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The Best Books About the Russian Civil War

Updated on September 5, 2011

You may be surprised to see that US History also belongs under the Russian Civil War. It is because the US, England and France, actually invaded North Russia in 1918 at Archangel in attempt advance down the Dvina River to stamp out Bolshevism aka communism. Most of the books written are, well, very old, being written from 1920-40. Most fail to give you much about the military details and battles and provide mostly an overhead view of those items and focusing on political mumbo-jumbo or reasons about it etc. Only a few more recent books have come out on the war in English. The Russians have many books on the war, in fact, in 1982, the Soviets produced an encyclopedia about it and is an excellent source in Russian. Nyet!

  • Stamping Out the Virus (2001) 400 pages of detailed maps and all things military, written like a military history book. Already out of print. This book uses many, if not all, books on the list for military situations. Despite editing issues, the content is very useful and good. This book covers the North and South Russia military in totality.Excellent.
  • Aircraft of the Russian Civil War (2000)- mostly in Russian, some English text and is of course, excellent source.
  • The Encyclopedia of the Russian Civil War (1982) totally in Russian. It is treasure trove of information and maps, personalities, weapons and is fairly objective for its time.
  • White Against Red (1930s) It does of its moments for great military maps and battle descriptions.
  • Farewell to the Don remains the only excellent English account of an officer who was there at the time. His observations are superb insights as to the problems the allies had in South Russia.
  • Tanks of the Russian Civil War (2000) is really a slick magazine filled with details of the tanks the Whites and Reds used in some key battles. Mostly in Russian, some English.
  • Red Victory(1989) Another excellent book to read and very comprehensive. Decent maps.
  • The White Generals (1971)
  • White Armies of Russia (1933) is an excellent source despite its age. The maps are good and is mostly a military history account. It compliments Stamping Out the Virus, which is very detailed.
  • Civil War in South Russia 1919-20 (1974) written from the White point of view, very good.
  • Fighting the Bolsheviks (1997) from a guy who was there in North Russia in 1919. Provides a lot of good details and some maps.
  • When Hell Froze Over(2000) very good for combat actions of the US 339th fighting the Reds way up north. Good maps.
  • The Russian Civil War (1997) Osprey books on the Red and White Armies-good sources on either army.

There are still others out there, but you would do well to start with these.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago

      Thanks, must be a newer one.

    • seicheprey profile image

      seicheprey 6 years ago

      Blood Stained Russia is another good one. Nicely done. You don't see a whole lot of info on the Amer. Polar Bears kicking around.