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The Butterfly Effect (chaos theory)

Updated on May 13, 2020

"The flapping of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane in another part of the world"

This phrase by Edward Lorenz summarizes very well what I will talk about in this post.

The well-known "Butterfly Effect" is a term established by the American meteorologist Edward Norton Lorenz and is directly associated with his chaos theory, in which he explains that small changes in the initial conditions lead to enormous discrepancies in the results. This principle is usually called the Butterfly Effect. Coincidences, small actions and details in the initial conditions can considerably affect our future and that of others. We make decisions in our lives that, however small, can distort our future from what it was at a given time before making that decision. Life is a factor that we shape as time passes, through our decisions and the way we act in the face of opportunities or bad times.

A simple haircut can attract someone, who could be a nice company for you and can be part of your future. Deciding whether to dare to have a conversation with someone or simply to let him go puts you to choose between two different timelines. Moving out of the blue would radically change things, maybe you will have new friends and get a good job, why not? Deciding between leaving or not leaving your country is putting on a tray what life you want to live, bearing in mind the risks, facilities and obstacles that both scenarios can have.

There are unconscious decisions and actions that seem so innocent but still have consequences, such as walking to a place without knowing that just at that time and just on that street an accident would occur in which you would die. Bathing at a certain time and just when you are in the bathroom between a thief in your house, was it a good decision or a bad decision? That happened to me once, and saved me from being face to face with the thief, who seemed to be hiding because the police were chasing him for actions that his life has had at that time living his chaos. I also met people who, while in the bathroom, passed out and drowned in the shower.

Deciding which path to take is often difficult for us, but also doing nothing about it and letting life pass is an alternative and it is a destination,that in the future it may bring some regrets for not doing what we basically wanted, but we did not do in due time, paying or rather living in the present the effect and consequences.

A clear example would be that when you leave high school you literally have to choose what life you want to live. Do you want to live saving lives? Do you want to live defending rights? Do you want to live taking care of animals and pets? Do you want to teach your knowledge to others? Many people are very clear about what they want in their lives and the future they want to have, instead there are some who are not very sure and only choose a path to just pass through.

With this I return to destiny, those people may not enjoy their work or the life they lead by that decision they made in the past, but it could also be seen the one who loved to be an engineer, but what would he know yes in the future when he finished his career he would start one of the worst dictatorships in history in his country, which would not allow him to achieve everything he dreamed of his profession, and in the worst case, not being able to get a job, all because of mass decisions that changed the destiny of a country.

Days ago I was wondering why this is happening right now? That made me feel someone special in a somewhat particular way, then I looked at my son who has no idea what is happening, he has lived his life normally and I hope that when he grows a little more the situation has changed and the variations that we add in the present to this chaos give positive results. That way he will only know everything that happened through my stories. Stories that will make you appreciate the things you have, stories that will make both of us better people, grateful for what we have and above all ... stories that will make us think very well of our actions and decisions.


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