bus, preferably a truck. Even a car would do.


The teacher who has actual humane feelings, and will give you an off period when you are all tired from playing under that beating sun. So kudos to that teacher. It is heart-warming to know that there are still good human beings in the form of teachers who love to give free periods now and then to their beloved students.

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