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The Asian Tiger Arrives in U.S. Cities

Updated on June 19, 2012

A few arrived from Japan in 1985. Their home were tires and pools of water. The small mosquito eggs hatched and slowly found their way into many of East Coast cities in America.

Welcome the Asian Tiger Mosquito. Since those days, the Tiger, has migrated into other cities across the U.S.,Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois and even Arizona. You can easily spot them because of their black and white stripes on the body. They are unique, like the African Bee. This mosquito prefers urban areas. It attacks in the day or night and like the aggressive African bee, it is also aggressive in its pursuit. Swatting the critter does little to get it to move, it will continue sucking. If it happens to leave, it will return and follow your scent.

The Tiger will remain active for as long as the urban area is warm. Hawaii has them and the critter has caused 200 cases of dengue fever, which can be fatal because it is viral. In France, the mosquito spreads the Chikungunya and West Nile virus. Researchers have found out that the mosquito is a low flyer and attacks feet and legs first. They have also found out that they prefer dark colors. Their bite stings and some people jerk when bitten from the shock. It is similar to a needle being injected.

The latest migration of the mosquito has now reached California in several northern and southern counties.


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