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Sampling Students around the world

Updated on May 9, 2016

If you have attended school, then you might have had experienced the following types of students. But the fact is, it is true not only for your school, but all over the world. This post, 'Sampling Students' is universally applicable.

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1. The Dark Horse:

This is the student who says that he has flunked his paper and still manages to do extremely well, if not top, the paper. Now that is incredibly infuriating, I know. He is usually ignored for a period or more, perhaps even for the entire day, and then we all forget about it and become friends again.

2. The Overly Sincere Idiot:

I think you know who this is. Yes, this is the student who always prepares his lessons, does his homework, actually has a separate copy for each subject and also gets his assignments in regularly. There is perpetual and universal hate for this person.

3. The Overly Hyper-active Enthusiast:

This student usually has a voice which gets on your skin. Literally. You and most of your classmates find his enthusiasm really, really annoying, and all you want to do is to hold him by his neck and bash him till all his pulp has drained out.

4. The Hard-worker who bears no Fruits:

I think most of us pity this student. This student, pretty much like number (2) does his work sincerely, but unfortunately bears no results. For instance, he would study hard for the test (burning the midnight oil), only to get less than average grades. That’s depressing.

5. The Beauty Queen:

It is universal for all classes to have their own beauty queen. This student is generally regarded as pretty, and would always come to school with just the right amount of foundation, eyeliner and abnormally pink lips whilst smelling something reminiscent of jasmine and oranges. There is also a good chance that you will find plenty of makeup supplies in her bag.

6. The Sycophant:

This is the type of student who sucks up to the teacher. However, they are not simply confined to fawning over the teacher, but also extends to students who may, somehow or the other, be of use to them. These students are mildly annoying, but ‘tolerable’.

7. The Voiceless Wimp:

No matter what you do-be it throwing ketchup on his shirt or tearing his notebooks apart or simply teasing him-this voiceless wimp would forever be a voiceless wimp. You can be sure that this guy here will never approach the teacher or even the school authorities. Most of the time, people just pity the kid.

8. The Faux Model:

This girl is considered as the most beautiful girl in the whole class. And 90% of the time, she would be super skinny with a waist size of 26. Pretty much the envy of all the girls and the centre of attraction around all guys, this student is usually supercilious and self absorbed. She can also be recognized by her gait. She’s got that strut which should make her look like Heidi Klum but unfortunately makes her look like one of those penguins from Happy Feet.

9. The Cry-Baby:

The signs tell that this student is probably going to commit suicide by the time he/she finishes college. From not being able to score the highest mark to missing lunch break, this student will always be knee-deep in water-a subsequent result of unfailingly crying every time something does not work out. Many people are wary of this student.

10. The Future Politician:

Most schools have this student who keeps going about how he wants to become a politician and change the world. Well, these students come and go, but we are not really bothered. Seldom, do they end up in politics.

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