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The- Aegean – Minoan & Mycenaean

Updated on May 6, 2014

Two of the pictures I chose are of Bulls. The bull was a main object of reverence; “bulls symbolize fighting ability & male fertility while the symbol of the bull stands for valor and magnanimity”. In neighboring Egypt the Bull was the symbol of Royalty, and was associated with the sun, fire, resurrection, earth, and water, and night, death of winter & return of spring; which appears to have made it over into the Minoan beliefs which are reflected in their art. Also, in Minoan art, the men jumping over them shows superiority. In reference to color, black ones are associated with death.

The first head shown is an ornamental carved bulls head with gilded horns. You can still see some of the details that were put into the head. Second one is the “Bull’s Head of Rython”. It was carved out of Steatite, has gilded horns, eyes of red jasper, white shell or marble for the line around the nose. This head was found at Knossos & was made during the Neopalatial period, 30.5 cm (12”) high. Preservation is unbelievable and the details that were put into this are astounding.

The Mycenaean artifacts I chose had to do with their burial routines. Mycenaean was the last phase in ancient Greece from 1600-1100 BC. They were often buried with weapons and some buried in a sitting position depending on the source. Early graves were individual and pottery and jewelry occasionally included. Graves were made of stone tiered cists or pits. They were used along with elaborate family graves. Shaft graves represent a group of elite or royal burials. Grave circle B was an earlier one – has lavish offerings in the graves such as weapons, jewelry, and pottery, gold and silver. Circle A had fewer items.

Minoa = Atlantis?

I feel it’s entirely possible that Atlantis could be the Minoa culture, the similarities are endless when you sit and consider them. A few to consider by Plato:

Atlantis has black, red and white as the city colors, same as Minoa. Also a similar décor; the writings, paintings etc. have these three colors in repetition throughout them as well.

Evidence the people of Atlantis also worshipped the Bull as their main idol, had hot and cold water, a septic system, advanced astronomical skills, transportation of goods, and ways of building huge monuments. There is also Plato’s belief – of which I agree with – of an Egyptian connection; since Minoa had a trade connection he believed Atlantis had the same. There are way too many connections for there to not believe that Minoa and Atlantis could not be the one and same.

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Atlantis - The Lost World

© 2014 Jennifer B


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