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The Difference Between Western and Eastern Culture

Updated on October 19, 2015


We all come from different places and different walks of life. What we are today is due to our culture. Our culture has great impact on our personalities and our daily activities.

Great Status of Leaders

• In the eastern culture the leader gets the best status. Ideally a person who is technically great is given a status of almighty in eastern culture.

• On the other hand in western culture the leader is just like the common man as the concept of equality has great importance.


The relationships in the eastern cultures revolve around the family.

• Couples are required to get the approval of the family in taking steps towards personal and important things like marriage. This is the main reason for the popularity of arranged marriages in the eastern culture.

• On the contrary in the western culture the self is given priority over family and the main decision is of the individual.


The idea of travelling or going on vacations is taken seriously by both the cultures of the east and the west.

• However the major difference is on the approval, for example in eastern countries the approval of the vacations depends on the work place, the mindset of the society and the individual nature of the person.

Worth of an Indvidual

• The individual is given more worth in the western culture as compared to the eastern.

• The community and family is given more importance in the eastern society.

The important decisions of one’s life depend on the family in the eastern societies which is not the case in the western societies.


Religion in the eastern society is given more importance as compared to the west.

Even today there are instances of killings and riots in the name of God and faith in the eastern world which is not the case in the western societies.

Status of Females

In the eastern societies females are still expected to sacrifice their career in order to take care of the family and take care of children. This is not the case in the western society where a female is free to decide on taking a decision on her marriage, career or bearing children. The same right is not given to the women of the eastern culture.

Rigid Beliefs

As far as ideologies and beliefs are concerned the people in the east are more rigid than the people in the western societies.

• For the people in the east truth is something which is there for the last thousands of years unlike the western countries where decisions are not taken based on emotions.

• People in the west are not that much driven by religion as compared to the people in the east. Although religion has its own importance in both the cultures but the people in the west are more rational in their approach.


These are some of the major differences in the western and eastern cultures. The way of looking at things is different in both the cultures which make a major impact on the daily lives of the respective people.


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      This was SUPER generalized and did not take into account the effects of globalization/modernization on both sides. To say that every Eastern nation has the same cultural values is fallacious at best - I really doubt that Russia and the Phillipines for example share the same spiritual perspectives. Or that Canada and Mexico have the same views on the rights of women...

      I'd say in the West we are MUCH more religious. We have a lot of religious attacks even here in America and actual legislation that seeks to harm people of different faiths. Most East Asian cultures, on the other hand are not terribly spiritual anymore, with the exception of Korea having a high number of Christians.