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The Difference

Updated on May 3, 2010

The Difference

It takes only one person to make a difference. That person is you. The difference can be made in the lives of only those who desire change, and dream for better. In all things there is room for improvement. The only perfection in existence is existence itself. The very fact that we are here, conscious, and intelligent is sign enough of a perfect and coherent design. I know… The word design sparks debate among many a philosopher and scientist. Design insinuates that a higher being consciously molded things to be the way that it is now. For something to be molded it has to be created in thought, and the thought must be turned into a series of actions that lead up its manifestation. All intelligent beings have the ability to create… It is creation that separates humans from any other creature on the planet. Some may argue that beavers create dams, and spiders create intricate webs. But if we pay attention to the details we will notices that all species follow an adaptive trend. All spiders instinctively spin a web according to a specific predisposed process, as do beavers with dams, or birds with nests. It is what is naturally instilled in their genetic makeup. Even as humans we are predisposed to animal instinct before we develop intellect. A baby for instance naturally knows that suckling the mother’s breast will deliver it nourishment. Studies on the intelligence of animals have been conducted, but evidence that animals are capable of what scientists call higher intelligence is inconclusive. To a degree it can be determined that animals are intelligent… Intelligence can be broken down into two innate forms; creative intelligence and adaptive intelligence.

When humans are born we are born to a much cleaner mental slate than any other being on the planet. We grow to be influenced by our surroundings, while simultaneously creating our own means of survival. In other words we create the world we live in. We adapt to what we create for ourselves, and anything that is in our way must adapt to us, including plants, and animals. This, people, is creative intelligence and what separates us from every other being on the planet. Adaptive intelligence is what is learned through the force of interacting with what has been created. Take circumstance for instance. Circumstances are created, and abided by. Circumstance literally means to circle a stance, or surround a position or point. We decide what point to focus on, and that point becomes our circumstance. Everything that “is” in our lives must occur around that point, or circumstance. This means that we control our own individual universe by share value of what we surround or focus on. The universe is not a thing as much as it is a description of the linear existence of all things.

What is a line? A line is a derivative of a single point and can be described as a continuous projection from that single point in any direction. What does a line have to do with us and how we perceive our universe? It’s simple. Our universe is a construct of lines. It is what exists when a line projecting from a single point crosses another point. Think of universe as meaning one line. Each being occupies a single point in existence, each thing living or non living. It is safe to determine that we are each the center of our own universe. We project from a single point outward. These points are what I previously described as circumstance, or our position in life. Like many know circumstances change with time. This is because we are moving through time as we are bound by it, and time is also linear. Our position in space is determined by what we focus on, what we desire to achieve with respects to the space we occupy. Space will always be, and is what our universe occupies.

Space can be looked upon as an “Omni-verse” if you will. It is what exists as a result of universe’s connecting. If you can visualize the lines we create as infinite. They cross points and continue to travel, sometimes crossing many points along the way to infinity. A point referring to an object in existence can be affected by this. This occurs because what we create perpetuates until the source is removed. The source is the creator of the connection. Since time is relative to a finite existence it is safe to determine that time itself is finite. So we have in effect an infinite projection in space, but a finite existence in time. Take the light bulb for instance. Turn it on, and watch as the light projects in every direction from its source, in a line from its source. Turn the light off. The more lights you turn on, the more space is occupied by light, the more you see. In retrospect, the more we create the bigger the universe we see. If you could imagine time and all existence moving from one fixed point of ultimate creation, and expanding infinitely, we would be able to see that there is no limit to what can be perceived or created. If mankind ceases to create, it will cease to exist, yet what we create may inadvertently lead to our own demise. The power of the mind is indisputable.

Boundaries exist because we create them. We create our own limitations, and use fear as a means to enforce those limitations on others. Society is a great example of this creation of boundaries because the very system of law is a boundary that man created to govern themselves. We as individuals give power to others, and give them the authority to control us. This occurrence is impossible to avoid, as mankind lacks purpose and seeks purpose in others rather than themselves. The few who recognize that ultimate joy and happiness reside within themselves are typically those who end up in power. The ultimate power of these individuals lead to a corruption of mind as a glimpse of everything only wets the palette, creating a desire for everything. "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men." (John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902). But not all great men are bad men, and the great baron most surely means almost. The man who is truly great knows that greatness lies in self control.

Breaking boundaries begins with the mind and in the mind lies the power to control one’s self. An individual is powerful… It is easier to convince a man among men, for alone a donkey will follow your lead before he will. This is why things like marches and large seminars tend to sway the beliefs of people so easily. This phenomenon is what we call group think. Group think is what happens when people seek answers from people. People seek happiness. When a person walks into a room with excitement, happiness, and joy those in the room will most certainly ask in their minds, if not aloud… Why are you so happy? Joy commands attention. Happiness, and energy command attention. Most people seek to find this from some degree of extrinsic motivation. That something from the outside will come into their lives and make them happy. The truth is that joy is not something that comes from the outside in, but rather from the inside out. It is spread from its source just as a light bulb spreads light. It shines on other people, and can influence the moods of others. Once the source is removed, the effects dissipate. Remember the word universe? Our state of mind, and our state of being are uniquely linked, and this creates our universe. We create our own individual universe where anything is possible for the individual existing in it. Our state of mind is boundless and is limited by nothing, not even time. Our state of being however is influenced heavily by time, and is influenced by the space we occupy in time. It is said that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. But a mind can occupy any space at anytime, and what we cannot occupy in being we can project in mind. As time progresses we not only attract to us that which we focus on, but we become attracted to what we focus on. Our mind allows us to focus on a point that we intend to occupy. This point is previously described to be circumstance, our point of existence. The distance between our birth, and the point we occupy at death represents time as relative to that single being. Our state of mind exists as the lines we draw to connect the points together. It is what we are focusing on. Every point that exists is occupied by something, and in order for us to occupy that space, what is there has to be removed, or another point has to be created. No point in space is exactly alike, because like most things in this finite world, time changes everything. Be free to explore the universe that is your mind. As for space, and everything our universe occupies, it will be as it will be, until a mind like yours creates something else.


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    • Shahid Bukhari profile image

      Shahid Bukhari 

      8 years ago from My Awareness in Being.

      The Mind, Is, God's Grant, to the Human, of a Definitive Awareness ... of The Created Totality, at the Point of our Creation.

    • Handicapped Chef profile image

      Handicapped Chef 

      8 years ago from Radcliff Ky

      This is very powerful and well written it makes you think about the way life and the world is today.


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