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The Benefits of Video Lessons for Language Learning

Updated on August 4, 2013

The Brazilian Language

Video's Benefits

If you build it, they will come - People the world over love to see videos. It is a fact that, when you use videos as a means of engaging you website's visitors, you increase the chances that those same visitors will hang around longer - and maybe they will come back for more. Especially holds true for language learning. People would rather see video than a page full of grammar terminology. And pronunciation comes alive. Everybody knows that pronunciation is the most important part of language learning.

By engaging your visitors, you are keeping the content interesting. People are more attentive and with an open mind to learn. Since I began using videos to immerse my audience, I have noticed an increase in visits. And they definitely hang out longer.

Deliver your brand - Let's say you are in the business to teach Brazilian Portuguese to the masses. You have a certain flair and style to get the material out. People will become familiar with you and your brand through video. Creating video is a means of getting your brand out there. It is a "vehicle" in which to spread the word.

Broaden your horizons - If you've ever ventured over to or, you know that they have a large audience. But and are just a fraction of the telecasting platforms on the World Wide Web. So, you are opening your doors to a wider audience waiting to hear your Brazilian Portuguese and just as eager to learn. Through video, you are increasing your chances of being discovered.

Become an expert cinematographer - I created my videos using a popular program called Powerdirector, which I am not by any means trying to promote nor sell. The fact is, it is very easy to use. But you must understand some of the basics of video rendering and production such as; computer resources used, video file types, best rendering settings for high quality video, ect, ect. Now, I know what it takes to create the highest quality ready training video to "wow" the crowd - and save face for all the embarrassing moments learning the language myself for the first time.

Increase your bottom line - If you are planning on cashing in with your Brazilian Portuguese language video creations, this could be a golden opportunity to increase your income. But this one is a "no brainer".

Brazilian Portuguese Language Video Lessons

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