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The Concept Of Dates In History

Updated on December 6, 2016

The Year Of Birth Of Jesus Christ As Zero

We Take The Year Of Birth Of Jesus Christ As Zero

As we all know, we calculate our days and nights through a proper system of dates and years. We take the year of birth of Jesus Christ as Zero. The left side of the given time-line represents the years before Christ was born and is called BC (Before Christ). For example, 50 years before Christ is written as 50 BC. All dates before the birth of Christ are counted backwards, for example, 300 BC will come first and 400 BC will come later.On the other hand, anything that happened in the years after the birth of Jesus Christ are expressed in AD. (Anon Domini’ means in the year of the Lord’).

Many historians now use the terms B.C.E and CE. CE stands for common Era’ and B.C.E stands for before Common Era’. This is called the common era because most countries of the world now use this. India started using this form of dating about 200 years ago.

Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing. It is the science of identifying scripts, clarifying their uses according to date and cultural context. A person using the method of epigraphy is called an epigrapher or epigraphs.

Chacolithic Age – Use Of Metals

Chacolithic Age – Use Of Metals

Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions or epigraphs as writing. It is the science of identifying scripts, clarifying their uses according to date and cultural context. A person using the method of epigraphy is called an epigrapher or epigraphs.

Materials remains of the Stone Age have been found in the north – eastern states in Thebrongri, Mismagiri, Selbagiri and Rongram Alagiri. In Mizoramand Manipur also, remains of stone tools have been found.

Daojali Hading in Assam, is an important Neolithic site. Pestles and mortars, polished stone tools and some pots have been excavated from this site.

These findings point towards a probability that people were growing grains and using these grains to prepare food.

Tools made of fossil wood have also been found here. Another important find is a stone – jadeite, which most probably, was brought from China.

Rivers Were The Main Mode Of Travel

Rivers Were The Main Mode Of Travel

The Northern Plain has determined the development of India. The places along the rivers have developed faster than any other part of the country. Rivers were the main mode of travel. They provided the important resource of water and made the areas around them highly fertile. As a result, agriculture became prosperous near the banks of the rivers and even trade could easily flourish near the rivers. Some important rivers of north India are Beas, Ganga, Yamuna and Indus.

The Deccan Plateau

The Deccan had always been a very strong and powerful military base. So, it was not easy for mighty powers of the north to win and control Deccan for a long time.

Coastal Plains

The coastal plains of India were isolated by land. They were open to the sea to establish commercial relations with the European, south – east Asian and African countries.Interestingly, first Muslim and Cristian traders reached Kerala by the Sea.

Decline Of The civilization

Decline Of The Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilization lasted for around one and a half millennial. According to archaeologists, its decline began in 1500 BC. Historians and archaeologists are still searching for reasons that can explain the weakening and ultimate collapse of this civilization.

One of the possible reasons behind the decline of the Indus Valley Civilization was the change in climate.


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