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The Art Institute of Dallas | Tuition & Costs, Financial Aid and Admissions - Culinary Arts, Fashion, Graphic Design

Updated on September 29, 2010

The Art Institute of Dallas Overview

Located in Dallas, Texas, The Art Institute of Dallas has provided job-oriented educational programs in the last 35 years and contributed employers with a wide selection of talent to choose from and across many art-based industries. Renowned for its high quality education in different fields, such as culinary, design, fashion, and media arts, the institute provides a platform for the graduates to interact directly with industry leaders. All together, the institute has more than 140,000 alumni successfully placed in various industries. In fact, the curriculum of the Art Institute of Dallas is designed in cooperation within the art industry’s leaders and reflects the current requirements of what is needed to succeed in the student’s chosen field. The Art Institute of Dallas is an accredited higher-education facility and is recognized by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The Art Institute of Dallas Admissions

For gaining admission into any of The Art Institute of Dallas’ programs, it is important that aspiring students must have a basic degree from a high school education or an equivalent qualification, such as a G.E.D. (Grade Equivalency Diploma). Alternatively, they may also be admitted with an Associate’s Degree from another accredited institution.

Getting admission in the institute is done through interviews or based on the marks obtained in previous academic endeavors. Students can rely on the scores in common aptitude tests and American college tests, as well. The admission and enrollment forms are easily available online and being a web based system, The Art Institute of Dallas welcomes applications online. Finally, before taking the plunge one can visit The Art Institute of Dallas’ campus in Dallas, Texas for the complete experience through scheduled appointments to decide if the school is a suitable fit.

Culinary School Programs at The Art Institute

Culinary school is one of the most favored programs for students at The Art Institute of Dallas, who want to carve a niche in hotel management including specialization in the bakery and pastry division, catering, or culinary arts. Various certificates, bachelors and degree programs are available for the students who want to excel in the field of culinary arts. Some of the degree majors include restaurant and catering management, or even a certificate in the art of cooking.

Interior Design Programs at The Art Institute

The Art Institute of Dallas offers a wide range of programs for aspiring designers, too in the Art Institute of Dallas’ Design School. Here, can students can specialize in interior design, fine arts, graphic design and learn specialty interior design for kitchens and baths. The Institute’s faculty feeds creative minds with excellent programs in order to train the future designers, so that they receive the experience that they need to become true professionals. As far as design school is considered, the students can earn one of several Bachelors of Fine Arts degree programs in interior design and graphic design. The Associates of Applied Arts degree program in graphic design is another option that some students can go for, as well.

Fashion Design Programs at The Art Institute

Fashion is another department, which attracts a large number of creative minds to The Art Institute of Dallas. Helping the students to create a style statement with the trendy designs that fits exactly in the modern fashion industry, the fashion department of the institute offers various courses like Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion and retail management or an Associate’s Degree program in fashion designing.

Student Life

The students enrolled in the Art Institute of Dallas are not only busy in academics or getting a formal degree, rather the institute focuses on overall development of the students by providing a suitable environment where they can grow and shoulder their responsibilities. The student life in the institute is the combination of formal classes, creative workshops, hobby classes, parties, shopping in local stores and even picnics around beautiful Dallas, TX. The students enrolled at the institute from different backgrounds can still fulfill their individual requirements at a professional and personal level through various clubs to enrich their culture. In addition, there is a student’s affairs team, which guides the students in their day-to-day campus life. Some of the student clubs on campus include a Culinary Arts club, a Fashion Design Club, an Advertising Club, a Video Production club and so much more. Almost every department on campus has their own club to ensure that there is an alternative option for students looking to pursue their interests out side of the classroom.

Costs, Tuitions & Fees

Tuition costs at the Art Institute of Dallas will vary from program to program and it is best to visit their website to receive the most updated tuition fees. A tip of saving money on tuition at the Institute is to enroll in a certificate program, which will give you much experience in your field with a fraction of the cost of an Associate or Bachelor’s of Arts degree. There is also a financial aid department that is ready to help you tackle the task of locating financial aid through scholarships, etc. for your college career at The Art Institute of Dallas.


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    • profile image

      C D Rossini, Jr. 7 years ago

      For full disclosure, I'm a prof. at AI Dallas. I developed and teach the advanced classes in the BFA in Advertising Design major. I think its a good blend of design skills for print, broadcast and news media and the branding/ad planning skills.

    • RVDaniels profile image

      RVDaniels 8 years ago from Athens, GA


    • Gypsy Willow profile image

      Gypsy Willow 8 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

      My son is enrolled at the Art Institute. He is doing aweome work and loving it.

    • KCC Big Country profile image

      Karen Curtis 8 years ago from Central Texas

      There are four locations of the Art Institute in Texas and 40 in North America. My daughter plans to attend in the Fall of 2011. Her passion is interior design.