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The Benefits of Learning Piano Online

Updated on June 24, 2014

People are still surprised about the things they can find on the internet. Maybe this is less true than in previous generations but still surprising none the less. There are countless individuals and companies online that are making their business without any headquarters or office. For example, there is online college. OK, this may not be a huge surprise but you have to admit, it is pretty impressive that a college, with lessons and tests can exist totally online. There are also places online where individuals can learn a musical instrument. The benefits of learning a musical instrument in any fashion are endless but there are added benefits of learning an instrument, such as a piano, online.

Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Researchers performed a study on pre-school age children to test the benefits of musical lessons at a young age and found that keyboard or singing lessons improved the children’s capacity for memory and overall brain capacity. This was mostly due to the fact that the lessons were given to the children at a young age but other benefits include a refinement of time management and organizational skills. This is because due to lessons and a need for a proper amount of time for practice in order to see improvement, musical students will forced to better prioritize their time and organize their lifestyle to fit the activities that they want to do. Learning an instrument also teachers the student the fact that perseverance is necessary in order to achieve anything in life. Becoming a musical student can also help your studies as a student in areas such as math and reading comprehension.

The Benefits of Learning to Play Piano

The benefits that come along with learning to play piano includes all of the previously mentioned benefits that come with learning any instrument. Certain unique benefits of learning to play piano include an increase in a special part of the cognitive development. The music produced by playing the piano stimulates neurological pathways that are not utilized in any other area of activity such as math, science, or technology. Since piano is played with both hands, there is a huge increase in hand-eye coordination. Along with this hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills are sharpened as well. The playing of the piano can also increase the overall health and spirit of an individual.

Benefits of Learning to Play Piano Online

Then here, it all comes together. By learning to play any instrument, you have achieved the benefits mentioned in the second paragraph. By choosing to learn to play piano, you have achieved the benefits emphasized in the third paragraph but by choosing to learn piano online, you have access to even more benefits. For one, you able to choose when and where you are to perform your lessons. Since the teacher is basically available at any time, there is no need to worry about scheduling issues. Lessons online are also usually cheaper than hiring a personal tutor. Also, since the lessons can be performed at home, there is no need to drive to a school to get your lesson. You are able to receive high quality musical instruction in the comfort of your home.


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      Derrick Luis 3 years ago

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