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The Dragonfly and its Symbolic Meaning

Updated on July 29, 2013

Life and Image

The Dragonfly is a complex creature. This beautiful insect holds many different meanings for many cultures. Native Americans are said to hold the belief that Dragonflies were once dragons, I have read a few times that in Japan some share this same belief. Most commonly though, the dragonfly, holds a deeper meaning.

The Dragonfly is a creature of the wind and water, it skitters on the surface of ponds and lakes and flutters in the breeze of winds. This amazing creature can fly up to 40 mph, and has the ability to go forward and backwards, it moves in all directions. The agility of the creature is the reason it holds such a profound meaning.

When this creature crosses your path or chooses to fly around you, it is to remind you of yourself, and who you are on a deeper level. To enjoy life. Most of us are so wrapped up in what NEEDS to be done, thus leaving us to have a deep feeling of stress and anxiety, having forgotten to take a little time for ourselves.

The Dragonfly symbolizes: Peace,Prosperity, Clarity, good-luck and purity.

When you see a dragonfly, that is your reminder to take a moment and evaluate the life you are living, to think about who you truly are as a person. A dragonfly's life span is very short, in its life it does not fly till the last half, once it is able to fly, it rarely stops. It enjoys the short amount of time it has to be free, and it does not waste a moment of it.

The dragonfly does not hurt anyone or anything, it spends most of its time alone, very peaceful and yet restless... with its translucent body, ever changing in the light, it can blend into its surroundings, beautiful and captivating. If you should come across a dragonfly, remember you are ever changing and beautiful. Life is more fulfilling when lead with an inner-peace, a clear mind and the ability to enjoy the smallest things.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My husband n I were in our truck n were fixin to leav n all at once this beautiful dragonfly appeared out of nowhere n just kept swirling over our truck lik seemed forever til we pulled out of the driveway now I am wondering what it mean?

    • profile image

      Marge Karis 

      5 years ago

      huge pink dragonfly outside my window some body told me it meant ancient energies..............thank you

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Enjoyed your hub and the dragonfly video!

    • ErinGorney profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Las Vegas

      Thank You :)

    • unknown spy profile image

      Not Found 

      6 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      Dragonflies..our childhood playmates, rushing and playing on the open fields too, together with kites and silver yarns..

      Lovely hub


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