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The Restless Need Of Expression

Updated on January 7, 2016
Free Yourself : Express
Free Yourself : Express | Source

We all have one thing in common - LIFE! It's a unique opportunity to explore what's around, discover what's moving, experience what's new and express what's inside. The only thing is, we often lose the chance to live by surrendering to the routine and then some.

Have you ever wondered about the feelings you'll feel when your 'mortal' time is up? How about 'looking back' to a sad road that just waited for you to pass? What about the heart that had more than just arteries and veins? Won't you have to answer to your own eyes in the mirror?

Well, people, we all keep busy. We all have things to do and people to look after and timelines to meet and groceries to shop..., but we all, also, have just one life to live. A life that looks up to us expectantly. A life that's so willing to give at the mere hint of asking. A life that needs all the airing it can get. A life that escapes the bottle and become its own 'Jeannie'.

And that is the kind of life that needs expression. Stories to be told...notes to be written...voice to be heard and memories to be shared.

Why Should You Express?

Life isn't a blank cheque. It comes with conditions. You've got to take on the daily grind with all its accessories like work issues, relationship webs, tension tangles and you name it! So, it's simple to understand that you need a 'release'. Keeping yourself full of negatives will lead to a negative life. However, if you fan your urge to say what you feel every now and then, life could learn to smile.

Here's why you should express :

  • To value your feelings
  • To not expect people to look past your 'mute' mode
  • To communicate and be understood right
  • To feel lighter
  • To get due help (All of us need help sometimes, It's ok to ask)
  • To love, unexpressed love is such a darn waste
  • To live a dignified life
  • To play your own lawyer
  • To be happy
  • To let go of negative energy
  • To tell the world that you want to make a difference
  • To say what you need to while you still can
  • To find and make peace with your life


The need to express is relevant. It's a way to be true to yourself even when it may not seem so. Sometimes, there deterrants like the society. Sometimes, one is apprehensive about the fallout of what needs to be said. Sometimes, there are people who may get hurt. There will always be a speedbump standing in your way.

Rise above it. Let that fizz out of the bottle. Try it.


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