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The Downfall Of Human Society

Updated on July 20, 2017

Through the course of human history Mankind has been the participants of many unruly groups. When a persons opinion can shift the course of human history it causes problems. The Nazi's and The KKK are two groups who held an opinion or something they deemed to be true to let chaos and death rain upon whatever area they dwell.

From religion to race humans have come to blows over such trivial things, one could say they fight over something so ridiculous they belong in a mental institute. In any case humans have a long history of creating problems when not necessary. Example: The Ku Klux Klan was founded to demolish the rights African Americans were receiving, some would say they had a somewhat racial superiority complex. Using violence and some fear here and there they tried their best to scare off the African Americans and tried to make them slaves once more.

Humans are simply a trouble filled race, some seem to be more in touch with their dark side so to speak so we have groups that have come around and reeked havoc among the world.

I believe once as a society that we stop trying to aid one another, stop trying to become stronger by working together and fighting whatever problems come are way is when truly we have become broken.

In the US today groups are divided over race, some believing that they are better then others, I honestly do not know the full reason. But you see much of these problems on the news. Take for example Donald Trump, although he has been made president many say he isn't their president and other proceed to go on riots and destroy property. Others can be not as bad but still the hatred lingers in the air.

The smell pf corruption within the politicians hold, the belief that there people behind the scenes sending the United States and the rest of the world down the sinkhole seems real it could just as well be false. The News has stated many of the problems, many of the Black Lives Matter Movement have been seen being quite hostile to other races or anyone for that matter who does not believe in the Black Lives Matter saying. In all honesty it should be All Lives Matter. We all live on this planet and need to try to get along, easier said then done I know.

Tiny issues have been sent to such an enormous level. Take the Police for example, while not all may be like this we still see many stories of Police abusing or even killing people. The News and other forms of media sometimes spread the truth, maybe they are trying to achieve their own agendas or are trying to strengthen the fires. Many theories have been made about these sorts of things but it is hard to tell whether or not they can be true or not, even though they sound totally believable.

These kinds of things have been going on for years however, no need to say things like it has suddenly became worse. Unfortunately as the years have passed and technology and the secret methods of certain groups have become more advanced it is safe to say more things have gone down hill.

People go missing, people get attacked for what they believe or for the things that they wear or do, as a community we are meant to work together now while many do so others seem to fly about with no need for others and do their best to ruin whatever kindness humanity has left in its system. Have you ever seen someone on the street homeless and in the need of help? Then have you ever seen those people who will just beat down the people who are already beat down enough? Many animal species will fight and attack each other but as humans we have a more advanced intellect and with that comes more cruel and sadistic ways to hurt one another.

A little bit of kindness will go along way, a small candle in a hurricane. Give it forward so to speak, we may not be fixed as a community right away but over time if humans decide to work together instead of fighting over every tiny little thing then maybe we can finally achieve a more vibrant way of living.


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