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The Demise of the Boxelder Bugs

Updated on August 1, 2012
Boxelder Bug
Boxelder Bug | Source

I noticed these bugs crowding around my back door and front door of my house and a few around some of the windows. I had never seen them before and thought they were some kind of seasonal bug that would go away. That's somewhat true...

These are Boxelder Bugs and they were getting out of control.
My wife looked them up on Google and found out what they are. We also found out they can get out of control if you live close to a Boxelder Tree. Neither of the trees in our yard are Boxelder trees but the bugs were still getting to be a little much. They try to find warm places--like the inside of your house!

It was time to fight back. If you google these bugs, you'll find that there's easy ways to keep them at bay using household supplies. Most sites mention laundry detergent and water. Let's face it, laundry detergent is just one of many types of cleaning supplies.

My weapon of choice: Pine sol and water. I mixed them together in a cup and used a sprayer from another cleaner bottle. The boxelder bugs reacted immediately but then within a few seconds froze up. The concoction was a success! I eliminated every boxelder bug I could find and haven't seen them since the mass spraying.

If you're battling these bugs, it might be something to try.

They will seek warmth in the walls of your house. Hopefully, they won't actually get into your house.


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