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The Amazing Capabilities Of The Human Brain

Updated on June 11, 2014

The Amazing Brain!

Works much better than it looks.
Works much better than it looks.

What Should Be Common Knowledge

There are some things that everyone should know, and this is one of them. The potential of the human brain is widely misunderstood, strike, grossly underestimated, by most people.

The brain has plasticity. No, it's not made of plastic. Each one has the capacity for continuous alteration of neural pathways, synapses and the nervous system in response to experience or injury.

What this means is, a healthy human being is not stuck in a situation where he "naturally" cannot do something. Anyone can (and unknowingly we all do) alter his own brain in order to accomplish something that he thought he could never in his wildest dreams have achieved.

Whilst this discovery is epic and really empowers the phrase 'you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it' the downside is that knowing everyone can do almost anything that anyone else can do (of course, through painstaking repetition) really diminishes those 'unique feats' and 'superhumans' that exist today.

The Proof - Brainlessness

For all of you out there who believe that the brain is made with all of the different parts relating to different skills already designated, you're in for a shock.

A quick internet search with the words "woman with half a brain" or "man with half a brain" could perhaps enlighten you to the many cases of people being born with only half a brain. Either due to infantile strokes or genetic default, only one side of the brain is formed. What happens next is an incredible example of the human brain's ability to adapt. The brain re-wires itself so that the part of the brain that isn't present is compensated for by the part that is.

The result? A fully functional brain. No, really. These people go through schools, universities and get professional jobs. Perhaps unknown to their colleagues, they have only half the brains and still do the same job!

The Proof - Super Pensioners

In the book, "The Brain That Heals Itself" we are told of a man who became a doctor at age 82 and then worked as one for a remarkable eight years! This man had been doing brain exercises (in the form of computer games) designed to preserve his brain's capabilities and re-adapt to similar situations to the point that he had lost no skill (except for, bizarrely, his handwriting - though this is likely due to muscular degeneration) by the time he was 80 from when he was 20 years old! Although you might not want a 90 year old doctor who started his training at 82, it is certainly inspiring that an otherwise ordinary man is able to maintain his abilities through repetitive and cognitively demanding computer games!

A quick search of "Super Pensioners" will also enlighten you to the numerous other cases of old age super heroism.

An example of a super-pensioner

The Proof - Suggestions?

I am aware that there are thousands of incredible stories to do with the plasticity of the mind, but if you know of any that stand out, please do comment below so that I may add it in. I will be searching for other great examples and adding in regularly. Thanks

Although there are savants, I would like to leave them to another hub and focus mainly on normal people who achieved great things via putting in effort, rather than people with particular disorders that lead them to 'super human' (used very loosely) abilities.


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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.


      But what do you mean by androids?

      Lol ..I laugh because , it's all in a correct scope- People for purpose rather than purpose for people , and a very enlightening one at that, because this reasoning covers androids and what their purpose usually is , that is preform specific functions , like one unified and harmonious collective, Like those cyborgs in the star trek fiction.

      Well we are not far off from them the mechanical/computerized functioning human clones.

      Thah's why is said lol on hearing people for purpose. Why not manufacture those who don't answer back?

      Stay deep , for you have already trained the brain to do so.

      Yes I know the brain redirects itself when piece or a side is missing . Life is truly amazing , but even more so for you when you find your calling and I trust that you have ,judging from your clearly visible abilities.


      Till we write again , I will be reading.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      Thank you very much Sky and I agree with what you say. But what do you mean by androids? People for a purpose rather than purpose for a people? And It only seems necessary that people speak when they feel they can contribute, or speak when they feel they can benefit from the reply.

      Indeed your human side is present from the start, I try to defer away from showing this at times, when dealing with knowledge I don't fear my subconscious can bias my thoughts and decisions.

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Blessings and Thank you very much Plilanthropy.

      This is truly what I expected, simply because I know that you know there are simple everyday words that can create such a ruckus , but only if we allow them to, when we are the ones in charge. Finding the perfect context for each word is almost impossible, no need for lawyers.

      You did answer with great poise and professionalism.

      That what creates the ruckus most times to begin with. I am grateful to the array of knowledge that's freely in abundance out here . But one is only as knowledgeable as the profound proof he has available.

      It's a beautiful thing to answer when you can. knowledgeably! This you did.

      when you are taking someone, someplace , you must at least have an idea of where you yourself is going.

      I am a big fan of "Stephen Hawkins" but only his genius in his field of work.

      Presently the direction that I see human kind is visibly heading , is without a doubt in the direction of where people will be used as androids until the actual android is formulated.

      This to me will be the way people will be used, it's already being done in many areas. They are actually being used, the same way that a Savant function.

      In specified fields, where everything else to be done computers. They are savants to the computers.

      I love the field of all knowledge and science , but I don't like it.

      Your answer have given me a treasure trove of truth as to your human side , I do hope mine have done similar.

      You are a wise man, or you seek wisdom I am sure.

      Give Thanks and praises. I shall read more.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      Thank you Sky,

      Thank you for your kind comments and for pointing out that "savants" is used ambiguously. What I meant by that term is people who have "savant syndrome" or "savantism". People who are born or acquire this 'condition' are said to exhibit exceptional skills in some areas at the expense of seeing limitations in others (usually social). Saying this however, there have been people who have showed no limitations who have also been branded 'savant' status (I don't get it either).

      In this hub, I wanted to stress the fact that normal people who do not show exceptional skills (due to genetics, unexplained reasons etc) can also acquire what is deemed to be exceptional just through applying the brain to the task. By normal of course, I mean no higher in ability than the average human being at doing a task, and exceptional being much higher (I don't know how much higher you need to be to reach 'exceptional") performance at doing a task than the average.

      As for savants being freaks of nature, I think Freak is a very harsh word to use, but they are not in the sense "normal" as everyone else because of their abilities to excel at some things past the average of our populace, and the reverse is true of course as well.

      So in short, I believe that savants are not normal people because they are not average people. Though I do not like the connotations of "not normal" because it sounds pejorative, they are nevertheless differing from the normal, otherwise they would not have a name separate from just "people".

      Though I say this carefully, much like in a way a person with glasses is not a normal person (he is a person with glasses) now, maybe in the future (as trends suggest), it will be normal for a human being to have glasses if the balance will so tilt so that there are more people with glasses than without.

      Sorry for babbling on, have a good evening!


    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 5 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Blessings brethren.

      I would like to leave them to another hub and focus mainly on normal people who achieved great things via putting in effort, rather than people with particular disorders that lead them to 'super human' (used very loosely) abilities.

      "Great article"

      Because I believe all of it, as I know it exists.

      My only question and it is just that.

      As per your final paragraph stated at the beginning of this comment, you referred to "Savants" as not being normal people.

      Was that for the rest of us who's reading, to easily understand , or you actually believe them to be abnormal, some freak of nature?

      I will appreciate some form of clarity on this, sure it will benefit others like myself also, as I have read many of your views, comments on many other topics.


      Give Thanks..

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