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The 5 people you will see at your school Graduation:

Updated on March 24, 2016
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If you've gone to school, and seen yourself through graduation, then I congratulate you. But I wonder if you've noticed that certain types of people were present in your graduation.

Here's a post, 'The 5 People you will see in your graduation' which may make you nostalgic.

1. The Unsightly made-up Girl

There has to be this one girl in every graduation. She would be dressed in the most garish colours, smeared with make-up with an atrocious top-knot, and man, carry it with the confidence as if she were Gisele Bundchen on the ramp. She would be one attracting all attention, not the one who is the prettiest and that, my friend, is a fact. So if you haven’t graduated yet and you want to make sure that everyone’s eyes are on you the whole time, go for it. Be that Unsightly made-up Girl.

2. The Bright Boy

Pun unintended. I don’t mean clever, or smart, not even by the slightest. The Bright boy is the boy who would wear something which vaguely resembles a yellow or orange toffee. He would also usually have some amazing (read: not) hair highlights. In short, he is the male aspect to no (1).

3. The faux Photographers

I use faux because they are semi, and not fully, professional photographers. There’s a good chance that they are racked off from the junior classes, given a bland I-D card which reads Photographer in cheesy yellow and of course, they will have a DLSR around the neck. Everyone wants to draw the attention of the faux photographers, because faux or not, they will ultimately decide whose pics will feature in the school magazine. So to all the faux photographers out there - you need to know that the attention that you had received on the day of the graduation was all because of the DSLR that your mom/dad bought for you.

4. The Couple

There will be at least one couple on the day of graduation who will be crying their eyes out, all thanks to the inevitable separation from each other. They would usually stray from the crowd, holding hands and weeping into each other’s shoulders. Awwwww.....(read: not)

5. The Lone Wolf

The guy is not a bad person, but he basically does not crave much association with people. You can see him dancing his feet off (if there’s a phrase as such) right in the middle of the dance floor, like a madman, all alone. You would think he should probably go to some audition for Can you Dance? or something similar.

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