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The Connection of Dichotomies

Updated on January 1, 2013
Connection with Other Dimensions from Sophie Shapiro  Source:
Connection with Other Dimensions from Sophie Shapiro Source:

The Connection of Dichotomies

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

The dichotomy of life experience suddenly occurres to me as an anomoly, that is the difference between how we live a physical life and an intellectual life, is not only connected but inspiring and motivating, one to the other. Our physical experience, rudimentary sensations and feelings such as warmth, cold, feeling textures, hearing sound and seeing the world around us, all trigger thought and intellectual considerations.

As a poet this translation of experience to creative expression brings the dichotomy of physical and mental to different outcomes and potential. It is these seemingly meaningless experiences such as feeling the sand between your toes or a gentle breeze against you face that can connect us to far deeper relationships.

Beyond the basic affiliation between what we feel physically and what we think as a result, there is a further exploration of deeper meaning and understanding. In life, everything is connected and aspects are expressed in seemingly different but associated ways. Sensation, thought and expression have never been mutually exclusive but interconnected in complex patterns, these patterns dependent on the viewpoint and experience of the person.

Often, particularly with creative thought, experiences become a path to thoughts of relevance, irrelevance, metaphoric viewpoints, hidden meanings and associations unrecognised at a single glance. This path of inquiry subsequently brings the two opposite sides of a dichotomy into a realm of a profound relationship, and further creates something else, individual and unique.

Thoughts of physical sensations can trigger connections with esoteric thoughts, which in the end can give further meanings and creation to ideas far removed from the individual experience. For example, feeling the sand between your toes could trigger thoughts of childhood, feelings of freedom, expectation and blissful happiness. In the hands of a writer this feeling and memory could further relate to the beauty of nature, feeling oneness with the physical world and indeed the considerations of the meaning of life.

In the hands of a writer dichotomies meld into new frontiers of understanding. Relationships that are not immediately obvious are given life and a different perspective as physical experience turns to feelings, to thoughts, to exploration and finally expression with a new understanding.

The connections in life and on every level of being exist naturally, each component an irreplaceable part of the whole. When we connect to creativity, it is these connections that we realise, and in a way it is this that contradicts the existence of dichotomy. For as much as we see everything differently on a superficial level, the truth is much simpler.

We are all connected in profound ways, if only we would seek to understand this rather than seek difference, we would find far more meaning in life and in peaceful outcomes.


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