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The Demise of Our Sea Life

Updated on November 1, 2013
We must preserve our oceans!
We must preserve our oceans!

Our Oceans In Trouble

Did you know that the air that we all breathe, medicines that we depend upon for healing, and the abundant kinds of sea life that help feed the world's peoples(about one million or a fourth of it) all comes from our oceans? Our oceans are in trouble because of over-fishing and careless practices of big industries in removal of wastes and using the sea water as their receptacles .Many forms of cancer now are being treated with chemical compounds taken from sea water. More than one quarter of the world's people depend on the oceans for food supplies. Almost every form of life on this earth is effected to a great extent by a healthy ocean with all of its wonderful attributes for feeding and supplying of our creature-needs.

More than 90% of the oceans's largest fish and those we have depended upon for food, such as Tuna and the Sword fish, are in danger of becoming extinct due to many factors. The world's climate which is now experiencing a warming increase, pollution, and over-fishing, have all contributed to the severe problems that we all share now in our world. Many of the creatures caught in the nets of fishing boats are killed by accident and this is causing their demise at alarming rates. Although there are some scientific programs in place, in making efforts to help control our fish depopulation, it is not enough to alter the alarming rate in which the ocean is giving up its life.This is going on in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and waters around the globe. With the contributing negative effects of oil spills in the ocean, further damage is being done and getting well out of hand, and our ability to properly insure methods that will help, are getting out of our reach. There are organisms in the seas called Phytoplankton, and are crucial in developing the oxygen that we all breathe and they are being destroyed by pollution from chemicals pumped into our seas by some companies.

There are some actions that we can take in our own homes to help in an attempt to control some of the contamination sources in this country. We can: Conserve energy by not using excessive amounts of lighting in our home and using the washer and dryers, and dishwashers sparingly and conserving electricity and water. We can limit use of radio,t.v., and computer use at home. Keep trash and harmful chemicals from getting put into storm drains and never flushing our medicine into the toilets. We can use a fan more than air conditioning.Set thermometers higher in hotter climates and lower in colder tempts and conserve energy in our home in gas and electricity. We can use space heaters in cold weather sparingly and use only compact florescent bulbs instead of the common variety.We may use lower wattage in the bulbs, 60W or even forty instead of 100W bulbs.

We can dispose of pesticides, paints, chemicals, and kitty litters in proper receptacles instead of into water systems where they are toxic and will destroy the Eco system. We must never flush kitty liter into the toilets because it will put dangerous disease causing germs into the water processing plants and then we will drink it because the complete riding of these germs may not be done sufficiently enough and they may not be completely destroyed. We should never empty aquariums of aquatic creature s that we may have purchased because of the disease causing bacteria that will be present and this may cause future problems, as well, in our water systems.

Our seas are deteriorating and becoming devoid of many aquatic species very rapidly and many investigators are sounding the alarms. Along with warming climates and the effects of acidification, over fishing practices, and chemical pollution, our oceans are degenerating and dying off at an alarming rate. Several recent studies have shown many species that we have relied upon in the past will soon be gone and extinct, because of these abuses. The lifetimes of our children and generations to come are being effected now according to recent research and if things are not improving soon, we may be without the most vital source in which we all depend upon for our human survival, the oceans of the world. There is extinction of several fish species and the demise of marine systems and coral reefs systems is shown to be critical.The extinction of the whales are seen on educational television programs a lot lately, and show how the unscrupulous practices of whalers are deleting the species of whales to harvest them under the guise of"scientific experiments" and using the slaughtered animals as a form of profit and food which is not mandatory in the country and not needed to feed people from that region of the world. They are actually operating in international waters that have been designated as a region protected from these bad illegal acts and apparently getting away with these unlawful whaling practices!

There is an increase in what is called Hypoxia, or or low oxygen levels in our ocean waters.These create dead zones in areas of our waters. In 1998 a serious bleaching of coral reefs occurred and killed off 20% of all coral reefs in the world. The plastics that are fed into our oceans by company's pollution cause the demise of millions of aquatic species in waters all about the globe. This water pollution never goes away and must be removed in order for there to be a chance for recovery. This process is very complicated and costly.It should never have been a problem in the first place and with better filtering and careful storing of waste products, much could be done to prevent these harmful conditions.

It has been proven that about 65% of the ocean's species is being severely effected and may be on the verge of extinction due to all the contributing factors that are causing harm to our precious Eco systems. We, as a concerned human race, should not tolerate this destruction and depletion of our world's oceans and must all take a part in trying to help do our share in preventing this from happening. We can only assume that our own demise will follow in the collapse of these cards in the house of cards that form our world's Eco system, and that which we depend upon for survival of our species. We can write, call, phone, and E-mail our senators and representatives about our united concerns and alarm about the dangerous practices and other factors which can be controlled by human intervention. We can use common sense in helping at home in conservation practices, and we can take up the responsibility that we are charged with in being able to live on our beautiful planet, given to us as our homes.

A dark hour
A dark hour


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