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The Case of the Pileated Woodpecker Chase

Updated on May 23, 2016

First Arrival

I arrived at the park today. The first thing I noticed, one of my favorite birds, the Rose Breasted Grosbeak! I got some great videos of it too.

Then I saw this American Robin and hoped to catch some video footage of it getting a worm out of the ground. It was just listening to them though. Hopefully next time I get some with one eating some worms.

I kept walking around an area where the Rose Breasted Grosbeak was at. It was sure talkative! It was so great listening to it. The audio hallucinations from the medication were a little loud so I'm glad I brought my tripod with. It makes me a little shaky otherwise. Here are a couple more videos of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak. The second video here is of the female.

Then I recognized some familiar birds in the parking lot. I couldn't remember what they were called, but with a little help from the audio hallucinations and the Sibley bird book, I remembered they were called the Cedar Waxwing. Thank you, Strattera. Here are a couple videos of the Cedar Waxwing.

I got some more footage of a new bird I learned about. The American Redstart. This bird is talkative and loud! I love it. I hope you enjoy this video of it and a couple additional ones of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak.

I finally was able to get some video of the Baltimore Oriole! I saw it a couple times but had a few missed opportunities. I came close to getting some Ruby Throated Hummingbirds too, but no luck. Here is a video of the Baltimore Oriole and even some more of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak.

After these last few videos of the Rose Breasted Grosbeak, I saw a rather large bird fly right over me. I wasn't too sure what it was. Then instinct and Grandma's voice, thanks to the audio hallucinations kicked in, saying, "Pileated Woodpecker." I smiled and the chase was on. I don't have any video of the Pileated Woodpecker so I was super stoked to get something! I got to the edge of the parking lot and saw it in a tree after hearing how loud it was but I just missed my opportunity. Then I went along the river bank and came close to the edge and nearly fell in! Thankfully, I held on to some shrubs for support. I finally got a few seconds of my first Pileated Woodpecker video. How awesome is that? The chase was on. I went back from where I came and traveled across the bridge to the other side, hoping to see it again. The case of the Pileated Woodpecker chase was on.

I went down the River Trail and saw some White Tail Deer and this American Redstart.

I stopped for a break and cooled off in the river. It was refreshing and reminded me of the times I spent in Oregon. The water felt great. Then I saw some people on the trail and finally got some more videos of the Eastern Kingbird. These were the last videos I got on the River Trail loop today. I should have packed some snacks because I got hungry. And I didn't pack any water. That's okay though, it was a nice short hike. Just a few hours out birding around. Such a beautiful day. With a high of around 80 degrees. Partly cloudy and a light breeze. I did not get to see the Pileated Woodpecker again, but it was a nice hike. There was a time when I thought I was going to get lost, but that would have been okay with a part of me. I'm glad I didn't though. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed.


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      Larry Rankin 

      4 years ago from Oklahoma



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