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The American Greed For Power And Money

Updated on September 3, 2016

Earning Those Jacksons Everyday

Many Corporations Will Do Anything For Cash

There are numerous large American corporations today that are considered to be completly dishonest by people In the country. Currently in the United States there are many ponzi schemes, stolen identities, financial frauds, corruption scandals, corporate scandals, political scandals, phone scammers, and the long list of recent scandals in America is entirely too long to even begin to list. In fact, there are so many scandals happening in America today that many citizens are uncapable of wrapping there minds around the large multitudes of scandals. Commonly these deceptive scandals take place in an individuals very own home country on a daily basis, but many are still totally unaware. The majority of citizens in America have simply become numb to hearing, reading, and learning about the many various scandels taking place from the nightly news programs. Mega companies and cooperations all across the nation are continusly engaging in and praticing greedy schemes on a daily basis. Typically there are numerous large American cooperations that profusely engage in reporting fake earnings, purposely increasing there financial information on the balance sheets to the Internal Revenue Service, intentionally keeping huge debts off there balance sheets, Inflate there corporations assets by billions of invisiable dollars, undereporting there business cost by capitalizing; rather than by exspensing, inflating there revenues with an abundance of fake accounting entries, intentionally mislead there truthful earnings, siphoned large amounts of money through many unapproved loans, fooling there elderly investors out of millions of dollars of retirement money, and even perpetrating endless schemes with fraudulent stock sales.

The American Dream In Modern Times

Making Those Big Bucks Everyday

Americas Addictions To Material Things And Man-Made Objects

Many Americans are currently living with great addictions to there material things or man-made objects. Americans will generally amass huge quantities of un-used material things. Some Americans will even collect so many man-made objects inside of there homes that they will often become labeled as hoarders. Normally with citizens who have been identified as a hoarder, the city municipal officials are forced to step-in, condemn the home, and demolish the eyesore from the city. This is a mind-set that certainly differentiates America from much of the rest of the modern world. It is very unfortunate that much of Americas economic success is completely driven by sickening greed, the endless lust after money, and the intense hunger for power. The nation has presently become so obsessed with these things that even mans great greed profusley threatens to destroy us all. Once we allow ourselves to get a little taste for money, power, and greed. Our basic judgements become impaired, our ethics are compromised, and our style of management is blinded by the continuous hunger for power. This unyielding course of self-destruction that many American citizens walk blindly down is highly dangerous.The love for money, greed, and power currently destroys many American families each day. It typically causes many unhappy spouses, insecure children, and poor health conditions from the high stress levels of never being fully capable of reaching the many unattainable goals.

Lusting After The Dirty Money

The Almighty American Dollar

A Strong Lust For Money

Presently with the increasing needs of the people the lust after the money is constantly growing. The promotion of materialism and lust for money destroys a nations very values and even there sense of basic morals. Many wars, violence, economic conflicts that normally tend to hit the weakest of citizens. A lust for money, power, scummy greed, never-ending corruption, and strong divisions. These all are simply crimes committed against human life and against the basic laws of creation. The unconsceintious transporters always swayed by there strong lust for money, pushed up the fares by many times. We must practice more with setting aside our lust for money and for materalistic goods that are so central to our own capitalist society. The lust for money will always bring great trouble and nothing other than much trouble. Going down the path of life many will continue to loose their footing and regret it bitterly forever. Those rich in this worlds wealth, that are so very full of themselves, and so obsessed with the money they obtain in this short life. Truthfully there money obtained is here for today and gone by tommorow. A decent mans lust for money can surely cost him his own very life. Many continue to lust after the money just because it can buy them their wicked hearts every aching desire. The wicked man will stand up and boast proudly because of the lust of his own wicked soul. For the human heart is deceitful above all things and who on this planet can possiably begin to understand it?

Everyday Scandels For The Love Of Money

Scandals Down Every Avenue Of Life

Currently in the United States there are many who believe that there is a great loss of the moral compass. Many will do absolutely anything to gain and get there greedy hands on there next almighty dollar. Some wicked wives and husbands will actually murder there own spouses in cold blood to capitalize from the insurance money. Others often display many unethical behaviors, lusting after money, reckless attitudes, lusting for power, regularly have mean greedy streaks, fly blindly down the road of unhappiness, and are consistantly chasing after the elusive gold at the end of the rainbow. Truthfully greed greatly destroys and profusely controls many peoples very lives. There are currently many various and different types of scandels to mention. It doesn't matter which front or topic a person chooses to investigate, because there is sure to be a scandal to pop up down every avenue of everyday life. The Bernie Madoff scandal, Medical scandals, Monsanto scandels, toxic waste scandals, Vatican scandals, political scandals, university scandals, Wall Street scandals, corporation scandals, horsemeat scandals, automotive scandals, pharmaceutical scandals, bank scandals, private-prison scandals, college-loan scandals, Freddiemac scandal, accounting scandals, Enron scandel, Hollywood scandals, executive scandels, Healthsouth scandals, athlete steroid use scandals, food scandals, Lehman brothers scandel, industrial scandals, and even many scandels with our very drinking water. The betrayal, hypocrisy, vanity, arrogance, and selfishness associated with each scandel is fairly bizarre in nature. Living in the period of high greed and severe guile the endless circle of corruption will always flourish consistantly until the end of days.

The Thriving Cult Of Greed

Living In A Capitalistic Society Based Upon Greed

The everyday pursuit of endlessly chasing after great profits and good bonuses in the United States today. Is a rather naive and highly disastrious process according to many other countries all around the world. Many countries around the world still hold the basic core belief that money is the root of all evil. Interviews with the many different American scandal mongers only particually prove one thing. All of the scandals were pursued for the lust of money, hunger for greed, and power. The intense greed and love for the money could be steering a person torwards the edge of the cliff. Consistently aiding and abetting the greedy group of thugs never solves any of the serious issues at hand today. In the thriving cult of greed a person only lives in a capitalistic society that is solely based upon nothing more than greed. A person might enjoy the many skewed incentives and aline there pockets nicely with a great deal of dirty cash. At the end of the day, all the cash a person accumulated in this life, will not do them any sort of goodness.

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