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The Black American Dream

Updated on March 5, 2015

I Am My Brothers Keeper

I can imagine, hundreds of years ago, our ancestors dreamed of days like these. They dreamed they would be free to walk on the same sidewalk as a( white) woman and have nothing to worry about. I'm sure they dreamed of days they could go into a coffee house, and sit in the same area as a white man without being told to move. They would have been elated to know that it is now okay to date outside the race, when then, black men would be killed for even whistling towards a white woman.

Our ancestors put in real work! They had hearts of lions and the strength of bears. Wearily working until the sun went down resting only a few hours before the sun was to rise again. Then, blacks leaned on to each other for support, there really was no other choice they had. Of course you had a few whites who never bothered with racism, but in the 1800's being friends with a black was a curse! The community of blacks in that Era were close knit, everyone knew everyone. No child was ever unaccounted for. Yet today, the aspirations of our ancestors are null in void due to the continuous black on black hate in our very own communities.

It makes no logic sense knowing that African Americans were lowest on the totem pole, to behave in the manner that we do. We no longer need the lynch mob, because black successfully hang one another on a day to day basis. To hell with the KKK, blacks rally up against one another on a daily basis. There is no reason for other races to proclaim how much they hate us, because we do it so much better than them. It's a shame that an African American individual can strive for success and not get the support needed from their own race simply because of inward hate. Its devastating to know that there are some African Americans who denounce their race because of the stigma that comes along with being black.

Truth be told, hard working, positive, and progressive African Americans have the same dream as the rest of the world. Financial stability, big house, beautiful yard for the kids, a little white picket fence. There are some blacks who actually strive toward better instead of staying in poverty and blaming everyone else for their misfortune. Their days are filled with work, just as our ancestors did years ago. These exceptional kind are respected in the eyes of society. Society knows who works for a living and who sits back and reaps the benefits of all the hard working Americans.

It sickens me the death toll for black on black crime in America. We become out raged when we hear stories about Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown simply because in both situation it was a "white" man who shot and killed them both. Yet when we hear stories about senseless deaths in our hometown, we become oblivious, secretly condoning the murdering of our fellow black brother. It is not fair to continuously play the race card in these instances when we do wrong to our very own race. We can't get mad at other races for simply telling the truth, and as the saying goes, the truth hurts.

The Black American dream was created by our ancestors, and they never gave up on it. They fought hard and worked hard, just so we could be able to buy a house in a decent neighborhood and allow our children to have the same education as any other child. The only problem is, now, we have forgotten to instill the very morals that we were taught, into our own children and the children in the community. Understand this, children usually exhibit learned behavior. If your child is a bully, or unreasonably mean to other children it is because he learned it first at home. We need to raise our young black children with respect and integrity and stop feeding into the trend of "hating" on one another.

Aren't you tired of seeing little 5 year old girls on social media dressed like a teenager? We put a caption to it , and call it swag. When really, we are sexualizing our daughters and teaching them things they have no business learning at such a tender age. We become belligerent to find our daughters are desperately seeking attention, or trying to have babies at the age of 15. We get mad when are daughters are used by various men, when in all actually we are the ones who teach them this behavior is ok. We allow men in and out of our lives, never really putting our foot down in relationships and allowing a shiftless (black) man to have full control over our household. Our daughters are raised watching listening and observing, and in turn they make the same mistakes we made. Break the cycle, start now, we don't have much time to spare.

You have some that say, "We were pawned to hate one another!" Cut the crap! This cannot be true in theory or in fact. No one can make you do anything you do not want to do. We have an option to say I will not hate my brother, I will be kind and gentle to my sister. We can rebuild the Black American Dream but we have to start with our own thinking and change the way we view one another. WE cannot be mad at other races for speaking negatively about us because we give them the ammunition to do so. How can we tell the shooter not to shoot, if we give them the bullets and load the gun for them?

We can no longer blame everyone else for our own short comings. At some point we need to become accountable for our own selves and stop looking for an easy cop out all the time. The African American Dream, however tarnished it may be, can still be accomplished. It is possible for us to set aside hate and be the men and women our ancestors dreamed we would and could be.

I understand that not everyone will be receptive to the mission at hand. There are some African Americans who will remain ignorant even if you give them all the tools to be successful. There is no hope for a reprobated mind. All we can do is work on the individual, and do our part to help cease the level of hate in our African American communities. It wont be easy but working toward the actual African American Dream will be worth it in the long run. Denounce all hate, stay away from gossip that is meant to tarnish the name of your fellow brother and sister, do your part make sure the children of our community are well informed and well mannered.

There are some who enjoy the monotony of the everyday "ghetto" life, then you have people like me who not only talk about pursuing the Black American Dream, but actually work hard to actually attain that dream. Its not about where you start, its about how you finish. Let your intentions be to finish strong!


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    • Edward J. Palumbo profile image

      Ed Palumbo 

      3 years ago from Tualatin, OR

      You express yourself well. I hope to read more from you. Voted "awesome".

    • profile image

      Roslyn Lewis 

      3 years ago

      I enjoyed reading such intelligent interesting information about our culture and by such an awesome amazing intelligent young lady!!!


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