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The Beauty of My Native American Indian Heritage

Updated on July 16, 2016
These pictures are not my own, but I was told that I could use them for this article. So, if anyone has cause with them being here I will gladly remove them.
These pictures are not my own, but I was told that I could use them for this article. So, if anyone has cause with them being here I will gladly remove them.
Dream Catcher art by: Carol Cavalaris
Dream Catcher art by: Carol Cavalaris
Indian art woman holding basket- V. Catapano
Indian art woman holding basket- V. Catapano

Native American Indian Art

I have been loving Native American Indian art for years. Just love the way it tells of the history of American Indians, and always has a beautiful meaning with it.There have been so many changes that have been made over the past few decades that have been important to the Native American Indian tribes. Most of them have not been beneficial to Native American Indians. These beautiful people have been used, abused and trampled on for the benefit to others. Have had their lively hood taken away, and reduced to living in places that the white man would not even want to walk in. But, yet these proud people still hold their heads up high and with brave right they should.

Hawks and Wolves, and Eagles.

When I think of Native American Indians I think of wolves or hawks or eagles. These animals pose different strengths in a persons personality, and abilities.

Wolves are cunning and wise they were respected mainly by tribes that survived by hunting. The tribes that lived by agriculture didn't put the wolf on such a pedestal. Some tribes from Alaska respected the wolf's hunting skill and tried to emulate their ways of hunting so that they would be more successful. Some tribes see the wolf as a guide. A tribe in Alaska, Tanaina, believed that wolves at one time were men, so they viewed them as brothers.

Eagles are strength. They were also considered medicine birds with magical powers. They also played a big role when the tribes were having religious ceremonies. Pueblo tribes considered eagles one of the six directional guardians,because of the upward direction, spirituality, and balance. Zunis tribe carve stone eagle fetishes thinking it would protect, believing them to be both healing and hunting powers. The most important traditional dances held by the Hopi and other Pueblo tribes is a dance called the Eagle Dance. Eagles also play a leadership role (either as king of the birds, or as a chief who humans interact with) in some tribal mythology. The Eagle is thought to serve as a messenger between humans and the Creator. The "war eagle" which is the golden eagle is particularly associated with warriors and courage in battle. It's golden feathers were earned by Plains Indian men as war honors and used to adorn feather headdresses. This is a practice still used today, and when a soldier returns from war or if someone achieves a great accomplishment they will be given eagle feathers. At potlatches and other ceremonies as a symbol of peace and hospitality the floor would be dusted with eagle down, by some Northwest Coast tribes.

Hawks portray watchfulness, and hunting skills as well. The American Indians are all of these making them some of the smartest people on earth. The Native American Indian looks deep into a situation to make sure of what is going on. We would all do well to pay attention to the history of these great people , and if you ever have opportunity just listen to what they have to say you will be blessed with wonderful information.

What is a Dreamcatcher?

I added this information mainly because I have always wondered what the dream-catcher was all about. Is also part of the Indian heritage tradition. So, if you didn't know I hope you enjoy this information.

bawaajige nagwaagan meaning "dream snare" is a handmade object based on a willow hoop, on which is woven a loose net or web resembling a spiders web. The dream-catcher is decorated with sacred items such as feathers and beads.

The dream-catcher was considered a symbol of unity among the various Indian Nations, and a symbol of identification with Native American cultures.

The Ojibwa construct dream-catchers by tying sinew strands in a web around a small round or tear-shaped frame of willow (similar webbing like a spider web). The "dream-catcher" is hung above the bed, this charm is used to protect sleeping people, mostly for children, to help keep them from nightmares.

A dream-catcher can change a person's dreams is what the Ojibwa believe. The bad dreams would stay in the webbing (disappearing in the day light), and the good dreams would come through and slide down the feathers to the person sleeping.

Just a small portion of all the information about these Majestic Peoples

A person could just go on and on about these great people. Many different tribes, and different cultures of each one. But, the main thought is how they got reduced to where they ended up. Like all nationalities there have come to be some great peoples out of these tribes. You can see them on tv and in movies. Anyone remember Tonto and the Long Silver. Great show. I wanted to do this Hub showing how much I appreciate our Native American Indian friends, and how sorry I am that I belong to the line of people who put these great people in a position to where they might feel pushed to the side. I had two wonderful ladies who were going to do an interview for me, but due to health and family issues were unable to do the interview with me. But, I totally respect the love that they offered me, and even invited me to be a part of the Native American Indian family. Love that, thanks goes to Autumn Lomasi Grace for the invite, and a special thanks to Nora McQueen for her lending me the art work I have put here.

Also, Sarra Garrett also from HubPages has an article on "Native Americans Saved the White People and then the Greed Commenced" a great article, and also a fabulous author.


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    • Nancy C Moores profile imageAUTHOR

      Nancy Moore 

      5 years ago from Lakeland

      Hey Joe,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Wow didn't expect you to do this so soon. I never thought of Hawaiians in that way, but you are so right.

      Take care my friend, I appreciate you and all who have taken the time to comment for me.

    • hawaiianodysseus profile image

      Hawaiian Odysseus 

      5 years ago from Southeast Washington state

      Hi, Nancy!

      Hawaiians are indigenous people, too, so we have a special connection with our Native American brothers and sisters, especially those tribes that live in the Pacific Northwest.

      This hub clearly pays homage to your Native American roots and the respect you have for the wolf, eagle, and hawk.

      Thank you for sharing, my friend! Aloha!


    • Yenette David profile image

      Yenette David 

      5 years ago

      This is a really great story ..and info. Thanks

    • Nancy C Moores profile imageAUTHOR

      Nancy Moore 

      5 years ago from Lakeland

      Thank you so much jamie for stopping by and commenting. Thanks for the nice work too.

    • Nancy C Moores profile imageAUTHOR

      Nancy Moore 

      5 years ago from Lakeland

      Thanks Sarra again, and for being a supporter of me. I would love to go to a pow wow, but have never heard of one around here. I am definitely going to learn more about our beautiful natural Native Americans I do know that. Yattahay my friend (plz tell me what that means lol) :~) I love your work too, and you have such great ideas.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow that's great ...nice work love it.

    • Nancy C Moores profile imageAUTHOR

      Nancy Moore 

      5 years ago from Lakeland

      Hey Colin, I feel like I know you hahahahahaaa what a wonderful loving kind person you are. Thanks so much for sharing my hub. I love that. Give your Lil Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel bug hugs and kisses from me. I love my cats I have Cinnamon and Shadow both spinsters hahahaaa. I will definitely do more research into the Canadian Indian heritage. I did mention some from Canada but I'll be honest didn't have much time to do much. I will be getting together info for another hub because the response was to wonderful. Take care Colin and look forward to more correspondence with you, and I will definitely look at some more of your beautiful works too. Thank you again. I appreciate the time you took for me. :~)

    • profile image

      Sarra Garrett 

      5 years ago

      Hi Nancy: Voted up and Awesome. Yattahay my friend. You did a great job on this hub. The Native Americans are still fighting for sacred burial lands that their tribes once owned. If you ever get a chance to go to a pow wow, go, it's fascinating. Every dance move tells a story and has a purpose as well as the drumming. Incredible people, the Native Americans. I am so glad they keep their traditions alive!

    • epigramman profile image


      5 years ago

      Hello Nancy and good morning from Colin and his cats at lake erie time ontario canada 12:31am and I just returned home safe and sound from work and my cats Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel are so happy to see me.

      I live not far from the Six Nations Reserve at Caledonia and as you are probably aware we have a rich history in Canada as well with our cherished Native Indian culture and heritage.

      So I was very moved by your compassion and research here and to me it represented a true labor of love by the lady author of this sacred page.

      It is my honor and privilege to post and link your beautiful work here on my Facebook page for all to see, enjoy and to become enlightened.

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my page as it really made my night when I came home and it's so very nice to meet you and I will come back tomorrow after my wake up coffee and have another look at one of your many fabulous Hub offerings.

      Sending to you my warm sincere wishes and good energy from Colin and his cats.


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