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Earth, a Gem in the Universe

Updated on December 6, 2013
all rights reserved
all rights reserved

The Earth, as we know it,

more marvelous than we may conceive,

For beyond the scope of any man,

an intelligence, we can achieve.

A sanctuary for all that lives,

is this orb of water and of earth,

It incubates and proliferates,

and over eons, has its own rebirth.

Like a gemstone, our planet, much revered,

sparkling in the sun,

Was so, before mankind appeared,

when our lives were all begun.

So unique is our world, found revolving,

as do all the myriads, there,

Only one, in billions of stars, its worth,

a treasure, so fine and rare.

Our Creator made one earth, a form,

of the countless stars, we see,

He placed it here, with gentle hands,

and then made us all to be.

Though others made, in our likeness then,

on worlds among the stars,

No others, so blessed, of all the rest,

if we sought them, so long and afar.

A spirit was fashioned, of love and light,

and so carefully placed, within,

The choices of life, decisions to make,

a wonderful gift, that He did send.

He has watched us grow, and by His grace,

each is given a special place.

By His own hand, this life so grand,

His wonders and beauty to embrace.


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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 5 years ago

      Thanks, I enjoyed your poem.