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The Earth's Vibration is Rising

Updated on December 16, 2014

Earth is rising in frequency and this can be indicated by the current Shumann Resonance that is in place to measure this. For the past decade or so, the earth has increased it's vibrational rate that will affect everybody on this planet. Either the vibratory level will increase indiviually for each person or a mass evolution in consciousness will take place that will ride the earths wave to a higher dimension. Our current third dimensional staus is changing to a 4th and 5th dimensional frequency that not everybody will expereince.

Those who do not, will do so eventually in their own time. For those that are aware of this, the best thing to do is to let it just happens and let go. An increase in emotional imbalances will be played out since they are creeping to the surface to expose the old belief systems that we have maintained for so long in our lives. An evolution of consciousness is a change in consiousness and how we think, act and perceive the world. When we change our counciousness, we then change the world around us and how we all want to play in it. The old belief systems are breaking down and new ones are arising due to the old belief system that do not serve us now the way they used to. I'm sure you have already noticed that the elite are increasing security world wide and implementing new limiting policies and procedures to keep the masses tied down to lower vibrational frequencies.

As the earth and everyone is vibrating in a higher frequency, the awareness level of all of us expands and we realize that the current belief system that is currently in place will soon hold no water any longer. For life is all about expanding in mind, consciousness and awareness in order to discover new things and better understand ourselves in this existence. When that is halted, there is no life at play. The continuance of knowledge and the understanding of the universe and each other as ONE consciousness is crucial to the evolution of ourselves and our place in the infinite universe.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

More and more people are becoming spiritually awake in this world and they do not know what is going on inside of them or around them. Our human civilization has moved into a period of time where new energies are making their way into our lives and transforming us into new beings. The vibratory level of the planet is ever increasing and there are symptoms to this that I can clarify with you today. Since these new frequencies and energy are making their way, people are feeling the following symptoms that I will now mention below.

1. Anxiety: If you are feeling your body and chest tightening up in your lives for no reason this could be an indication of a symptom of increased

2. Stress: Stress in your daily lives which can be related to work, family or anything for no reason at all. Rest or meditation can alleviate this.

3. Insomnia: Your sleep patterns do change and you wake up with more energy in the morning.

4. Worry/Fear: Feelings of being worried or fearful for no reason in your life. This will also pass in time as the new energies make their way and release blocked emotions that have resided in your for sol long.

5. Tingly Sensation: Most likely a feeling around your scalp area as the crown chakra starts to open up and awareness of all that is increases in your very being.

6. Emotional: You may either feel lonely, sad, happy angry or even depressed. This too shall pass in time.

7. Eating Habits: They become more healthy by eating less fast food an maybe starting to juice. Foods that are gluten and MSG free is usually an indicator of this.

8. Intuition: It starts to open up with the opening of the 3rd eye located in between your eyes on your forehead.

9. Oneness: A feeling of oneness with all that is and seeing the world in a much different light while showing compassion and the expression of happiness when among others.

10. New way of thinking: You will release old belief systems and patterns of though that hold you in to a limiting experience.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      He believes that our collective consciousness expansion has helped to propel the speeding up of frequencies...

      The explosion of thought that occurred during the 50/60s was a pivotal moment in history. Ideas have sped up/changed greatly since then... What was thought of then as 'wonky' is now commonplace thought in mainstream society today. Many movements have taken place. The movement of consciousness is happening today, right in front of our eyes...

    • D Shannahan profile image

      D Shannahan 

      3 years ago from Everywhere Man!

      so u talk about rising consciousness but use fake pheromones to attract mates cuz ur stuck in the low animal self and addicted to sex but not attractive enough to mack on chicks?

    • antonrosa profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from USA

      Thanks for the information. I will take a look at it.

    • sparkster profile image

      Marc Hubs 

      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Hmm interesting hub. I'm experiencing some strange phenomena at the moment which I have written about in my hub. I even called one of them 'Preparing For Ascension'


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