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The Algorithm of Chaos - Fractals of Mathematics and Sciences

Updated on October 5, 2014

Entropy = disorder in a closed system & Enthalphy = order in it

By Shockerz bugs
By Shockerz bugs | Source

What is this Math?

The algorithm of Chaos is a hub that deals with the dimensions of time and space, mathematics, sciences, fractals, and much more.

This hub is something that stems from years of research into the depths of the universal self, and looking outwards towards the cleverly expanding universe itself. It's also an extension of learning all about scientific theories , but will attempt to explain such subjects as mathematics, physics, chemistry , and engineering as they are; without to much high tech terminology, use of formula, or any medical terms such as in study of human anatomy or physiology.

Math itself branches out into many subjects of the technical nature, and every technical subject depends somewhat on maths usage, the implications of not fully understanding such a use, and basic foundation can and will cause great loss in any real world situation, such as when a machine breaks down, or a chemical goes wrong, thus doing more harm then good in the human body or to the human body. So the disorder is huge here, and the dependency on such a process is non negotiable, when it comes to the importance of learning the foundations of such a subject.

Some people just take it to another level entirely "Mathemagician"

Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Modern physics started with the works of Einstein both in relativity and quantum physics ref:Wikipedia
Albert Einstein (1879-1955), Modern physics started with the works of Einstein both in relativity and quantum physics ref:Wikipedia | Source

So where's the Chaos at here?

The chaos in physics all begins when engineers & scientist need to produce physical results using the creative processes of logical deductive reasoning, mathematical equations, and the full application of the scientific method. It all ends in its overall knowledge and full embrace of such math subjects as calculus, science subjects as chemistry, and physics, which all are used in differing ways to derive many formula's to support any full implications into real world application.

The intuitive display of such a mantra by us humans is shown in how the millions of engineers worldwide are all grouping their brain powers together using technology, computing, and differing methodologies to keep this massive machine known as the global economy moving, and through the various engineering career types we all know of.

So any slight human errors in their understanding or application can spell sudden doom and could potentially cause wide scale fatalities, but in cases where they're creating weapons systems. It may also spell victory in case of a nuclear war being imminent like in world war II, as what happened with Albert Einstein with his influence on the development of the atomic bomb (The Manhattan Project).

Learning from Physics

Physics is one of those subjects that definitely falls under the lines of the chaos mantra, and is going to be one of my most important subjects to target. Anywhere from mass, velocity, displacement, angular momentum, gravity, and the list goes on and on, which terms all help many students of physics to get a grip on such a subject.

One thing though is that these aren't just terms; they are also physical parameters , characteristics , and units of measure, that actually play a major role in explaining differing physical phenomena that truly exist in our every day reality, but all began out of pure calculative theory.

One Important role In Engineering

Static equilibrium is the study of things remaining motionless , or objects rigidly locked into a place at rest (The sum of the forces in all directions equivalent to zero), and the importance is huge in the industries of structural design. As chaotic of a world that we live in, this is a necessary subject, because we all live and thrive off of the infrastructure of buildings, houses, roadways, tunnels , waste treatment plants, sewer systems, transportation systems and ultimately entire cities which all depend on being built statically sound.

Live loads must move across many structures and with sever forces that may cause rupture, surface tension cracks, or structural integrity issues in any design. This is why let's say a civil engineer for instance, must know his formula's of many sciences & mathematics right down to the bear teeth, or else it can spell human error and potential disaster.

In many cases entire bridges, houses and buildings have collapsed due to faulty human engineering and design, and it took a great deal of trial and error to derive at today's form of sophistication, and accurate formats of precision design specifications to prevent from such mishaps.

Flash Einstein Poll Take a Shot at it!

Did you like Physics in highschool or college "Einstein Did"

See results

Strong Winds + Faulty Design + Uncertainty = Down bridge

By lednichenkoolga
By lednichenkoolga | Source

The Chaos is vast in Chemistry

By observation alone it become apparent to us all that we are seeing a mere glimpse into the true chaotic world of chemistry, and it is quite amazing to be seeing it from the outside looking in.

This also leaves us all at what appears to be a relativistic vantage point at times, but on a quantum scale we lose sight of it all and our so-called higher perspective falls short. Now with respect to the much smaller things that exist in time and space, that us humans tend try & examine, our watch glasses cannot go beyond that point of no return.

Learning Chemistry

From chemical formulas to elemental sciences chemistry has its strong hold on a scientific mind. It stretches across the full length and bandwidth of the imagination, deep into the corridors of the microscopic to that of the macroscopic.

Looking beneath the topical surface of things, the microscope reveals a whole new world that burst into action upon initial look by the passive or active observer. An entirely new world unfolds opening the opportunity, and new adventurous moments for interplay, and this is where the true chambers of secrets quickly emerges onto the scene from order to further disorder.

Chaos on the other hand holds its firm grips and unwavering force field of a sort of gravitational hold on things chemically, and dealing with solvent and solutions, material and non-material. This type of unique field strength that chemical's truly have on everything, is directly aimed at the epicenter of our human nature & curiosity to manipulate our surroundings both that of the outer and inner when experiments are performed for specified results. Scientist all capitalize on learning to play around with this powerful yielding force on a more non-visible continuity, rather then a physical one, and molecular biologist benefit even more.

The all observant eyes decide to stake claim to its ownership, that of free play with a vast world of infinite possibilities, that only God himself could of conjured up. Hence the beaker became a new carriage of sorts, rather then a container. The eye droplets from and the eye dropper, became solution maker, but can bring at times catastrophic failure to this new found miniature environment. This effectively happens when some experiments go haywire, if the right mixtures and proportionality of percentages of a specific set of elements, isn't properly weighed out on the scale for measures, or if the scale isn't calibrated properly.

A molecule or molecular substance, isn't visible by that of the naked eye, nor by the ultra high magnification of the electron microscope. Now as for the naturally occurring elements such as the hydrogen, or helium atoms; even if they were found floating in their excited states may not be stable enough to examine using this sort of instrument & forget the bunsen burner, or trying to hunt down that of its excited electrons anxiously racing to skip orbitals (Atomic orbital).

Cool video for those who like playing with the "Bunsen Burner"

Advanced Trigonometry Anyone?

By Silenceofnight
By Silenceofnight | Source

Learning Math

Mathematics is expressed by the most brilliant of minds, even if many human beings seem to have difficulty with such an easy subject. Its pure symbols that were torn directly from nature itself and expressed in such a way to intrinsically show to the observer a pathway from uncertainty to a reasonable suggestive solution.

Hence for a logical quantitative problem of sorts to be asked, suggested, pondered upon, and ultimately solved, and which has been inscribed onto the pages of papyrus, of walls, of manuscripts, of paper, and now onto the computer screens derived across the pages of history and man made time.

Math holds the keys to unlock the imagination 10 fold, into the technological kingdom, and the world of ideas, which Plato himself dream-pt up from years of studying Socrates and many other great scientific, mathematical, and mostly philosophical minds. Now without chaos though, the possibility to come up with a single mathematical theory would be voided, zilch, and completely nullified.

Ironically the very first first number on the number line begins with zero, and has no real end to it, which has been determined by scholars to be defined as infinity. An infinite number has no end or no beginning, and this is where the whole concept of chaotic order or disorder instantly takes a trip down its disorderly lane of sorts in mathematics.

By kodomut
By kodomut | Source

How does this compute?

Today humans depend on these machines for almost everything and it has changed the course of human history, and redefines us all, in how we choose to move ourselves pretty much whether we ride a vehicle, sit behind one all day in a chair typing away, or get attacked by infrared surface to air missile.

Computers surely have taken over, and soon the age of robots will stand to replace us humans and all of our functional roles as workers in this social pressure cooker of sorts. Let's hope they don't wage war against us as in the movie Terminator, because there would be a world of hell to pay, another cool movie showing this potential reality was The Matrix.

Computers are programed to do many things, to simulate many forms of life, and to output massive volumes of pertinent information, that each viewer may be in need of, for all assortments of tasks to complete, to utilize, and to be placed into differing functions.

Learning Computers

All of these cool sciences, and high tech fields must converge somewhere, and such a point of reference has been placed into that of a smart box. A digital master of sorts, that has been designed and crafted by them all, and in such a way that it can project onto that of anything material to inscribe its permanent mark on all of humanity.

Computers are the total amalgam and verifiable outcome of an anomaly, something that is very different from nature itself, it defies time, it defies placement, and that of position. These machines input data, and output statistics, number crunching masters, life changers, dream makers, and nightmares for those unfortunate people in the world who have yet to catch up.

Computers Rule on Humanity

There has truly been a shift in the balance of powers on this earth, and definitely the moment that first personal computer arrived onto the scenes. It was a defining moment in time, and when that orderly moment of inertia, which tends to take precedence when most masses move at a normal pace and are suddenly jolted, this sudden shift began to make more quicker and suggestive forceful moves with mechanical hands, arms, fingers, and wheels of machines, with microprocessors being the CPU's brain and control center..

The age old heavy weighted champion of the technical world and emperor the denominating calculator, finally lost its battle over the earth realms and its global dominions. Who was instantaneously crowned victor and ruler of it all was the "computer programmers" prior to the reign of terror by way of mobile device, the internet or the all illusive web designers of years past till today.

The Matrix 1999 film, earned $463,517,383 at the box office
The Matrix 1999 film, earned $463,517,383 at the box office | Source

This is how Algorithms began

Flow chart of an algorithm (Euclid's algorithm)
Flow chart of an algorithm (Euclid's algorithm) | Source

So where does the Algorithm come into the equation?

Here's where the algorithm comes in, oh yes that cool terminology that is part of this articles very title. Algorithm's are very old, and have been contrived by the ancient great minds of mathematics, sciences, and even by some of the greatest philosophers themselves.

Human being have ultimately crafted an artificial world that requires in depth knowledge of these differing fields to sort out problems, it takes a knowledge of matrices to begin understanding calculus, and a single matrix to outgrow into a much more logical understanding of how per-say and engineer or architect comes to their more strategic or logical conclusions.

Computer engineers use algorithms to conjure up number crunching logical programs that will perform a specific function within a grouping of computerized systems, and these programs dive deep into the root of a particular set system to provide feedback, whether the info is relevant or not, that is besides the point.

This is the way things work inside the mass confusion and utterly disorderly world of computers (Using computer logic's, micro processors, micro chips, computer bus-lines, and/or gates, binary numbers, etc.....), and each computer engineer fully comprehends what it is they are to get out of creating such an complex algorithm based program, as to derive at some supposed outcome that they desire. In other words they may simply be out to see a computer screen suggest an image to display if certain parameters have been met by a specific order of input request's by one of us, the human test specimens.

Now at times since us humans are so imperfect, these algorithms we've depended on even without knowing for most of us tend to fail in their overall computational design. Hence bring rise to entire computer systems collapsing or networks crashing as an end result of a sort of glitch. This also occurs by purpose and from malicious intruders who aim to stage an attack against a vital point in any computer system, also know as a computer virus, trojan, worm, or root-kit, this is definitively where the chaos is in terms of computing and algorithms.

This Poll satifies the use of the single fractal image inserted below

What do you know about Fractals?

See results

A very interesting image suggestive of a Fractal from Wikipedia

Romanesco broccoli, showing self-similar form approximating a natural fractal
Romanesco broccoli, showing self-similar form approximating a natural fractal | Source


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      @dwachira, thanks bro for reading my chaos hub here and for sharing as well as voting.

      Yeah I had a bit of trouble with a few engineering courses myself, its definitely a challenge to learn many of these super technical courses in college, and topics for sure.

    • dwachira profile image

      [ Danson Wachira ] 

      6 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      I find most of my students like computer related topics like programming and data communication but they kind of shy away from mathematics. I try to convince them that we could not have had computers if mathematics were not there.

      I enjoyed reading this article especially about molecular substance, that is one unit in Semi-Conductor theory course that give me a hell of time in school but am glad i made it and now the memories is all what i have and the skills gained. Thanks. Voted up,useful and shared.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks @D Shannahan, for the cool visit, I love chaos and explaining it all in this way.

    • D Shannahan profile image

      D Shannahan 

      6 years ago from Everywhere Man!

      wow. great quality hub.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      I love fractals they always seem to keep going and going and going, aren't they endless, and fun to play with. Thanks Flashmakeit.

    • flashmakeit profile image


      6 years ago from usa

      I would like to learn how to make fractal art with actionscript in adobe flash.


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