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The Choices of an Honest Life

Updated on June 20, 2012
I accept only the totalitarianism that comes directly from my heart from Robert Carande Source:
I accept only the totalitarianism that comes directly from my heart from Robert Carande Source:

The Choices of an Honest Life

By Tony DeLorger © 2012

Woven tightly into the silken threads of life, the truth, as illusive as it may seem, is always there to be acknowledged. Human beings, given our gifts of thought and choice, have never been adept at recognising the stark truth, especially when opposing our perceptions of self. Denial is therefore a common trait, one that by its very nature, holds us back more than any other factor in the course of our life's journey.

Choice is the architect of our path, determining each element of experience and circumstance. Choices not only deliver us to intended conditions but also to the harsh lessons of failure and necessary understandings that come as a consequence of poor choices. There exists no right or wrong, simply the associated consequences and experiences that result.

The tapestry of life is filled with enigmas, challenges and metaphors that help guide us to an open and accepting evolution. How we develop from childhood is as much about our inherent openness to change and our ability to gain perspective over circumstance, not just how it affects us as an individual. The more open and less self-involved we are, the more we can appreciate and empathise with our fellow travellers, thus gaining a far greater perspective and grasp of the underlying truth.

Honesty is therefore paramount in dealing with the intensity and scope of life experience. Without it we may live in a pre-emptive denial that not only veils the truth but worse, keeps us in a fantasy that can only bring harm in the end. Gaining this level of personal honesty is not an easy task, as it requires complete openness to the reality of our true nature, our potential as well as our darkest fears and propensities. But without it we are deluding ourselves and hiding from the truth.

Pain, like the joys of life requires attention and understanding. We tend to judge experience by our acceptance of it and therefore reject anything we see negative, as fruitless and destructive. The opposite is in fact true, pain and suffering the lessons that can deliver many epiphanies and life-changing realisations. It is through intense emotional experience that we are stripped bare and open to the underlying truths, the power of ego and self-interest pealed away and discarded. It is these very experiences that allow us to grow and to face the honesty of balance.

In life we are faced with many decisions, and how we act and what we do is a product of how we see and understand ourselves. Developing consideration and compassion for others is a path of learning that can only enhance our understanding of the self by reflection. When we accept our faults and potentials and understand how we fit into this complex myriad of life, we become a traveller, a student of life. In this endeavour we are but one of many and in perspective we find a peace and stability that is both rewarding and nurturing.

We are miracles, disasters, beauty and ugliness, pure love and hate all with infinite potential. How we see ourselves and indeed understand ourselves, guides the honesty of our choices and therefore the detailed consequences of our lives. With open eyes life can become an endless and perfect gift. How we view it is always up to us.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for your comment Anish, most appreciated.

    • penofone profile image

      Anish Patel 5 years ago

      LYou have the right reason s to coexist with nature and the man its created in the world of the leaping towards the inner light or sanctity of mind...

      I believe!