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The Dad At Home, The Mum On The Run With Their Son; The Hypocrisy In Family Law Wars

Updated on June 15, 2015

On The Run With Her Son, She flees as judge says dad should have boy of three years old.

In the mirror today, that is 10/06/2015, there is a story of a mother running away with her son after a lengthy court battle ruled that the father should be awarded custody of their three year old son, Ethan.

This hub is regarding the difference in the opinions between the genders of those who have only viewed the front page.

They have not read the article, in fact, at the time of writing this (00:20) the newspaper has probably not yet even been printed.

I welcome any opinions of your own, hopefully, more articulated than those expressed by some individuals in the examples I will share in this hub.

Please see below for the front page article of The Mirror, a British tabloid newspaper. This is the discussion point of the following examples which are comments sourced from Facebook, some are interesting, some are (as a father without access to his own daughter due to not being able to afford to take her mother to court) enraging and others are outright bonkers.

I have chosen to not remove the names of the parties who have posted Facebook comments because they are publicly accessible for all to see. I am not breaching anybody's privacy. Their permission was granted by publishing their comments publicly for all to see.

Read all about it! Read all about it!

Source: The Mirror - Facebook.
Source: The Mirror - Facebook. | Source

The caption

The caption to the front page article reads;

A MUM who lost custody of her son of three in a court battle has disappeared with the child.

Rebecca Minnock, 36, was told Ethan must live with his dad, Roger Williams, in Somerset.

As police hunted the pair [mum and son], her mum Louise said "I think she panicked."

So, let's start with my opinion. This is a very biased opinion because after the mother of my own daughter took her away from me and refused me access since she was 6 months old (nearly a year at the time of writing this) for absolutely no reason at all.

The fact her mother seems to be saying "She should just get a slap on the wrist" is barbaric to say the least. Let's say she panicked, and didn't, in fact, orchestrate this months before the hearing, she should by now have come back, apologised, explained herself and given the child back. She would have been given a telling off, maybe a bit of probation but now it has turned from panicking and fleeing and realising you have to go back to kidnap, this woman is going to jail.

The mere fact a news story has been printed regarding the matter is evident enough that the police are taking this extremely severely, as would anybody with any brain cell.


This opinion is not shared by the female community, it would seem. In fact, they sympathise with this monster and claim that, although a judge has ordered otherwise, a psychiatrist has recommended otherwise (source: Sky News)

The kidnapper's family were ordered to appear before The Crown Court, which in the UK is the court just below the European Court Of Rights, this is a serious matter to be dealt with here rather than the magistrates.

The family claimed they did not know where she was and denied withholding information from the police, they also claimed they had no means of contacting her. Make of it what you will, but I personally find this unlikely. The entire family could potentially be perverting the course of justice.

Any information should be forwarded to Avon and Somerset Police in the United Kingdom, Anyone with information is urged to contact Avon and Somerset Police on 101 (UK) or +44(0)1275 816377 (outside of UK), quoting reference MP2189/15/.
Any information should be forwarded to Avon and Somerset Police in the United Kingdom, Anyone with information is urged to contact Avon and Somerset Police on 101 (UK) or +44(0)1275 816377 (outside of UK), quoting reference MP2189/15/. | Source


Miss Minnock is white, about 5ft 3in, of medium build and has dark wavy shoulder length hair.

Ethan is white with blond hair and blue eyes.

That Front Page Again


Should The Mum Have Fled With Her Son, even though the court awarded full custody to the father upon a psychiatric referral and inconsistency in the female's account of events?

See results

The Differing Opinion

So, what exactly is this hub about again?

Well, it's about the comments I read on the post The Mirror shared regarding the front page of today's paper. And I am going to share these with you.

We will start with the masculine opinion.

This man, Anthony, tells us the "father is sat at home, desperately awaiting news that his son is safe".

I will say that his in fact, shares my opinion on the matter.

He is commenting on the concerning majority of female opinions which sympathise with kidnappers. It is disgusting for any person to have the opinion that kidnap is OK. I mean, if I kidnapped my daughter, I would see myself in jail probably before I even made it to the end of her street.

The above person seems largely unbiased. Yet it is true what he is saying, it would be a different story, no matter what anybody thinks they think, if a father ran away with his child after the court awarded custody to the mother... the female majority would claim he is a monster and should be hung, drawn and quartered.

I will point out at this point, the mother was allowed access to her son, under Ethan's father's supervision, as recommended by a psychologist. It wasn't as if the court had said "No, you are no longer this child's mother, forget about the child, move on. You are not allowed to see your child ever again." Instead, the court compromised.

Unfortunately, it is likely she will not be allowed to see her child at all now, at least not for many years until she is out of prison.

Hear the news here!

In summary of the masculine opinion...

What can we gather from this?

We understand here, that the majority of men are rational (I've not read one comment which condones kidnap or breaking the law or putting a child at risk in any way from a man).

Now, we will see the comments expressing the majority of the female opinion. There are considerably more here as it is absolutely shocking that any mother will condone a woman to kidnap a child.

Here we have the majority of females, all expressing opinions regarding the British Social Services failing at their job, meaning the child psychologist clearly doesn't know what he is doing apparently to this child not being at risk and shouldn't have be taken from her mother.

I will point out that she, the 'mother', has done it now, she will most probably lose all access.

Some comments plead for her to "Keep running and never look back!" (not exact quote).

With the exception of Corina Riley, who sheds some new light on the story, states "Her brother posted on Facebook that they are both safe!" So, if this is true, the family do have contact... this is concerning because this means they're most probably perverting the course of justice. Nearly every female shares the same opinion.

Corina also states it looks like the monster has been using the child as a weapon, something I can relate to. It is a horrible feeling.

We even have some ridiculous (on the majority of female's side) heated debates between the sexes...

Anthony makes another appearance with a true and meaningful word.

"[There] is more truth in the written word than you'll find in a prejudiced mind."

It is true. With only two Facebook "Likes", it doesn't do it justice.

Utter Bonkers

Here, I would like to bring your attention to Kayleigh Godfrey's comment along with Ellie Budden's comments who seem to believe the courts have made the wrong decision, the experts involved are all entirely wrong and that it is OK for a woman to accuse a man of crimes he didn't commit (I haven't found out yet what these false accusations are but could be anything from rape to peadophilia to something less sinister like drugs or theft), they also seem to think it is OK to deny a father access to his son. It is NOT.

I would like to point out that we see Naomi Patricia has the same rational opinion shared by the men.

Not every woman has the wrong opinion...

Above, Sarah Jane Mackie has the final say in this Hub with her comment. It is rare for a father to be awarded full custody, the courts tend to try and keep mother and baby together. There would have been a very good reason for the father to be awarded custody and the previous points mentioned regarding her lies, her unfit decisions to restrict access from the father in the first place, the fact she has kidnapped the child is more than good enough to award custody to the father. Any rational person would have done the same in a heart beat.

Overall, I believe it is wrong that any woman should kidnap a child, whether it is her son or not. There would have been a perfectly good reason for the judge to award custody to the father and now he is sitting at home in despair, worried sick about what the woman may be doing with their son. Where they may be hidden.

Apparently, because they are wanted, they can not obtain visas. However, this never stopped the terrorists from gaining entry to some countries on false visas and passports. They could quite possibly be anywhere in the world now.

If I was a religious man, I would pray that the mother doesn't murder the son and commit suicide in a desperate attempt to scream "If I can't have him, nobody can!", I hope I have just watched too many films.

Miss Minnock is white, about 5ft 3in, of medium build and has dark wavy shoulder length hair.

Ethan is white with blond hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Avon and Somerset Police on 101, quoting reference MP2189/15/.

(See previous photo captions for out of UK contact number for the Avon and Somerset Police, otherwise contact your local Interpol).


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    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 2 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      Of course, it all depends on why the courts gave custody to the father. Here is the states it's usually the mother who gets custody. She really has to be incapacitated to loose custody.

      Then again, if I were to loose custody of one or more of my children even to their father, I might be inclined to do the same thing as this mother. I would have to know all the facts. An interesting subject and hub.