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The Deep Hearts of Our Teachers

Updated on March 22, 2019

Teachers - a Privilege

All my life, I've taken school and my teachers for granted. I've bombarded them with questions that even they might not be able to answer. I've also lived a comfortable life, never realizing that they might not be that way. I never stopped thinking that they would always be there. Not until recently did I realize how wrong I was. While education may be a right in the eyes of most, I've begun to think of it as a gift that kind souls dedicate their lives to providing. It's a privilege, and it has generously been extended to all. And those underpaid souls that grant it to us aren't treasured enough.

Who does it all?

Education is absolutely vital to the new generation, and has been for several decades. While the law that made it compulsory for students to attend school was passed a while ago, education itself has gone above and beyond recently. New innovations promote technology, a strong and rising career option. Art and music are blooming, planting a seed of interest in children. Without education, it'll be near impossible, if not completely, to advance the world in this aspect. However, we give little thought to those people that make it possible. They are underpaid and deserve much more. They are our teachers.

What do our teachers do?

Our teachers are crucial to the whole education system. Without them, there wouldn't be an education system. They educate every generation as it comes along, and do so with passion, respect, and hard work. Where would the world be without educators? The immeasurable knowledge that is present in the world doesn't appear in our heads when we are born. Someone must channel it into us, must hold our hand every step of the way, so that we can change the world when it's our turn. But that someone, who must relentlessly work, isn't appreciated enough. Teachers are responsible for every one of their students, for their schooling, for the part of their mental health that ties to schoolwork, and for so much more. Outside of the children's personal lives, the teachers are like second parents. They need to be credited for something as monumental as that.

Above and Beyond

While also providing children with knowledge, good teachers teach life skills too. They prepare kids for the harsh cruelties of the world. They train them to use proper etiquette and have polite manners. These phenomenal values are difficult to learn elsewhere. Teachers reach into the hearts of the kids and understand their wishes. Teachers do more than what they're paid to do, out of the kindness of their hearts. For every student, there will always be one teacher that changed their life. That one teacher that illuminated them, evolved their thinking, that truly understood them. How do we reciprocate this invaluable act? We underpay teachers. Most states don't grant them pensions, and a proper minimum wage isn't set in place. That is atrocious at the least. For their work 40 hours a week, and even before and after school hours grading papers, we pay them too less for their service. Don't these unfailing people deserve more?

Important Voices

I'd like to point out now that former president Barack Obama said that "The future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens." This is the indefinite truth. Education has always been the foundation that supports success. And our teachers are essential to something as important as that. Many teachers struggle to live solely off of the earnings they make at schools. Some teachers have to take second jobs. Joanne McCall, president of FEA, said that "No one should spend all day teaching our children and then have to go to a second job just to get by." I believe that it's unfair that people are forced to go through something like this. Of course, there are teachers who are able to live off their earnings, and there always will be. But we cannot only look at those people. We have to take into consideration those who are struggling. It's imperative that we focus our attention into something as fundamental as education!

"The future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens."

— Barack Obama

Raises, Pensions, Minimum Wage for Deep Hearts

When people take a job, the first two things they look at are the skill requirements and pay. It's no different with teachers, except that even when they see that the pay is lower than they'd like, they have a true desire to educate children. They are passionate about it, and they want to make a difference in the world. The job of a teacher is not as simple as following the curriculum. It is more complicated and requires more than the ability to teach. Their hearts have to be big, their thinking empathetic, and their feelings motherly. That is why I believe their salary should be given a considerable raise, that reasonable pensions be granted to them, and a sufficient minimum wage be enacted. I hope to appeal to you that the deep hearts of our teachers are unmatched anywhere.

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