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The 12 Best Ways to Fight Adult Acne

Updated on November 21, 2012

Here are 12 ways to fight skin troubles

There is a common myth about acne and this would be the belief that only teenagers are prone to suffering from it. That is definitely not true as many adults suffer from acne as well. It would also be a myth to believe there are no effective treatments for adult acne. The truth is there are many ways you can make even the most troubling acne breakouts disappear. Here are 12 of those proven steps for treating adult acne effectively:

1. Prescription Antibiotic Pills. Germs and bacteria are often the root cause of acne breakouts. If you can destroy the bacteria then you will find the acne breakouts will diminish. Prescription antibiotics require an examination from a dermatologist before they can be recommended.

2. Prescription Antibiotic Topical Solutions. These topical solutions serve the same purpose as antibiotic pills. The main difference is they are rubbed into the surface of the skin and then slowly absorb through the pores. Often, these topical solutions are employed when the clogged pores are not buried deep down in the skin and are closer to the surface.

3. Wash your skin thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap that does not contain any ingredients known to clog pores. This is more of a preventive measure designed to avoid the development of further pimples as this soap will kill off many bacteria your skin comes in contact with. Standard soap is "okay" but if you have serious concerns about the presence of acne you will want to use a soap with anti-bacterial ingredients.

4. Cleaning up your diet can be a tremendous help when you are interested in reducing the presence of adult acne. While it is a myth that certain foods cause acne, it is not a myth that a diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats reduces the possibility for acne breakouts to occur.

5. Over the counter creams with benzoyl peroxide can dry out pimples and clean the skin's pores. Benzoyl peroxide products are among the most popular of all OTC acne treatments and for good reason - they work.

6. Pads which contain 2% salicylic acid would be the second most popular OTC treatment for acne and they too can clean out and unclog pores. There are also sprays which contain salicylic acid and they are perfect for addressing hard to reach areas such as the middle of the back or lower shoulders.

7. Shower immediately after working out. If you do not shower after working out, sweat remains on the surface of the skin. This leads to the pores clogging. It is also advised to remove and change a sweaty T-shirt immediately for the same reason.

8. Applying lemon juice to a pimple can help shrink it and reduce redness. While many home remedies for adult acne are wishful thinking at best, lemon juice has anti-inflammatory benefits which can helpfully decrease the presence of acne.

9. Corticosteroid injections or pills may be best for painful cystic acne. Adults are far more likely to developing huge and painful acne cysts than are teenagers. Among the best ways to treat these cysts would be to visit a dermatologist to have the injections performed to to acquire a prescription for the pill form.

10. Retin-A topical cream might prove to be a helpful means of getting rid of acne. Retin-A requires a prescription and it is a powerful Vitamin A based cream which may be able to rid the skin of the presence of acne for those who are struggling with trying to eliminate breakouts.

11. For women, a low dose of birth control pills can prove to be amazingly effective at treating adult acne. In particular, birth control pills can reduce the presence of cystic acne tremendously.

12. For extremely serious adult acne, the prescription drug Accutane may be an option. Fair warning needs to be advised here as there can be side effects from using this prescription and the potential for side effects increases if you do not follow along with all your doctor's orders when using it. Consult with your doctor thoroughly when considering this option.

Treating adult acne is not as problematic as many assume. You just need the right treatment methods to address the problem. The 12 ways to treat adult acne presented here should give you an idea of what may be required to clear up your skin.


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