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The Ancient Aliens' Role in Creating Mankind, Starting the Earth's Religions, & Participating in the Holocaust

Updated on December 29, 2013

by Eve Riser-Roberts

The TV series, "Ancient Aliens" has proposed the possibility of aliens from outer space being present on the earth in the distant past. It considers a variety of evidence, approaching the question from different angles. And the interpretation of the evidence is discussed and supported by educated specialists in each subject area. I agree with most of what they propose, but I have also considered a different interpretation of some of the information, which I present here in a story format.

The Ancient Question

Have Aliens been visiting the earth for over 200,000 years, as some historians have proposed? Actually, they were here before that. They were here before we arrived. Earth was their home. They were born and raised on this planet. They built cities and had become highly developed in their technical skills.

They lived lives similar to those of mankind today, although on a higher technical level. Over the millennia, they had created homes, elaborate huge buildings, cities, artistic stone structures, airplanes, rockets, and eventually learned how to fly in space. This allowed them to explore other planets, in our own solar system and beyond.

In one of the buildings was situated a biologically educated segment of their population that was intrigued by their knowledge of DNA and the genetic codes of other living things around them. Their generations had seen the evolution of the life on this planet, and witnessed their own, as well. Previous generations had even contributed to the development of the earth’s life forms.

The Ancient Aliens Question


Out of their curiosity and some time to spare, a group of these scientists decided it would be interesting to experiment with the genes of some of the creatures they saw around them—to try some new approaches. They played around with modifying the genes of specific animals and were rewarded with unique transformations in the offspring. Then they were curious about what would happen if they combined genes from one type of organism with a totally different type. This was also successful, and surprising hybrid organisms were created.

Then their curiosity went even farther as they wondered what would happen if they combined an animal’s DNA with their own. That had never been tried before. Using their knowledge from the previous experiments, they set about to do it. They had taken specific genes from an ape-like creature and combined them with the genes of one of the team members and suddenly they had a living being that looked half way between the two. The next step was to use genes from this hybrid and mix them with other genes from one of the other researchers. The male offspring from this cross bore an even closer resemblance to their own line. By putting all the cloned results into a special time machine room that was part of the unit’s work, they were able to speed up the time needed for development.

“Hey.” said one of the scientists. “Let’s make something that's never been done before. Let's combine three things into one. Let's cross a fish and a horse with this thing's genes, and call it an Ichthyocentaur."

"Yeah, exclaimed another scientist. "It will look like a collection of stars within the constellation Pisces. That's a new concept for genetically creating new organisms. Love it."

“And let’s try his genes with those of a lion and make a really strong creature and call it a Wemic," volunteered another. "If it worked out, we could make an army of them. We know now which genes to use. We can try all kinds of mixtures.” Suggestions came from all directions—the kind of ideas that had motivated their ancestors and gone to the next level.

A Useful Experiment

As the ideas were flying around them, someone from outside walked into the workshop and saw their new creation. “Wow.” he said. “This is what we need to help with the heavy work around us. His build is very muscular. Could you create a large group of these to help us with our building and mining?”

“Ah ha,” exclaimed the scientist. “What an excellent application of our work here. Yes, we will do that and give them to you as they are made.”

With their fast-aging tools they were able to easily make hundreds of the beings, which were taken to the appropriate size and age level and immediately placed where their physical strength was needed.

This concept was continued over hundreds of years and the resultant beings were sent to a variety of places on the planet.

Oh, Oh!

Then the climate on the Earth gradually started to change. Even the equipment this research group was using was contributing to the changes. Then the weather changes became stronger. They used to be able to control the tornados and hurricanes on the planet, but these forces started to become too intense and overpowered their weather-controlling devices. The polar icecaps were melting and the ocean waters were rising.

Suddenly, the ocean waters were rising up on the land, getting higher and higher. Those living in homes along the beaches found their houses being flooded and eventually disappearing. Everyone was concerned about what might happen.

Their level of technology had reached the point where they had spacecraft and had been exploring other planets in other solar systems. Their flights had led them to two other planets with conditions similar to those on Earth. The population jumped at the chance to be taken to one or the other. So the Earth was pretty rapidly evacuated.

Those who chose to stay on the Earth were there to see it destroyed and themselves along with it, except for some of the hybrid workers who had through their mining labors discovered unique places that they could now use to escape what was happening around them.

They managed to escape the destruction around them. One earthquake set off another earthquake, which set off another. This caused the volcanoes to start erupting, in a sequence all around the world. The whole planet was covered with all these catastrophes all at the same time, and they lasted for years, followed by a nuclear winter. The planet was no longer habitable.

Making Life on a Tough New Planet


Hundreds of years passed and the Earth slowly struggled to recover.

Slowly, the descendants of the remaining 3000 hybrids in their secure sites around the planet dug their way out into the new world. They looked around for buildings, but there were none left. But the hybrids were flexible and those in different areas gathered in the locations their ancestors were associated with and where they went home to after a hard day’s work. The areas were bare. But they needed to have some shelter, so they built simple homes of convenience in the same locations. The homes were near each other and became their towns. They used tools that their ancestors had taken with themselves into their hiding places, and this generation worked out how to live off of the plants and animals around them that now covered the new surface of the Earth. There were different groups scattered around the world. Over the years each of the groups became a united community.

The original beings from these areas on the Earth had escaped the destruction and established new homes on the two planets found by their space explorers. Their new communities were organized to resemble their past homes on the earth.

At some point after their flight to safety on the new planets, they became curious about what had happened to their previous home, the Earth. So their space explorers added flights over the planet to watch the earth as it was recovering. Over many years and generations, it was observed that the planet was evolving. Then their views of the earth showed patches of land in green and oceans in blue. The explorers decided it should be safe to land on the surface for a better view of the new world. So, over the years they would land near the areas where their ancestors had lived. And they soon discovered that those areas were occupied.

The Plan

Eventually, visits from the two planets became organized. Instead of random excursions for various purposes, the space federation formed by representatives from both planets had arrived at a decision. At this stage, they were excited by the possibility that they could be able to reclaim the planet and turn it back into a similar collection of settlements their ancestors had known.

The representatives in the federation had come from different areas on the two planets, and once they discovered the earth could be habitable, decided to colonize the new planet as an extension of their own cultures. The leaders of the different tribes agreed to partition off this new earth planet into spaces that each leader would then claim as his own territory.

Because of the distance between these cultures on the two distant planets, they had all evolved somewhat differently. They had their own language, traditions, dress, beliefs, style of architecture, food, etc.

The leader of each extraterrestrial tribe on one of the two planets became the organizer of his particular Earth colony. It was important to be able to work with the indigenous populations on the Earth now and help them become compatible with the previous residents, as they arrived. The new arrivals knew the history of the development of the hybrids that now occupied their previous home. The plan was to reestablish this planet as their own again, and they wanted to be sure that it could be done peacefully.

They landed on the earth in their space vehicles, which were a variety of different designs, corresponding with their particular cultures. The leaders would explore the landscapes and decide on their favorite locations. Maybe each space selected in some way resembled their home on the other planet.

The leaders and their space ship crew would emerge from their vehicles into the presence of the Earth dwellers. They were careful not to alienate the indigenous beings and even offered them gifts. They were well received, and the beings on the Earth were curious and open to these new arrivals.

The head of each alien tribe made his authority known, while the other space travelers in that ship were subservient to him. The humans quickly picked up on the hierarchy among the strangers and adopted their own subservience levels toward them. But all of these strangers were respected as something very special.

An appropriate alien who was an experienced language teacher on his other planet then taught the beings in his new colony the language of the residents of the planet’s area from which that particular group of aliens had come. The people learned to speak this new language and discovered many words for things they had never even given a sound to on their own. They quickly picked up the spoken version of the language and they were then shown how to write in it. Marks representing words were drawn into the sand or carved into wood or stone surfaces, as the people practiced their new entertainment. The language expert at each of the new colonies taught the residents his own tribe’s language.

Another appropriately skilled alien showed the people how to construct buildings using special tools and machinery the aliens had brought with them. At first the alien would draw in the dirt or sand with a stick, the shape of a simple object to be built, and gradually increase the complexity. Then, he would use the instruments to make them while the crowd watched. Then some of the beings who were inclined in that direction would take the instruments and experiment with making their own versions. The beings quickly progressed to being able to build more elaborate structures. Soon they were ready to make what their visitors referred to as temples or pyramids.

Sometimes the beings were able to use materials at the site, but on other occasions, the materials had to be brought in from a distance. The construction alien showed them how to use the anti-gravity tool to bring in the heavy items. He also demonstrated how to use diamond-tip and similar saws to create designs and rocks that fit perfectly together.

The construction alien from another culture in a different part of the world would be explaining to his own new colony how to use another machine to actually melt rocks to get them into desired shapes. Everywhere around the planet Earth, the new buildings were very similar being built during the same time period, resembling the structures from the aliens’ planets. The pyramid shape was the most popular structure in their worlds. Now they took on individual qualities specific to each alien’s culture.

Using the techniques and materials they were being taught, the muscular hybrids were able to build homes, large buildings, cities, and some of them even thought of making places of worship.

Other aliens in each colony taught his people about astronomy, explaining the stars and where the aliens had come from. Some of the people would be taken up in the space ships to overlook their new creations. Seeing the view from above, they understood that the structures they had built were laid out in patterns that had a resemblance to the pattern of the stars from where the aliens had come, as it was explained to them.

Some artistic beings made carvings in the rocks around them presenting their interpretation of what was happening to them, making simple pictures of the star beings, and illustrating things the star people would do.

So one alien leader landed in an area he called India and selected that as his base. Another chose a territory he named Mexico, another created his colony in a space he called Germany, another decided on a region he called China, another favored the mountains of Peru. There was a very popular area with nearby colonies of Mesopotamia, Israel, and Egypt. Each of the leaders brought with him the different traits of his other culture and turned his new colony into an extension of his other home life.

The Beginning of Religion

All of this took place over many years. The aliens were worshiped by the people as Gods from the heaven above them, with the leader as the main God. People would make sacrifices to their Gods in accordance with the traditions they were taught. One important goal of the Gods was to teach the people a sense of moral responsibility. This often took the form of written laws, intending to help the people to respect each other and live well together in their society. These laws bore some resemblance from one colony to the next. The aliens instilled in the people that there was a life after death, sometimes referring to it as ‘Heaven’, and that the people had to obey the laws they had been given to be allowed to go to that place when they died.

And so the new communities prospered and evolved. The aliens had accomplished this step of their mission to the planet Earth. Each alien group left its colony saying they were going back to the stars where they came from. The people were so sad to see that they were leaving, especially the main God for each community. But their God said it was all right, he would be returning some day. And this was the farewell message given by each God to his community. The hybrids had built up cities, and the aliens would return to their other homes and let their people know about the new communities and organize them to go to the new Earth and make it their new home.

Even though the alien Gods had disappeared from sight, they were able to stealthily keep an eye on their people. There was a sense of rivalry between some of the different Gods. Sometimes they would invisibly support the people of their new communities against those of other communities, if they entered into a battle. They would mysteriously use their powerful weapons to help ‘their people’ against their enemies, who were the ‘people’ of other Gods.

Mein Kampf

Many Earth years passed and many changes occurred on the planet. Eventually, the people who lived in Israel, in a place called Jerusalem, found themselves moving from their homeland to strange, different lands, wandering through the desert, even finding themselves in the Egypt territory as slaves, until they managed to escape and return to their homeland. Millennia later, many descendents of the Jerusalem, Israel culture ended up living in the Germany colony.

The originators of the German and Israel communities were derived from very different cultures on the original planet--cultures that were actually hostile toward each other and quite possessive in their viewpoints.

The founder of the Germany community did not like that the descendants of a culture started by an enemy were moving in large numbers into his personal territory. The original alien agreement was there would be a permanent physical separation of the different colonies, and each colony and its territory would belong strictly to its founder and his followers. So a plan was devised. This founder and his shipmates were secretly able to locate a German child that they believed would be able to help with their plan. This little being was named Hitler. The aliens took advantage of a negative viewpoint held by countries farther North, and they made sure as he grew up that he was exposed to a variety of things they helped him interpret as negative features about these non-German residents. The aliens would meet with him as friends and explain the superiority of the German race, with all their amazing, honorable qualities, and that these lesser beings, the Jews, should really be removed from this territory to maintain its purity. There must be some kind of incentive to convince them to go back to their homeland.

Hitler understood their persuasive arguments and felt a personal challenge within himself to clean out his country of what he perceived as a dishonest population. He even gathered his emotions about the subject into a book called, “Mein Kampf”. He made it his personal battle to send the Jews back where they belonged.

The German alien felt that this was his property and any descendants of the Jewish alien’s territory who were making this their home were trespassing or constituting an invasion of his German territory. This was against the original agreement among the original alien settlers. It was not right. A few hundred years ago the Germany alien had a violent conflict with another alien stranger who wanted his land. The two aliens and their respective followers engaged in a battle in their spaceships over a town called Nuremberg. The trespassing alien and all his supporters were defeated and their spaceships exploded and fell to the ground. This event was recorded in the history and art of the city.

Now, these two original aliens were obviously not good friends, and the German alien was getting even with the Jewish alien. "I'll show you. I'll teach you a lesson to allow or send your beings into my space. Are you subtly trying to take over my land? I was here first. I established this colony. This is my creation. This is my hard work. This is mine. And there are other aliens' communities who may also resent this kind of invasion if you do that to them. So be warned!"

Hitler rose to power in the country, and his ambitions expanded. He became a convincing leader of the country. The German community aliens provided Hitler with their technical knowledge to help the current German people during the war that developed as a result of the process of Hitler fulfilling his version of the plan to clear out the invaders. Because there was no obvious, easy way to convince the intruders to leave on there own, Hitler modified the plan by employing extermination. Also, using the alien space vehicle technology, the present-day Germans were able to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile to launch during the war to wipe out other colonies that opposed the German initiative.

Losers and Winners

The Japanese alien was invited by the Germany founder to collaborate with Hitler in this war. Hitler believed he was following orders in his interpretation of eliminating the antagonistic race by killing 3 million of them. But where did he think they would go when they died? Wasn’t that giving them a gift to send them to Heaven’?

The German alien relieved Hitler’s concern by telling him that he had set up another dimension for their souls to go to. They would not return to the original planet, or Heaven, or even Hell. They would finally have their own colony in their own world, and he had constructed the new dimension to be receptive to and attract any beings with Jewish genes when they died. Therefore, all Jews would eventually end up in a heavenly paradise just for them.

Hitler and the Germans were finally defeated and the German alien’s plan was ended. Dr. Werner von Braun, the German scientist in charge of the modern day versions of the space vehicles for Hitler ended up with some of his colleagues in one of the countries that had opposed Hitler’s expression of the German alien’s goal. In this new country he helped the previous enemy advance its knowledge and capabilities with its space technologies. Dr. von Braun was personally quoted as having said that particular knowledge had been given to him personally by the aliens, and Hitler had expressed that the concept of the German superiority had been inspired and encouraged by the Manipulative Extraterrestrials.

The German alien colonist God withdrew from the earth after the war was ended. But he’ll return someday.

The Return

All the Gods of the different communities and thus of different religions eased the grief of their followers and believers by letting them know they would return.

One present day speculation is that the Gods would all return at the same time and there would be a battle among them of Good against Evil.

Another suggestion is that the Gods would return and wipe out mankind, because their creation, which had taken so much hard work to turn into perfect beings, had disappointed them and were constantly at war with each other and they were destroying the earth again by letting their greed override their concern for each other and the environment. The aliens could not let their beloved world be destroyed yet again by this thing they had produced.

The "Ancient Aliens" TV Series

If you have missed this History Channel masterpiece, that presents information never before realized or analyzed in great depth by experts, you have an amazing opportunity to obtain DVDs of the program. It would be educational and also interesting to see how you would interpret the facts being discovered. Do you think aliens were present on the Earth in ancient times? And if so, why? And what did they do when they were here? This program and its DVDs will open a new world for you. What do you think?

"Ancient Aliens Season Two"

"Ancient Aliens Season One"

"Ancient Aliens Season Four"

"Ancient Aliens Season Three"

"Ancient Aliens Collector's Edition"

"Ancient Aliens Season Five-Volume 1"

_____________________________________________________ ©2013 Eve Riser-Roberts


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