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The Best English Teaching Certificate - Why you need the CELTA

Updated on September 29, 2011
Do you need help with your CELTA?
Do you need help with your CELTA?

Teaching English can be extremely satisfying. Not only do you get the pleasure of helping someone gain new skills but you also have the opportunity to be completely mobile and live just about anywhere in the world. But before you book your tickets to your exiting new destination there You will not get very far without a CELTA.

What is a CELTA

The CELTA is a Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults the course has been developed and is overseen by the University of Cambridge. Many would argue that you don’t even need any qualifications to go and teach and yes this is true of many small or illegally runs schools. If an ambiguous visa status or being barred from another country is a risk you are comfortable with then don’t bother reading on. For those of you looking for a higher paying teaching position with a better working environment thenthe CELTA is a must for you.

New To Teaching?

If you are looking to embark on your career as an English teacher then the CELTA is a very sensible first step. It is a Post-graduate qualification and the workload expected of you will be high though it has been designed to be suitable for those new to the profession . The truth is that it will be difficult. In four very short weeks you will be taught all of the teaching techniques and skills that all our future lessons will be based add to this the fact that you will be producing 4 detailed assignments and also teaching 8 lessons.

Already Experienced?

Great! If this is the case then you will likely get more out of the course in terms of your understanding of your own teaching style and habits, positive or otherwise. Of course having experience doesn’t automatically mean that you are a fantastic teacher, even the best concede there is always room for improvement. The skills and methodology that you will be taught can only serve to make you better. In fact many experienced teachers find the course more difficult as it forces them to justify why they have been teaching the way they have.

Before you sign up

Be prepared for a lot of work. The interview process is quite thorough and if your trainers don’t think that you will be able to complete the course they most likely won’t offer you a place.Most of you will make it and will have difficulty with the courses time constraints and understanding the major concepts fast enough to use them in your teaching practice or refer to them in your assignments.

It is important to know that the CELTA way is not the only way to teach but in many cases the CELTA certificate is required to get the job. If you are already doing the CELTA follow the link for more detailed CELTA help. You will find a Course outline including detailed lesson templates, comprehensive marking criteria and also some very useful cut and paste references.

Happy Teaching


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      Marisa Hammond Olivares 6 years ago from Texas

      Very interesting - I may have to check this out

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