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The Benefits of Home-Schooling Children

Updated on January 19, 2012

The present day public school system in the United States is looked on as the most reasonable and best way for a child to receive an education. However, there are many other alternative ways for one to receive an education without stepping foot into a public school. There are many different types of private schooling, and home-schooling is also an option. In many cases, sending a child to a private school may be too costly for the family, so they are either left with public schooling or home-schooling. The obvious choice seems to be sending the child to the local public school, but would home-schooling be a better option? Home-schooling may appear to be more work and not as good of an education, but it is actually far more effective for kids to be home-schooled opposed to attending another type of educational facility. Home-schooling provides the child with more individualized attention, a curriculum at their own pace, more specific learning, a better environment, and home-schooled kids excel on tests and in other areas of life.

Home-schooling gives the child an incredibly intimate and individual relationship with their instructor. The teacher, more than likely one of the child’s parents, can give all of their attention to the student. Even if there are a few other siblings, the ratio of students to teacher is far superior than in other circumstances. This increase in attention provides the student with a much better experience due to the attention they receive. The attention is positive because anytime the child is in question or needs help with whatever task one might be trying to complete, the kid is always first priority and gets an immediate response. More individualized attention is an extremely important factor in education.

Another factor that coincides with the individualized attention is the student being able to have the curriculum at his or her own pace. The student moving at its own pace does not mean going slower than it would be in a typical public school. In fact, it is entirely opposite. This allows the students to go to college more quickly, get a job, and get out into the world. The child is not forced to do a specific amount of work every day. While one day the student may do an immense amount, another day the individual could relax a bit more and take a break. This provides the child with a more comfortable learning experience and to being more efficient because they are working under more relaxed conditions. The student having the ability to work at their desired pace is very helpful for learning.

Along with all kids learning at different paces, every child has a slightly different interest and want when it comes to the curriculum. Home-schooling is able to provide the student with a more specific curriculum to learn from. The material children are forced to focus upon can bore them and cause apathy while doing work. Through home-schooling, the child stays more focused because they are able to concentrate on an area of their choice. Parents are able to let the children choose more of what the student wants to study opposed to having a general curriculum forced upon them. When this is implemented, the children prove to have a better work ethic and be more devoted to their studies. When children learn and are focused on what matters to them, they will grow and appreciate that particular subject more. This will help to make them more proficient in it as they continue on in college and into the work place. By letting children choose to concentrate more on a specific area, they are able to build up a better foundation for the future. Specific learning is an integral part of home-schooling.

Home-schooling is typically done for religious reasons because it provides the child with a more sheltered environment than a public school contains. More people have begun home-schooling for environmental reasons that are not affiliated with religious beliefs. After the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado, there was a rapid increase in home-schooling. A lot of parents question how safe public schools are for their children. Even a lot of private schools have seen an increase in violence over the past five to ten years. The safest place for a child to receive an education is within the comfort of their own home. The home also provides kids with a place where they do not deal with all of the pressures of school. Kids are subjected to an immense amount of peer pressure as they proceed through school. This peer pressure can distract the child from work and lead them to make poor decisions.

This does not entirely down play sending a kid to public schooling. Home-schooling may not be effective if the parent does not have enough time to devote to the child’s learning. Also, not every child may be fit for home-schooling. Even if a child is home-schooled for as short of a time period as two years, they can learn a lot and appreciate other aspects of education due to the new view they have been introduced to. Other kids may spend the duration of their educational years up until college being home-schooled. The time period for which one is educated at home all depends of that specific individual.

The public education system is in a state of demise. The government standards being set are continually getting lower. Test results on standardized tests continue to plummet. More and more school districts are becoming financially unstable and are forced to make major cuts. This leads to failing school districts that are unable to provide a proper education to the students. Schools are also becoming far too violent. With all of the problems facing public education, it is necessary for parents to look into alternative forms of schooling. It is hard to tell if the public school system is entirely beyond repair. It is quite possible that within the coming years the public school system could be entirely eliminated. This would require almost all parents to rethink how their children will be educated. With the high costs of private schooling, home-schooling appears to be the most logical and reasonable. Home-schooling is an extremely safe and effecting alternative type of schooling. Parents need to be aware of alternative types of schooling.


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    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 6 years ago from Ohio

      While I am an educator in the public school system, there are school districts that are not so great. Standardized tests are definitely not the answer to education. There need to be some major chnges in education. The cost or private schooling is ridiculous, and I refuse to support charter schools. If home schooling is done correctly and passionately, the child can be very successful.

    • profile image

      dasdaw 6 years ago

      I'm homeschooling my son, likely until he goes to college. I'm appalled by the public school system here in NY State, and every day, kids are committing suicide, atrocious acts, taking weapons and drugs to school, and they hate it. They hate their teachers, peers, curriculum (if you can call learning how to take standardized tests curriculum). Our local college prep private schools cost about $17k a year, and charter schools are on a lottery system and not always a sure bet your child will receive a good education. I'll take that responsibility. I know many families who have successfully homeschooled their children, and their kids are not only smart, but can write essays in college, carry on a conversation with adults, and they're actually polite. Imagine, polite kids. What a wonderful world that would be!

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 6 years ago from Ohio

      @cmb - There is no need to appologize for being argumentative. I have no problems with having differing opinions and discussing them. Like anything in life, there are positives and negatives. I was attempting to highlight positives in my hub because I feel they are often overshadowed by the negatives.

    • Cmbeverly profile image

      Cmbeverly 6 years ago from Delaware, OH

      darn... I tried to prevent a long drawn out comment and ended up putting my foot in my mouth. I do agree that homeschooling can be advantageous if done correctly. My main area of concern are the parents who use homeschooling as a way to keep their children isolated. Humans are naturally social and team workers. I apologize for my earlier comment being argumentative. You wrote a great hub I had to comment on :)

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 6 years ago from Ohio

      @laura - you have it right that it's not for everyone. It's the choice of the parent to decide what is best.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 6 years ago from Ohio

      @cmb - I never said home schooling is for everyone. I actually stated that it may not be right for some kids and that some parents aren't cut out to do it. However, it is a complete myth that home schooling makes kids socially awkward. There are plenty of other places that kids can interact outside of a school. Also, there are plenty of kids in public education who are socially awkward. It clearly goes both ways. I was home schooled during my primary years and have had no issues in life meeting and getting along with people. I was class president all through high school, in a fraternity in college, and have always been a people person. It is not social segregation. It is simply an option parents can consider. My siblings and I all excelled because of it.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 6 years ago from Ohio

      @vinaya - what country is that? It hasn't been legal in the united states for that long. Within the past 30 years it was illegal in some states.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 6 years ago from Ohio

      @Jen - You are still a long way off but it's never too early to start thinking. Do some research and make an informed decision. You will make the difference in your child's life depending on how much effort you put into it with home schooling.

    • laurathegentleman profile image

      laurathegentleman 6 years ago from Chapel Hill, NC

      Homeschooling, I think, is a double-edged sword. It definitely isn't for everyone, and I think that sometimes parents do more harm than good if they aren't careful. My cousins were all homeschooled, and I think it served some of them better than others. One of them is very reserved and he worked well with his parents and learned best that way - his sister is much more social and outgoing and she probably would have done better in public schooling.

      I think I, personally, will be sending my children to public school - simply because I think that public schooling gives kids a healthy dose of having to share and deal with others, and you learn so many important lessons about life and social skills that you might not get alone in a classroom with your parents.

    • Cmbeverly profile image

      Cmbeverly 6 years ago from Delaware, OH

      Not everyone finds it possible to home school their kids. Homeschooling kids prevents them from developing social skills or having an open mind free to think for themselves. As a parent you may want to shelter your child but eventually you child will grow up and be on their own. The skills they develop through regular interactions with "strange kids" can't come from home precisely because family isn't unfamiliar. Homeschooling is just a form of child segregation from natural society. We all are here together and we all could get along with one another if we just took the time to meet new people. Meeting new people is important for adult mental health and much more important for a child's mental health.

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

      In my country homeschooling doed not happens. The government emphasize on formal education, because many children are deprived of education due to poverty. However, I feel that if the children cannot attend schools, homeschooling can be an alternate to formal education.

    • Jennifer Essary profile image

      Jennifer Essary 6 years ago from Idaho

      I've been pondering this topic lately even though my son is only 15 months old. I think there is a potential to receive a better education at home but I wonder about social interactions. Part of life is learning how to deal with people with different personalities and that is what makes me hesitant to home school. Maybe in the next 5 years things will change drastically and help me make my decision. Other than that I absolutely agree with every word of your Hub. Voted up, useful, and sharing.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 6 years ago from Ohio

      @jey- Thanks. You definitely got it right that great parents make all the difference in home schooling.

    • jeyaramd profile image

      jeyaramd 6 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      Home schooling is definitely a viable option to public school system. The individualized attention, an appropriate pace, and safety concerns. This are all great benefits of home schooling. I was home schooled until great three. It was perfect; especially since my mother was also a teacher. Great parents make all the difference in home schooling. They should be aware of the curriculum taught at school and know the standards for post secondary school entrances. A great hub.

    • Joelipoo profile image

      Joel 6 years ago from Ohio

      @Frog - Thanks for reading. I, along with all three of my siblings, was home-schooled during my primary years. None of us was put into the public schools any later than fifth grade. For all of us, it was extremely successful, and we benefitted from it. However, I know of cases that were not successful. I am familiar with Abeka, and it is good stuff.

    • frogtalk profile image

      frogtalk 6 years ago

      I agree that homeschooling is not for every child. Both my older siblings thrived with homeschooling whereas I did not. I need the pressure and accountability that a formal school setting provides.

      I was though, grateful for the curriculum I studied with, which was abeka books. Probably the best home-school curriculum, I did video school. This was a huge step up from when I did it all without video.

      I think parents need to consider that homeschooling is different with every child. Some children can teach themselves whereas other children need constant tutoring.


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