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The Age of Children to Start School is Becoming Younger and Younger

Updated on August 20, 2015

The Education Trend in the Philippines is Also Changing

As time flies fast, so does the education trend around the world. In the Philippines, education has changed too. From the traditional learning, the education trend has modernized. Homeschooling is already available. Online education too is getting popular and the age of children starting school has also changed.

The education in the Philippines has made drastic changes recently. The traditional education in the Philippines allows children to go to school only when they are already six years old. This is because of the belief that children can learn more effectively with the right age to start school. When times changed and Filipinos have learned about pre-school education, many parents allowed their kids to start going to school at the very young age of four or five.

A group of pre-school children.
A group of pre-school children. | Source

One Year Old Children are Now in School

Today, children as young as one-year-old can now attend school with their nursemaid. This is good because the younger the child the better the child will be exposed to a healthier environment. Studies show that children who are exposed earlier to a learning environment are more likely to become more talented than those who are exposed to a learning environment at a later age.

Of course, this is a case to case basis but I am talking about most children that I have worked with in the past thirty-one years.


More and More Pre-schools are Sprouting in the Philippines

Pre-schools have sprouted like mushrooms in all corners of the cities in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila where most parents are working. Preschools have become the safe hubs for young children in the absence of the parents to take care of their basic training. Instead of the kids playing at home, the kids are sent to preschools where they can integrate playing with learning.

Today, more preschools have sprouted in Metro Manila even in public schools in order to accommodate the countless young kids who are very eager to start their early education. Surprisingly, the age of kids to start school is becoming younger and younger. Some parents are already sending their kids to school at the age of two.


Fulfillment of Being a Teacher

In the preschool where I teach, there are two year old kids who have enrolled. This was the first time we had accepted a few two-year old kids. In the past, the youngest enrollee is at least three years old. Our school directress has given instructions to parents that the kids must be toilet-trained first before they can be accepted in school. This was the first time in years that we handled a handful of two-year old kids. It is a very tedious job but the fulfillment of being a teacher is realized when I sit down and replay what we have done together with the very young kids.

Last summer, we had two enrolled kids who were more than one year old only. Their nursemaid was with them. It surprises me to see kids so young but very responsible inside the classroom. They can follow instructions and they can work on simple activity sheets.


Being With Very Young Kids is Tough But Fun

I guess what makes a big difference in the way kids behave in the past and in this modern time is the exposure of the little children to different products brought about by the new technology and their vast exposure. One cannot wonder anymore if a two year old child knows how to operate a cell phone.

Very young children are fun to be with. They could be the hardest to handle but it gives the feeling of fulfillment to the teacher.

It is not the alphabet and numbers that the kids learn every day that matters in a class of very young kids but it is the bond that is developed daily as the kids slowly adjust to the learning environment. To be honest, the first day with the two-year old kids felt like a grapple with a tornado. Craashhh!!! A toy flew into the air and landed straight in the window pane. EEEEEkkkk!!! That was the shout of a girl who wanted a toy from another girl. Mooorrreee! One of the kids shouted because he wanted more cars on his table.

With 3 teachers in a room and only 6 2-year old kids to take care, the two hours sessions felt like a bout in the boxing ring. There were days when the kids are well-behaved but some days, it could be real tough. There was one time when one of the kids went up the table. We allowed him to stand up the table and sing in order to avoid any tantrums. The next time we knew it, two more kids joined him until all of them wanted to go up the table. In a situation like this, the teachers need to do something to stop them. Each teacher has her own way of disciplining the kids. In our case, we stopped singing and then we let all the kids go down from the table then allowed them to sing and dance on the floor.

When you see that the kids begin to become unruly, give them another activity to do to make them busy. Young kids want action. They always want to be on the go so they need more activities.

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