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The Biography of Joseph "Stalin"; "the Man of Steel"

Updated on January 9, 2018
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This article is about Joseph Stalin. A notorious dictator of the Soviet Union, that gained power through manipulation of his citizens.

Joseph Stalin and his fame, so to speak, originated from he being the most cruel and brutal dictators in not only the Soviet Union, but in history itself. Now, I am sure when I say this your minds shift in seconds to the notorious Adolf Hitler, but he invaded 11 Countries, and killed over 6,000,000 Innocent Jews, and 5 million innocents. Now, Joseph Stalin killed at least 20,000,000 innocents, invaded 18 countries, and had over 10,000 of his own soldiers killed during World War II, with “Order 227, ”Not a step back” initiative.

Joseph “Stalin”; “The Man of Steel” ( His real name being Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili ) was born on December 18th 1878, he grew up in poverty and as an only child and was born to a Georgian cobbler in Gori, Georgia. Stalin, after leaving school, was sent to a seminary, which could not have gone wronger. You see, instead of studying the bible, he instead studied and later embraced Marxism, and became a loyal follower to Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution of 1917 and Bolshevik Party. Stalin was now in the Bolshevik Party, and was performing acts of extreme violence against the Czarist Government, as well as rob banks to fund the Bolshevik Revolution,show the weakness of the Czarist Government, and corrupt the system. This was a classic ‘2 Birds with One Stone’ scenario. However, he was soon placed under extremely heavy surveillance by Russia’s Secret Police for his treasonous activities toward the Empire.

In 1912, while Lenin was in exile, Stalin was appointed directly by Lenin to serve on the Central Committee of the Bolshevik Party. This made him extremely popular in the party, mostly because he became Lenin’s right hand. Roughly three years later, the Bolshevik Party began its 1917 Revolution, ( See “From Revolution to Union” for more information on the revolt ) and seized power in the now former Czarist Empire. Lenin crafted the Soviet Union, appointing himself as the leader of it, and the world’s first dictator of a communist union. Sadly, Lenin died only 2 years after creating his Union, and Joseph Stalin took control, crushing all of Lenin’s former enemies with swiftness and vigor, and finally succeeded in winning the extreme struggle for control of the Communist Party. By the mid - late 1920’s, Stalin became the Soviet Union’s Dictator. This was when stalin and his fierce cruel rule began, this day in history would not be forgotten.

Joseph Stalin was now the leader of Russia, the leader of the world’s largest nation, the leader of the Soviet Union. He began to implement a series of 5 years plans and claimed he wanted to transform Russia, and the Soviet Union from a poor and peasant country, into an industrial superpower. The entirety of his plan was focused on allowing the Government to manipulate the citizens and the economy without them knowing. They involved forced collectivization of Soviet agriculture, in which the government took control of farms. There were many citizens that confused to cooperate, so, stalin stood by his famous quote “Death is the Solution to all Problems; No man, No Problem” and killed, or exiled for life, every single person who refused to hand their farm over to the ‘Glorious Government’. But his spree did not stop their, all political members, central committee, high command, and military leaders who did not follow the orders of Stalin, were also shot and killed with no question, anyone who did question the deaths was also shot and killed.

Now we move on to the famine stalin caused 100% on purpose, to boost the industrialization of the Soviet Union. His thought was if he had all of the farms to control, all of the laborers to work at them, and all of the crops that came from them, he could make more money to help the industrialization process. He was correct, and this did help significantly in allowing the industrial area of the Nation grow, however the people starved and died off one by one. Now, you may be thinking, “If he is so bad, why didn’t they revolt like they did with the Czars?”. The people, government, and military did not revolt, because he ruled with absolute fear and terror. Anyone who DARED to defy him, anyone who DARED to question his ways were killed, exiled, or worse. The worst punishment must have been being sent to the Gulag camps, where those who defied him were forced to do backbreaking labor. He also began to drastically expand the Russian Military Police, so he could spot any so called enemies of the state from miles away.

Now we move on to his worst event. Stalin in the later 1930s did this event known as “The Great Purge”, in which he created a series of campaigns of sort, to rid everyone in his own Communist Party, Military, and many other parts of Soviet Society he deemed a threat. Stalin even began to make himself seem like a nearly god-like figure, building what could only be described as a type of religion, or cult in his own honor. He had cities renamed after him, statues shoved up everywhere they could be, propaganda on every wall that could fit it, and he even fed them information through the media. He even put his own name in the Soviet national anthem, the verse being “And Stalin our leader with faith in the people,Inspired us to build up the land that we love”. He was also heavily involved in artwork painted by some of the best artists, and literature written by some of the best authors.

Now we finally reach World War II. The day before World war II, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin made a Nonaggression Pact, stating neither of them would attack each other. Stalin then continued to grow his nation, invading Parts of Romania and Poland, Estonia Latvia, The Baltic States, and Lithuania. However, things did not go so smooth when in June of 1941, Hitler broke the non aggression pact, and began an invasion of the Soviet Union. This is where Stalin made a mistake, Britain, and America warned him of a Nazi Invasion, as did his advisors and intelligence, but he ignored them and I assume regretted it. The Nazi-Germans advanced through Russia, and made it all the way to Moscow, but did not yet attack the Capital City. Instead, they began attacking Stalingrad and Leningrad which spread their forces too thin to attack the Capital.

While the Nazi’s Invaded, Stalin decided enough was enough. He moved half of the Soviet Union’s population across Russia, and made up blueprints and ideas for better tanks, artillery, and weaponry that would be superior to the Germans. This was a time of rapid industrialization for the Soviet Union, In just 2 years in 1943, the Soviets did all of this. It was a time of titanic industrialization for the Soviet Union. So, Stalin then introduced Order 227, “Not a Step Back”. It was issued July 28th, and it basically meant anyone who retreated into battle was treated as an enemy, shot, and killed. This killed over 10,000 of Stalin’s own men, but proved effective overall. Stalin refused to let the Germans take any more ground at this point, because after 1943, the Germans made no major advances. They were pushed out of Moscow, then Stalingrad, and Leningrad. They were knocked out of Russia, knocked out of the invaded territories and pushed so far back, Stalin invaded half of Germany in The Battle of Berlin.

Every single nation was dumbfounded, everyone said that “The Germans would crush the Soviets” but they did not, the Soviets defeated the “Fascist Invaders” . Stalin claims it was the might of his Union and his army that truly did everything, while others claim it was due to extreme weather conditions. This is arguable, but overall false. The Soviet Union lost over 25,000,000 people,this being made up of both soldiers and citizens. This shows Stalin sacrificed not only millions of his soldiers that were prepared to die for their country, but millions of citizens that weren’t. Though it is often said the Nazi’s only lost due to extreme tempratures, it could be due to Stalin’s harsh and brutal tactics, that also happened to be ingenious in a way. Sure, weather may have played a factor that slightly tipped the scale to the side of Russia, but Stalin was far smarter than Hitler, and manufactures tanks and artillery far better than his.

Many say the United States won World war II, but it was really the Soviet Union and their deadly tactics. Stalin threw men at the invaders like it was nothing, tossing more and more out. This proved more than effective. Not to mention the Soviet Union shared all of its newly found weaponry and artillery with the world, which helped significantly in the defeat of the Germans. Overall, looking at the major financial, economical,and technological losses, the Soviet Union gave and gave while only Britain assisted them, and they hardly even did.

Now we drift off World War II, and go into the Dictators later years. First, let me say Stalin did NOT at all get easier or mellower with age. He instead grew more and more paranoid that someone was plotting to kill him, and that there were groups of people plotting for his downfall. But, apart from that, Stalin continued his reign of Terror which by now made it up to millions upon millions of Deaths in citizens and soldiers of the Soviet Union, and and he even lead the Soviets to the nuclear age in 1949, by igniting an atomic bomb. In 1950, he even gave North Korean leader, Kim Il Sung , permission to invade South Korea, which was a United States supported country. This event sparked The Korean War, yet another conflict stalin created in hopes to cause America chaos, and keep his empire growing.

In his even later years, Stalin grew even more paranoid and in his late years died of a stroke on March 5th, 1953 at 74 Years Old. his body was put into Lenin’s Mausoleum, before being removed by Nikita Khrushchev as a part of “De-Stalinization” This was the end of the Brutal Dictators life. The end of this Cruel, evil, heartless person, who was also an intelligent, educated man, a genius, a scholar and a famed tactician. That was the end of an era, and one that should have never begun in the first place. Stalin would now lay outside of the Kremlin wall, where his memorial still stands, and can still be visited. Though Stalin crushed his opponents with harsh and strong fear, though he murdered and killed, pillaged and executed, millions attended his funeral, and many of them were truly truly devastated upon Stalin’s death. Stalin had left such a strong mark, such a deep deep mental scar within these poor innocent people, they truly believed the death of this monster was a loss of a country, an empire, a union. It is truly, truly sad and devastating the god awful horrible things this man had done...and leaving this impact on these innocent people may be among the worse. Brainwashing innocents, children as well, that is a crime that is truly unforgivable.

Stalin was married 2 times. The first to a woman named Ekaterina Svanidze, she died on December 5th, 1907 of Typhus. Stalin was devastated over the death of his wife, his quote here was “This creature softened my heart of stone. She died, and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity”. This would live on to be one of Stalin’s most famous quotes. His second wife was Alliluyeva Nadezhda, who was Stalin's wife from 1919 to her death by suicide in 1932. She claimed stalin ‘Brutalized’ people, and she was not wrong. Stalin had by the time of his death killed at the very least 20,000,000 people, however it is estimated he killed a rough total of anywhere from 50,000,000 to 70,000,000. There are many arguments about how many Stalin truly murdered, but this seem to be the most accurate estimate there is. Stalin was truly heartbroken now, and could not even bring himself to attend the funeral or even visit her grave. Stalin simply said “She died an enemy” and left it at that. Stalin also had 4 children, 2 were male and 2 were female. He constantly expressed his hate for one of his children named Yakov Dzhugashvili, always telling him he was homosexual. Stalin bullied him to the point where he tried to kill himself. He failed and Stalin responded “He cannot even shoot straight”

Stalin was also famous for his many quotes, so I will note some of his most famous ones:

1. “Death is the Solution to all problems; No man, No problem.”

2. “The people who cast the votes do not decide on an election,the people who count the votes do.”

3. Everybody has a right to be stupid, but some people abuse that privilege”

4. “This creature softened my heart of stone. She died, and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity”

5. “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why let them have ideas?”

6. “Education is a weapon. Whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands, and who at.”

7. “A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.”

8. “I’m pretty sure there is a lot more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking. And I plan to find out what that is”

9. “He cannot even shoot straight”

Portrait of Joseph Stalin
Portrait of Joseph Stalin
Propaganda Poster of Joseph Stalin parading in the center of a Soviet city, waving to his people.
Propaganda Poster of Joseph Stalin parading in the center of a Soviet city, waving to his people.

© 2018 Zander William Mundy


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