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The 2nd Amendment: Your Right To Bear Arms and Why You Should Never Give It Up

Updated on November 25, 2016

Above is the word for word definition of the United States Constitutions 2nd Amendment. In light of the fact that some Americans do not understand what it means, I'm going to break it down. I am also going to show anyone who thinks we should give up this right due to fear from recent conveniently placed mass shootings why they need to get their heads examined.

Today I read an article from Reuters titled, "Gun type used in Sikh shootings used in other attacks." This title alone even before you get to the article is already an example of psychological warfare. The enemy of this particular war is...well its YOU.

Click on the link and read the article. Save it in a window because I will come back to it. For now let me give some of you reality TV, Facebook abusing, iPad addicted, sheeple a history lesson in something that may save you and your family's life. After all, if America turns back into a Tyranny like it was before, you won't be able to have any of your precious mind numbing idiotic distractions around to keep you from tuning out the not so fun important parts of life that you are missing. Then again now that I think about it, maybe a taste of Tyranny might be just what the doctor ordered to help some of you sick people who refuse to realize that our democracy is under attack.

The Revolution

The American Revolution (1775-83) is also known as the American Revolutionary War and the U.S. War of Independence. The conflict arose from growing tensions between residents of Great Britain's 13 North American colonies and the colonial government, which represented the British crown. Skirmishes between British troops and colonial militiamen in Lexington and Concord in April 1775 kicked off the armed conflict, and by the following summer, the rebels were waging a full-scale war for their independence. France entered the American Revolution on the side of the colonists in 1778, turning what had essentially been a civil war into an international conflict. After French assistance helped the Continental Army force the British surrender at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1779, the Americans had effectively won their independence, though fighting would not formally end until 1783. (

If you like living in the United States of America, if you like the freedoms (the ones left) that we have, then you should know that we got those freedoms because we fought back against The British Empire which wanted to continue ruling us under the British crown. In other words our ancestors didn't want a king or queen telling all of us what to do and when to do it.

After fighting for the right to make laws and let the people decide what they want, or ancestors formed a document called The Constitution which was made to ensure that our country would not run like a kingdom where one person rules supreme, but like a community that lives together and votes on what's right and what's wrong. In order for our country to be fair the makers of the constitution made sure to protect rights that would have been useful to them during their fight against their oppressors. One of the most important one of these is the 2nd Amendment or The Right To Bare Arms. This Amendment is in place to ensure that if our government over steps their boundaries and starts going against The Constitution, we have the necessary tools to help us protect our rights.

Remember no matter how sacred The Constitution is in America its still just a piece of paper. If our government stops respecting the contents of this document what use will it be. We will need to do the same thing our ancestors did to get our freedom in 1776. We will have to fight for it. And trust me; you do not want to bring a knife to a gun fight. What does that mean?

This Ain't No Movie People!

Pay attention to what the hell is going on right now. Your way of life, your family's way of life, and your survival depends on it.

Right now there is a Psychological War being conducted on the citizens of America. Most of you don't know about this because the war is psychological which means it deals with the brain, and well lets be honest...most Americans are idiots. When I say idiots I don't mean they can't read or write or hold an intelligent conversation. I mean that common sense is no longer common in The United States. Most of the people are half baked by way of the idiot boxes they keep their noses attached to. While some of you are worried about reality shows, celebrity divorces, iPads, video games, sports and going out to the club every weekend, this is what's been going on:


Here's the proof:

  1. Operation Fast and Furious. This isn't a movie. This is a government debacle that some are calling President Obama's Watergate. Here's the short version: between 2006 and 2011 The ATF by command of President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and a bunch of rich banker globalist, allowed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers in an attempt to later track the guns back to Mexican cartels. Not a surprise to me, but maybe to some of you; this didn't really work out too good. They ended up not being able to track down a lot of the guns, a U.S. Border Patrol Agent (Brian Terry) was shot and killed by one of the weapons, and as of 2011 none of the high ranking members of any of the Mexican Cartels has been arrested. So what does the Prez have to say about this? He claims that he has 'full confidence' in the operation, but then he blocked congress from checking out any of the files on it by evoking his executive privilege power or in other words the president said, "I don't have to show you shit." Okay first of all if you believe this cockamamie story you have to ignore the question of, "why the hell are we so worried about Mexican cartels anyway?" Mexican cartels run Mexico and any move short of sending military in there would be useless. They are killing people at will. Don't believe me go book a trip to Mexico and go chill in outside a 10 mile radius of your hotel room. If you ask me it looks like our government wanted those guns in the hands of people who were going to do bad things with them, but why?
  2. Jared Lee Loughner. This guy is accused of a shooting in Tucson, Arizona on January 8, 2011, that killed six people one of which was a U.S. District Court Judge. For all of the killing and maiming of this shooting the press mainly focused on the surviving U.S. Representative, Gabrielle Gifford who was shot in the head, but survived. As the weeks went by information about Loughner's state of mind came out. The media's verdict: He is a government hating sexist who believes in conspiracy theories about the United States government trying to gain total control of all Americans. Hmmm, after hearing that on the news over and over would you expect most people to be afraid of anyone talking bad about Big Brother? Now, believe it or not I don't think every bad thing that happens is a conspiracy, but after the recent shooting I went back and checked this guy out. Lo and behold I find 2 of the 3 main things that come up in all of these shootings; legally purchased 9mm semi-automatic handgun used in the shooting and psychotropic drugs being used by the shooters. In the case of Loughner prison doctors were actually forcibly medicating him with what they claim was anti-psychotic drugs. Appeal by Loughner's lawyers to stopped his forced medication was denied in Mrach 2012.
  3. James Holmes aka The Batman Killer. This quagmire is like the holy grail of conspiracy theories about gun control right now. This guy is accused of shooting up a theater during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises movie on July 20, 2012. There are so many red flags here I'm sure I'll most likely miss a few, but here I go anyway. Holmes was a student of Neuroscience who was enrolled in University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus on a $21,600 grant from the National Institutes of Health. Holmes is said to be very smart, in fact the grant he was receiving was only offered to a few people out of the entire country. All of a sudden he goes out and buys a bunch of guns, again semi-automatic hand guns, and shoots up a theater. His hair was died red and police claim he was calling himself the Joker. After shooting up all these people reports claim that Holmes calmly walks to his car and when police apprehend him he tells them to watch out for the bobby traps at his home? No shoot out with the cops? No extra kills from the explosives in his house? The Joker never went out like that. Here's what bothers me about this:
  • Why did he snap? All of a sudden a gifted student just loses his mind and starts killing people appearing not to be angry at anything, appearing to have no motive.
  • Where did he get the money to buy all of his weapons? The police found thousands of dollars worth of guns, explosives, and tactical gear. How could he afford this stuff? Did he have a good job? Money from his parents? Again semi-automatic pistols are involved.
  • How come neither the mainstream media or the police are respecting the claims of several eye witnesses that there were more than one shooter?
  • Why didn't the school 'See something, say something?'. He was seeing an ex-U.S. Army Psychiatrist who was also part of his schools Threat assessment Team. If professionals in the field of Psychology can not determine if someone like this is a problem who the hell can?! What the fuck was her 'assessment' of him since he is assumed to be so mentally ill? Was she prescribing him drugs. This brings me to the final question.
  • If this is a cut and dry case of a crazy kid who snapped and killed people because he saw too many movies or read too many comic books, how come Holme's lawyers are not being allowed to see his mental health records and why did the judge order the removal of all video and photos from the court room after his first appearance? His lawyers said they need to know what's wrong with him in order to plan for his defense. Is the judge trying to ensure that the media does not sway this case or is there something that might help his defense being kept away from the public on purpose? With all this talk of banning guns I think this would be the perfect time for the whole world to see what really went on here.

4. Wade Michael Page aka The Sikh Temple Shooter. This guy is accused of murdering members of a Sikh congregation in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Okay, once again semi-automatic hand guns used again to make you scared of the word. Again reports of multiple shooters. Again a U.S. military connection, but this one is huge. Page was an ex PSYOPS agent, which means he specialized in psychological warfare or war on your mind. This type of strategy is said to be used by the U.S. government to influence our will on other countries, the problem is Wade Michael Page NEVER DID ONE TOUR OVERSEAS IN YEARS OF SERVICE. It's hard enough to believe someone in the military not doing at least 3 months over seas for 6 years, but add in the fact that "Travel to overseas locations in peace, crisis and conflict to assist U.S. and foreign governments, militaries and civilian populations" is listed under the job duties section of his position on the website, it boggles my mind.



Remember the how I just went down a chronological list of events that led us to where we are now in the gun ban hysteria? Remember #1 on my list Operation Fast and Furious? Well...CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND READ A 2009 ABC NEWS ARTICLE ABOUT OBAMA, ERIC HOLDER, AND GUN CONTROL, TITLED...

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Now if that didn't just connect the dots for you I'm sorry to say you are an idiot. Please leave right now. Common sense is not your strong suit. Guess we now know why they were so interested in Mexican Cartels.

Now I am not saying that you shouldn't have any fun. After all no work and no play makes...well most of you have seen The Shining. What I'm saying that there's a time and place for everything, and right now is not the time for play. You Know who is trying to do you know what so that we end up you know where. They are trying to scare you into believing that having the right to bare arms is going to lead to more mass shootings. And they probably will, because they will make sure they do. You ever wonder why all of these shootings happen outside of big cities like New York and Chicago? I'll tell you why. It's because we already have strict gun laws.

The result: We have more gun related deaths and they're all committed by criminals using illegally purchased firearms. Hell I can tell you stories about cops in Brooklyn who were run out of the projects after being shot at by the local thugs. Look this is the facts; If you go to a state that has stricter gun laws the cops are assholes and try to most times successfully infringe upon your civil rights. If you live in a state where most people are allowed to walk around with a full carry unconcealed license the cops are MUCH MUCH nicer and more civil. Trust me I have lived in both.

The moral of this story is this; instead of letting people with an agenda trick you into giving up your last line of defense you should be fighting to actually equal the playing field. In other words, if they have guns we should be allowed to not only have them too, but also be allowed to have the same ones they do. Anything less would be like leaving your baby outside in the dead of winter with no clothes on to protect them from the freezing cold temperatures. Below are some things that kill more people than LEGALLY OWNED guns in America every year. If you know of anymore please post in the comment section. Thank you. God bless you, and God bless The United States of America.

List of Things That Kill More People Than Guns Each Year:

  • car crashes
  • doctors
  • bee stings
  • smoking
  • cancer
  • stroke
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • diabetes
  • Influenza
  • alcohol


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    • profile image

      gangbusters 4 years ago

      We need more attention on our rights too cary a firearm,, every time i see some news its always about the bad that a gun did but never what it did good to save a life or another life..

    • Neuendorffspeaks profile image

      Neuendorffspeaks 4 years ago from Old West End Toledo, Ohio

      Completely unimpressed with the "logic" or examples cited. It appears you are a shill for the NRA.

    • profile image

      KaosSh3ph3rd 4 years ago

      You really hit the nail on the head on this one. We all really should be more aware what is going on around us and how it applies directly to our constitution. There are manly like minded people here: that share a lot of the same view points.

    • profile image

      malaki 5 years ago

      in computor shes making us do a research on the "right to bare arms"

    • tHErEDpILL profile image

      Alem Belton 5 years ago from New York

      Glad to hear it Dustin. Good luck on that paper.

    • profile image

      dustin 5 years ago

      brought a lot to my attention i am doing a research paper on gun control

    • profile image

      Janice 5 years ago

      Shouldn't it be the right to "bear" arms as opposed to "bare" arms? Are people being forced to wear long-sleeved shirts in the US?

    • profile image

      Joseph 5 years ago

      I amwrighting a research report and need imfomation like this. thanks a lot

    • tHErEDpILL profile image

      Alem Belton 5 years ago from New York

      This is the problem. People like Anonymous here who is clearly unaware of why we have amendments and exactly what number 2 on that list means.

      Let me explain....

      We have the right to bare arms in the event that the Government wants to act as a MONARCHY instead of the DEMOCRACY that this country was built upon. If you do not understand what that means please stop reading right now and continue to eat paint chips and wash them down with the fluoride induced water that runs through our pipelines.

      The people who want our guns also want people like you to get scared whenever they enact violence against us OR some crazy kid goes nuts and flips out because or society has lost the ability to communicate with each other (we are too busy on Facebook, etc.). Then after we all get scared and hand in our guns, what happens next? Let me tell you what happens next....we have no way to defend ourselves against the NAZIS. Let that simmer for a second my friend.

      Now I am not saying that there should not be tougher restrictions on guns. Not every person in the world should be allowed to have guns, but that does not mean we hand them all in. That's all I am against, handing over our last line of defense. If laws can be set that do not result in that illegal act then I will most likely be for it.

      As for the idiot comment, you clearly displayed your competence level with YOUR comment and Mr. Happy effectively brought your incompetence to light.


    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Wishing harm onto others will backfire too, Mr. Anonymous. I just feel that You should know that: negative thoughts consume their Source. Pay close attention to your intent and well-being. If intent is malicious, well-being deteriorates, if intent is pure and benevolent, well-being improves.

      All the best!

    • profile image

      Annoymous 5 years ago

      The author of that article is a complete idiot,i do hope that the fate that befall all the families that lost someone in all the mass shootings befall him1

    • profile image

      George 5 years ago

      You should never give up anything that you have earn .

      1775 they gave you 27th ammendmends do not give them up its the only thing that keeps this buttiful America together .

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Lots of people are waking-up, all over the world. The numbers are increasing exponentially. This is just the beginning. : )

      "Nos rues"/"Our Streets" (from France):

      "Curaj"/"Courage" (from my maternal home of Romania):

      On top of which, this weekend is the one year anniversary of the Occupy Movement. Some of us will be back on the streets this Fall again. : )

      "Together United We'll Never Be Defeated!"

      Thank You for the support.


    • tHErEDpILL profile image

      Alem Belton 5 years ago from New York

      Mr. Happy with another insightful reply and music suggestion. I am impressed. It seems like more and more people are waking up everyday. I wonder if it's happening fast enough though?

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      "After all no work and no play makes...well most of you have seen The Shining." Haha!! Nice one.

      Fun read. And yes, hold on to your guns (responsibly). They may be needed. Or at least the knowledge that people have them, may be needed.

      You might enjoy this track by Diabolic: The Truth, Part 1:


    • tHErEDpILL profile image

      Alem Belton 5 years ago from New York

      I'm glad you learned something here Justin. Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep searching and inform your friends and family about what you do learn.

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      This really taught me a lot, everything you said I agree with

    • tHErEDpILL profile image

      Alem Belton 5 years ago from New York

      Please excuse any errors I will try to be back to proofread soon. Yea yea I know, but I'm busy. The war is on for control of your mind and there is no time to waste. Too much information coming in too fast and I don't have the resources to keep up. Thank you for reading. Corrections, debates, opinions are all welcome here and I do not delete comments not even if you call me every name in the book. This is a free speech comment section :)