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The Concept of Language

Updated on May 10, 2015

The Future Status of English as a Global Language

English as a world language prevails over other languages with its effectiveness. Due to the fact that Britain attempted to expand its colonies in 1760’s, Britain became an affluent and a prominent empire around the world. In addition to its political and social impact, English as a common language had also spread its continuity across the world. India was a country where English was spoken by people widely. Today, more than half of the population in North India communicates with English language. This can be a strong indication that English will certainly sit its kingdom as a global language in the near future.

English has gained its status-quo as a global language and is used in any part of the world for the purpose of general communication. Obviously, globalization is one of the significant factors that accelerate the spread of English language. Globalization of business allows people or companies to cooperate with themselves in all over the world. Thus, English is not only a common and unique bond that serves as the symbol of global information but has also become an inevitable business necessity with regard to the language of international and working areas.

The rise of technological development is another factor that influences on the transformation of English language as the language of technology. Nowadays, technology takes part in a component of communication in social media. With the propagation of content items such as videos, podcasts, websites from one Internet users to another one, English fulfills on the duty of cultural information on the Internet. The increasing commercial and journalistic interaction indicates that English will maintain its dominance as a common and universal language in the future.

How English Became a Global Language

Moreover, English is an integral part of the global communication. Although some people think that Chinese will replace as a world language in the future instead of English language, English will certainly be dominant over Chinese language in terms of the simplicity and intelligibility of its language structure. David Graddol in his work of The Future of English asserts that world-wide, there are over 1,400 million people living in countries where English has official status. One out of five of the world’s population speaks English to same level competence. Demand from the other four fifths is increasing. English is the main language of books, newspapers, airports and air- traffic control, international business, and academic conferences, science technology, diplomacy, sport, international competitions, pop music and advertising. As can be seen, English plays a fundamental role as an international and cultural entity. Therefore, the future status of English will be assured as the global language in all around the world.


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