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The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Updated on October 8, 2017

Are you considering learning a second language? If you are then I would love to extend my congratulations to you. There are very few people out there who would take this plunge. Of course; the main benefit of learning a second language is the fact that you will be able to communicate with those who may not necessarily speak your first language. This of course is going to work wonders in the world of business, but it is also going to be brilliant for opening your eyes up to the various other cultures in the world. On this page I want to take a little peek at the various other benefits which are often associated with learning a second language but ones which very few people pay attention to.

First and foremost; studies have shown time and time again that knowing a second language can actually stave off conditions such as dementia. One study identified that those in an 'at risk' group for Alzheimer's disease were able to delay the speed of the condition by as much as five years. This is absolutely fantastic as there are NO drugs out there which can actually accomplish right now.

One of the main reasons as to why many people opt to learn a second language is the fact that they stand far better job prospects. I briefly touched upon this at the start. However more and more companies are starting to become international. After all; the internet has made this far easier than ever before. If you learn a second language then you are actually going to be higher up their list of potential employees than somebody who just knows English. Learn a third one and you will find more jobs than you could possibly attend interviews for.

Many people notice that when the start to learn a second language their first language skills improve. This is in part down to the fact that the areas in the brain dedicated to language actually start to expand. People will find that their listening skills go through the roof. This is because they have to learn how to identify between the two languages. In addition to this they start to pay more attention to the various grammar rules and the like. In fact; those who study English may actually find it beneficial to start to learn a language; particularly one of the Germanic ones.

You will also find that it is far easier to travel about when you learn a second language. You will be able to travel to areas some will only ever be able to dream of simply because you are able to communicate in the language of that region. Learning a second language, particularly something widespread like Spanish, will allow you to see so much more of the beautiful world that we live in.

Finally; the immense feeling of achievement learning a second language is unrivalled. There is just something about tackling this rather tough academic challenge which really does make you feel fantastic about yourself.

So, which of following languages you want to learn first?

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    • JanisaChatte profile image

      Janisa 4 weeks ago from Earth

      I really want to get to a conversational level in norwegian and Japanese :D

    • Sanjana Shukla profile image

      Sanjana Shukla 2 months ago from Mumbai, India

      I would love to learn French and Spanish. Besides being the most common languages used around the world, they sound amazing!